The collection of news reports, including the "News Flash" headline features that appeared while this website was active, have all been reformatted to make them at least a little bit more readable to modern browsers, and listed on their own summary page HERE.

There was, on the older site, a separate section entitled "About". It offered information about myself, my location, my ministry and other information that would interest visitors, such as my Statement of Belief. It also contained details of how to contact me. Since that section was not, strictly speaking, a collection of articles, nor an archive, it was transferred to its own area on the new site, and is found HERE.

As you may know, my newsletter was called "Mainstream". It was produced from around 1986 until 1996, at which time my website became the main source of information for all. Some of the later (and more relevant) newsletters have been reformatted for the Web, and they cane be found summaried HERE.