"Unholy Alliance: Spiritual Battle for Europe" by Tony Pearce

From the "Light For The Last Days" newsletter of Tony Pearce. This article shows how spiritual powers are at work leading to a Federal Union based on Catholic Social Policy. (The Messianic Testimony URL is now on our links page.)

"Christmas: Somebody Cooked Your Goose" by Tricia Tillin

A full and extensive four-part study on the pagan origins of the Christmas rituals.

"The Third World War? A Vision"

This vision, given in 1968 to a 90-year old Christian woman, has only now been released to the Church. Consider it carefully and weigh it to see if God is speaking to us, warning of things to come.

"Margaret MacDonald's Revelation"

Margaret Macdonald, a young Christian living in Port Glasgow, Scotland received a revelation which was first published some ten years later in 1840. Margaret Macdonald has been either upheld as a visionary, or blamed for "inventing" the pre-tribulational rapture of the Church. Her revelation is reproduced here so that you can read the evidence and make up your own minds.

"The Sound of Music" (in two sections) - Extracts and comments by Tricia Tillin

This two-part work is about the use and abuse of music in general, but especially with regard to Christian worship. Music is being promoted as a mysterious supernatural force that will produce glorious results. The Beatles are being held up as examples of this powerful new music, and some look forward to a day when music can be used to influence people to accept Christ almost automatically. Something is going on in church music groups - we need to be told! We need to examine the claims of those who write about Christian music, to see if what they are saying is biblically correct.

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