Winter 1994 Edition - Part Two


  • The Acid Cloud - A Vision of the Toronto Blessing phenomenon
  • Toronto Praised in New Books
  • The Lion King - a review of the Disney film, by Berit Kjos
  • Spiritual Warfare Exposed - a review of a new book by Pastor Bill Randles
  • Is the Vatican to own Jerusalem?


This vision emerged with an unusually vivid degree of clarity on Thursday morning
the 29th September 1994, just before I was about to go out and do some studying.

Following a period of pouring out my distressed feelings about the condition of the Church to Jesus, who is our heavenly Advocate, I saw ahead of me a large billowing black cloud which carried lots of soot and other pollutants. Its sulphurous stench revealed that here was no natural cloud, but rather it was the type of acid cloud which arises from the explosion of some chemical plant or oil installation.

Blown by its own momentum, the acid cloud was rapidly heading towards a low waterless desert plain which lay beneath some rocky mountains. Filling the plain were all types of people, whom I understood represented the Christian population of England. Most were indigenous white Anglo-Saxons, but there were members of various ethnic minorities as well. These stood for the immigrant population in England.


On closer inspection, I could see that this vast assembly was divided into four main groups. The first of these was the one that was nearest to the cloud and was obviously coming under its influence. This particular group can be known as the intoxicated. Behind them, closely intermingled together, were the second and third groups - these can be known as the fearful and the angry. Still further behind at a little distance was a smaller group who will be known as the prepared. However, one fact was obvious - the acid cloud was going to cover all four groups regardless of whether they wanted it to or not.

It was at this point that I perceived that the cloud was blowing in from a Westerly direction.

In response to this cloud, the first group were laughing, dancing and singing. A few of their members were lying prostrate and making all kinds of animal noises. Some were so deliriously happy that they actually formed a dance line, which - while they were dancing the Conga - snaked its way into the cloud. With a start, I realised their mistake. Already intoxicated by invisible fumes emanating from the front of the cloud, this group were wrongly assuming that the polluted cloud was a refreshing rain cloud that represented God's presence. They failed to see what its true nature was.

The second group of Christians saw what the cloud consisted of, but then panicked. Some ran away and tripped over, knocking themselves out, while others stood there, frozen to the ground, looking in two directions at once. Like the first group, they too were swallowed up by the cloud. Their fundamental mistake was to panic in the face of evil.

Whilst this was happening, the third group of Christians (who also saw that the cloud was a menace) stood before it shaking their fists and making all kinds of angry noises. Some were kicking at it with their feet. Like the previous two groups, they were clad in light, flimsy summer clothing. Their mistake was to try to fight the cloud in their own strength. Consequently, they too were swallowed up.

Moreover, as the cloud ate up each of the three previous groups, there was silence, followed by ear-piercing howls of pain, succeeded by more silence - which was broken only by the odd intermittent moan or throaty gurgle which very much reminded me of a First World War gas attack.

However, the fourth group of Christians were getting ready to deal with the threat posed by this cloud. With urgent haste, they were donning anti-chemical suits of clothing, clamping on gas masks and putting on strong safety helmets which had a bright light, like a miner's lamp, attached to it. Above the lamp (which represented the light of the Holy Spirit) near the top of the helmet was a bright red spot. At once I discerned that this symbolised the Blood of Jesus Christ. It was his mark on this group.

Strapped to their sides were white first-aid cases with red crosses on them. These carried a wide assortment of medical aids to help those Christians who had been burned by the cloud. In their right hands they carried strong transparent riot shields, while in their left hands they carried various types of weaponry. These were obviously designed to fight the various kinds of principalities which inhabit the cloud.

Suddenly, at God's own timing, they formed a line, linked shields and marched at an orderly pace into the cloud. They were obviously directed by the Lord to do this. It was also clear that they were called to work very closely together. (Note; Later, Richard was shown that the strategy of this group would be to advance at the Lord's command, fight strenuously, rescue and minister to some of the wounded; then stand their ground awaiting the next call for advance.)

Somewhat taken aback by the implications of this vision, I then used my mind to apply 1 Jn 4:1-3. In blunt Yorkshire tones, I said "Do you, the spirit who has brought this picture so vividly to mind, boldly confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh?" "Yes, I boldly confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh" "Fine, what do you say about the Blood He shed on the Cross?" "Through the Blood there is forgiveness of sin. It protects you from evil, as surely as the Lamb's blood on the door lintels and side posts protected the Israelites from My judgement on the Egyptian firstborn". "Good. Now let's take counsel together and have some intelligent discussion. Without repeating all the details that were revealed earlier, would you please, Abba Father, send your Holy Spirit to complete the interpretation of this vision?"

Still utterly in control of what was happening, I then slowly took stock of what the Holy Spirit was saying. While creating a piercing clarity of mind that served to heighten my intellectual faculties, the Holy Spirit gave me the following interpretation:

The acid cloud not only represented what is currently known as the Toronto Phenomenon, it also represents all that will come out of that occurrence. The Toronto Phenomenon is so to speak only the front edge of the cloud. It is paving a way for even more extreme manifestations of the evil one. In short, "Toronto" can be seen as a beginning rather than an end.

Being blown by its own momentum indicates that within the cloud there is only what can be described as a hostile alien spirit. It is the head spirit of many other spirits which inhabit the cloud. Moreover, this alien spirit has been given permission by God to try the loyalties of Christians in this country. Through a process of sharp division, which will cause many wounds, it will become really clear who in the Church is standing by Jesus and who is not. However, some of those who belong to the first three groups will be given a few further chances to repent. For a little while, the opportunity to get back into a right relationship with God will exist.

The flat waterless desert plain represents English Society which is bereft of the Holy Spirit. It may also have some bearing on other places within the British Isles - even though it is England which is primarily represented.

Another point to mention is that if the Lord's people had been on top of the rocky mountains, (which represent nearness to God's presence) then they would have escaped the influence of the acid cloud. Their position on the desert plain has left them desperately vulnerable to the corrosive effects. In other words, being in the place where Jesus Christ doesn't want them to be has stripped the Church of many spiritual defences. Far from putting on the armour of God, it is wearing loose, light summer clothes.

Furthermore, being in the desert place has caused many Christians to seek to assuage their thirst from the wrong spiritual sources. That is one reason why the first group greeted the cloud with such enthusiasm. It seemed to offer an easy way to meet their needs. As was stated earlier, the people in the plain were Christians - mainly charismatic/evangelical Christians, but there were also a fair number of representatives from the established denominations as well. They were conspicuous for their clerical collars, long robes and self-important expressions of their faces. It was clear that this cloud is going to have a very widespread effect.

As was clearly seen in the vision itself, the four groups represented four possible reactions to the acid cloud. Only the last was appropriate to the situation in hand.

In particular, those who stood frozen to the ground looking in two directions, stood for Christian leaders who were trying to find expedient diplomatic solutions to what was an impossible situation. Not surprisingly, most of their supporters were quickly deserting them - leaving them alone to be swallowed up by the cloud. At this juncture, I believe the Holy Spirit is clearly saying "beware of man-made expedients in dealing with the Toronto Phenomenon." What the Church faces here is primarily a spiritual, not a cultural or psychological problem. Spiritual weapons will be needed to deal with it.

The role of the fourth group, which was the only one really doing God's will, was two-fold. Firstly, it had to use the spiritual weapons given it to attack the principalities which were in the cloud. Secondly, it had to help restore Christians from the previous three groups who had been injured by it. Regrettably, some Christians they will have to bypass, because they will either refuse treatment or be in such a wild state that it will be impossible to deal with them. By no means will all Christians survive the passing of the cloud. Some will forsake their faith, while others will suffer from permanent physical and mental breakdowns. A few will even lose their very lives there.

I began to see that the acid cloud was also the cloud of God's judgement, that will have to pass over the Church until evil is forcibly removed from it. Only after the acid cloud has done its work will the Church be pure enough to receive the cloud of God's presence. This cloud will in turn bring further cleansing and much-needed revival. However, the time for this second cloud to pass over is not yet. Any hopes of immediate revival are therefore premature.

This means that taken as a whole, the Toronto Phenomenon does not represent a time of refreshing, rather it represents what is perhaps the first instalment of a VERY severe judgement on the churches in this country.

In a very real sense, the mass of God's people are being handed over to satan for the destruction of the flesh. Only those who are faithful to the Lord in all things will be exempt from this judgement - even though they may be distressed by its consequences. For members of the fourth group, there is the challenge to stand together and not act as a group of disparate individuals. In closing, I believe the Holy Spirit is challenging you who read this document to decide which groups you belong to - is it to be the intoxicated, the fearful, the angry or the prepared? Great evil is coming upon many churches in this country - there exists only a little time to make this decision.


By Berit Kjos, with additonal material by Tricia Tillin

Disney's latest box-office hit, The Lion King, seems full of Biblical parallels. It has colourful characters and personal struggles that help us identify with a loveable lion made in the image of man. But watch out! Behind the spectacular scenery and noble sentiments hides the timeless earth-centred view of reality that has always lured God's people from truth to myths.

It also puts into an attractive and acceptable format the age-old satanic lies about the role of Lucifer as god of this planet, and his desire to recapture his inheritance through his followers and through their king, the son of perdition (Antichrist).

In this story, endlessly recycled by films like Star Wars, Dune, 2001 and Dark Crystal, Lucifer and Jesus are seen as brothers of the Most High God; they are locked in an eternal struggle of good and evil. Lucifer and his priests are portrayed as the beneficent and rightful rulers of this planet, but they have been deposed by Yahweh's evil son, who has forbidden the use of mankind's innate psychic powers and thus brought all the world's population into barrenness

Lucifer, on the other hand, seeks to restore godhood and psychic power (magic) to mankind and thus - in his version - to restore the planet to creativity and life. (The vital missing item is often portrayed symbolically in films as a crystal. It has tremendous power which, when released, heals the world.)

The use of magic and inner powers is therefore encouraged by modern cartoons. While the older fairy-tale cartoons like Snow White linked sorcery to the evil characters, The Lion King uses tribal magic for "good."

Most children in the seventies knew enough truth to place divination in the forbidden realm of the occult, but today's children - who often feel more comfortable with occult games than biblical truth - see nothing wrong with pagan practices. They have been successfully indoctrinated by cartoons like the Lion King.

The new Disney story opens with a spectacular celebration in honour of Simba, the new-born prince. The animals of the land flock to Pride Rock, where the mystical baboon Rafiki cracks open an egg-like gourd, dips his finger into the dark liquid, and anoints the little lion with a mark on his forehead. [The children of satan are initiated and marked with the powers of darkness.]

While Pride Nation worships its royal heir, Simba's devious uncle Scar [Jesus, in the occultist's view] plans to kill Simba and take the throne for himself. As soon as the infant king grows to cubhood, he becomes a target for Scar's cruel schemes. The first plot fails, but the next assault kills King Mufasa. [So, Lucifer's punishment is portrayed as a great mistake, leading to tragedy for all mankind!]

Scar convinces Simba that he is to blame for his father's death, sends the heartbroken cub into the wilderness, and tells three savage hyenas to finish the execution. [Christian opposition to the devil and his followers].

Simba escapes through a web of thorns and collapses under the hot African sun. A warthog and a meercat find the little prince, revive his exhausted body, and teach him a new philosophy: No worries! Hakuna matata!

Back in Pride Lands, Scar and his hyenas [Jesus and his followers] reign. The land lies dry and barren.

One day, Rafiki [the shaman/new-ager] looks into his magic gourd and sees Simba's living image. He sets out to find the reluctant heir to the throne, then demonstrates a worldwide pagan tradition: reliance on help from ever-present ancestral spirits. "I know your father," says Rafiki. "My father is dead," answers Simba. "Nope! He's alive. I'll show him to you." The shamanic baboon leads Simba to a pool of clear water. "Look down there."

First Simba sees his own reflection, then the face of his father. "You see, he lives in you!" says Rafiki. Simba hears a familiar voice call his name. He looks up. His father's ghostlike image appears among the stars. "Look inside yourself..." says the apparition. "You must take your place in the circle of life. Remember who you are..." The vision fades.

Simba believes. He sees that the dead are not separated from the living, nor earth from the realm of spirits. Everything is connected. Empowered by a new sense of identity, he races back to Pride Lands to challenge his uncle, win the throne, and restore the land. [This is the present challenge to Christianity by new-agers and occultists]

Soon, Pride Nation celebrates the birth of the next lion prince, the son of Simba and his cubhood friend Nala. [The antichrist is brought forth]. Again, Rafiki lifts a royal infant for all to worship. All the world worships the Antichrist, the Lion King! The New Age begins. The cycle of life continues.

Consider the following concerns:

ASTROLOGY, SPIRITISM AND ANCESTRAL GUIDES: King Mufasa tells his son, "Look at the stars. The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars. They will always be there to guide you... and so will I." The Bible tells us to shun all such expressions of paganism. (Deut. 4:19; 18:9-13)

REINCARNATION, INTER- CONNECTEDNESS AND MYSTICAL HARMONY OF LIFE: "Simba, everything you see exists together in a delicate balance," explains Mufasa. "As king, you will need to understand that balance and respect all creatures because we are all connected in the great circle of life." God's Word tells us that nature-worship and oneness with pagan cultures bring destruction both to land and people. (Deut. 11, 28; Rom. 1:18-32)

INNER GUIDES: To "look inside" for wisdom and guidance usually implies that anyone - Christian or not - can tap into an inner source of uncorrupted wisdom, because all are one with some sort of pantheistic deity or cosmic intelligence.

PARADIGM SHIFT TO A GLOBAL WORLDVIEW: The Lion King matches the new earth-centred paradigm or world view that is transforming children's view of reality. While God told us to communicate impartial, objective truth to our children when we "sit... walk...lie down and... get up," (Deut. 6:7) the "new" mental framework distorts truth, stretches the meaning of familiar words, and promotes spiritual "insights" that are incompatible with Christianity. Packaged as entertainment, this message usually bypasses rational resistance, desensitises opened minds, and fuels general acceptance of pagan spirituality.

None the less, The Lion King can be used as a tool to expose darkness and to reinforce God's truths. Understood in its correct light, the cartoon can be used to illustrate today's campaign towards pagan spirituality and anti-Christian rhetoric.

Berit Kjos is Authoress of "Under the Spell of Mother Earth" and "Your Child and the New Age" (Victor Books).


With a fanfare of publisher's trumpets, four books exploring the "current move of God" landed on (UK) bookstore shelves this month. Three of the books are British and the fourth, "Catch The Fire", is by the American writer Guy Chevreau. Now a member of the Team at the Airport Vineyard, Chevreau has done more than anyone to link the manifestations such as laughing, shaking and falling over, to the ministry of Jonathan Edwards during the Great Awakening. At the Toronto Vineyard, Chevreau has regular sessions to teach on Edwards and give readings from his books, in rather the same way that some churches have Bible readings.

The three British books are:

"The Toronto Blessing" by Dave Roberts, editor of the Christian magazine "Alpha".

"A Breath Of Fresh Air" by Mike Fearon, an evangelical Christian journalist with an interest in Indian religions.

"Signs of Revival" by Dr Patrick Dixon who has previously written on AIDS and geneticism.

Each uses the same material (often uncritically) for the history and background of the Toronto events and recycles the same tired old justifications for the manifestations. The British books add details about the UK charismatic scene.

The four writers each give a personal account of their own Toronto experience, and none has any reservations about it being "of God". Dave Roberts in particular kept up a relentless pro-Toronto stance, and his chapter on criticism wrote off the opposition without bothering to examine any of it. He clearly approves of the wide dissemination of Toronto literature and teaching, while at the same time proposing impossibly restrictive restraints on anyone who objects to it!

Mike Fearon comes closest to presenting an opposing position, but never allows this to shake his "one hundred percent conviction" that Toronto is all of God. He points to experiences during psychological counselling and drug-abuse that match those found at Toronto. He also gives examples of identical manifestations found in Hindu ceremonies.


The most disturbing aspect of both "A Breath Of Fresh Air" and "Signs of Revival" are their comments on the Toronto manifestations. Both authors see these - indeed, all the gifts of the Spirit - as psychic phenomena.

Dr Dixon's chapter "Medical Perspectives on Manifestations" says that what is going on in some charismatic worship is an "altered state of consciousness". This he considers a "normal part of charismatic faith" and "the key to making sense of Christian experience" and "vital to dynamic Christian faith".

Examining the Toronto manifestations from a physical angle has led him to believe that Christians are slipping into ecstatic states or hypnotic reveries during meetings. He is probably right! However, far from warning against this, he commends it. He sees the experience as neutral, the only difference between charismatic worship and a voodoo ceremony being the setting and the intent! Mike Fearon does the same thing. His contacts with the Kansas City Prophets, much promoted by the Vineyard at one time, have swayed him to believe, as they do, that prophetic gifts are psychic in origin.

He quotes Tom Houston (City Temple, International Director of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation) as saying: "My basic view of the gifts of the Spirit is that they are programmed into us from birth...the gifts, whatever they are...can be used neutrally, evilly (as in sorcery and witchcraft) or spiritually." In the context of Toronto, with its outbreak of physical manifestations, coupled with the invitation to "drink" deeply of spiritual power; these benign references to altered states and psychic gifts are deeply disturbing.


David Pytches in his book about the Kansas City Prophets, "Some Said It Thundered", describes the human spirit as a channel which can pick up transmissions either from God or from the powers of darkness and "these are reflected on the screen of the psyche, the soul...the responsibility for the subject matter lies not in the channel itself but in the source of the transmission, or the choice of the person tuning the channel."

Paul (David) Yonggi Cho teaches the same thing. In "The Fourth Dimension" he tells of his frustration that Buddhist monks and yogic healers could perform miracles. Then the Holy Spirit supposedly revealed to him that the fourth dimension, the spirit realm, is available to all whether Christian or not, for it contains both good and evil powers. "So men, by exploring their spiritual sphere of the fourth dimension of visions and dreams in their imaginations, can brood over and incubate the third dimension (the material world) influencing it and changing it". This applies to all men alike. Because God gave man dominion over the earth, says Cho, unbelievers can "develop their inner spiritual being" and change the material world. Thus Christ-ians also have the responsibility to "realise their inner potential" and manipulate the fourth dimension for good.

The trend is away from God towards the will of man and his innate abilities. Whatever happened to dependence on the Holy Spirit, and the will of God?


A new book by Pastor Bill Randles

Over the past few months, "Mainstream" has been reporting on current concepts of spiritual warfare. Now American Pastor Bill Randles, who is personally acqainted with some of the men involved in spiritual warfare, has written a book to tell us precisely what they are teaching, and why it is wrong.

Spiritual warfare has been adopted almost universally in the charismatic churches. It generally means coming against the principalities and powers, pulling down heavenly strongholds and "taking your cities for God". This teaching is now so closely woven into the beliefs of the charismatic churches that it joins seamlessly with all the other triumphalistic jargon to present a Church at full-scale war with satan for the rule of this earth.

Such a concept is foreign to everything Christianity stands for. The New Testament is above all a testament to the victory of Jesus Christ over the powers of evil. 1 Jn 3:8 For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. The battle is won, the devil is a defeated foe, and Christians whose lives are "hid in God" already share Christ's reign in the heavenlies. 1 Cor 15:57 But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The only biblical spiritual warfare is the Christian's personal struggle against the wiles of the devil. However, judging by the interest in modern-day spiritual warfare, many Christians are confused on this subject. Now we have available a book which presents a readable and thoroughly scriptural view. "Making War In The Heavenlies" obtainable direct from the author at 3336 Prairie Drive NE, Cedar Rapids, IOWA 52402, USA



The headlong dash into peace continues in the Middle East. Having surrendered Jericho and much of Gaza to the PLO, Yitzhak Rabin is entering into negotiations for Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights and even parts of Jerusalem.

The Christian Friends of Israel newsletter says: Of particular concern to us is the future of Jerusalem. We have learned of the following matters:

Yasser Arafat, during his Johannesburg speech, revealed the existence of a letter from Shimon Peres to the Norwegian Foreign Minister, sent in October 1993, committing Israel to respect PLO governing institutions in Jerusalem. Peres denied the existence of such a letter, which the government later admitted had actually been sent.

When the text was finally released, it proved more damaging than expected. Referring to the annexed part of the city as a separate entity - "East Jerusalem" - Peres promised not only "not to hamper the activity of all the Palestinian institutions" in it, but to encourage the fulfilment of their "important mission".

A close friend of Peres, the French intellectual Mark Halter, told the weekly Shishi that in May he delivered a letter from Peres to the Pope in which, according to Halter, "Peres offered to hand over sovereignty of Jerusalem's Old City to the Pope." In this plan, Jerusalem would be administered by the Vatican. The city would have an Israeli mayor and a Palestinian mayor, both under orders from the Holy See.

The Vaticanisation plan was originally submitted (so Halter reported) to the Vatican by Peres two years ago, just before the Oslo talks began. Arafat agreed not to oppose the plan during the Oslo talks.

The plan was first published on 10th September 1993 by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, three days before Rabin met Arafat in Washington. At that time Peres ordered the Foreign Ministry to deny that such a programme existed. Now they are privately confirming the existence of the plan.

Further details of the plan call for Jerusalem to become the second Vatican of the world with all three major religions represented but under the authority of the Vatican. A Foreign Ministry source believed that the plan was a good one as Israel's ties with the Catholic world would lead to trade, tourism and prosperity.


In a tape recording acquired by the Israeli state radio, PLO leader Arafat was heard to call on all Muslims, in an emotional address in English, to "come and fight a jihad to liberate Jerusalem, your precious shrine." Listeners heard him claim to have seen a secret letter from Israeli Prime Minister Rabin, in which he had pledged that Jerusalem would be on the agenda of negotiations for the final settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Later, on a visit to Norway in honour of the country's secret role in brokering the Israeli-PLO peace accord, Arafat admitted he had called for a jihad to free Jerusalem - but he insisted he had meant it as a peaceful crusade. (European 5.2.94, page 1, as reported in CAI, Natal.)


History is the road along which we may view the placing of the set pieces on the final stage of prophetic fulfilment. This will continue until the hour which Daniel witnessed: "Until the Ancient Of days came, and Judgement was given to the saints of the most High, and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom': (Daniel 7: 22).

The greatest patience has been required of the saints in this respect. Habakkuk knew this time would come when it would be difficult to "endure to the end". So the prophet writes: "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry." (2: 3).

One of these "set pieces" on the final prophetic stage before the return of Christ will be the reappearance of the Temple on its original site. But where is the "site"? The Dome of the Rock has occupied the traditional site since the end of the seventh century. The Islamic veneration of this site is based on a quotation from the Koran, known as the Nocturnal Journey of Mohammed from Mecca to Jerusalem, from whence he ascended to heaven.

Now that there is likely to be a peace pact between Jordan and Israel, this historic event may be the road which enables the problem of the site to be overcome. Two weeks ago, a retired physicist, Professor Asher Kaufman has proposed a solution to this problem which some describe as "the heart of the Israel-Arab conflict - The Temple Mount".

After twenty years' research he has a proposal which would leave aside the question of ownership of the Mount. In 1974, while reading the Ezekiel account of the Temple worship and researching aerial photographs and archaeological remains he identified the original site of the Temple.

Now, he has followed up his findings by measuring "the angles of wall fragments to see how they might fit into a single building complex". He has produced a sketch showing how the site could be divided into a Jewish section and a Moslem section without touching the "Dome" or the Al-Aksa Mosque but leaving free what Kaufman believes to be the original Temple area.

"I think he's given us reason to re-examine this question" says archaeologist Ze'ev Yeivin who has examined the Mount on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority. (Jerusalem JCC, "Patmos" October 1994)

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