Spring Edition: February 1996 (Part Two)


Valentine's Day - February 14th. Of course this is another perfect marketing opportunity and, like Christmas and Easter, is more a commercial venture than anything else these days. I am sure most Christians simply ignore the day.

However, there is something to be learned here, and we should not forget that the forces that invented and used St. Valentine's Day centuries ago have not faded into the background. Indeed, their aims are coming to the fore like never before. Although as Christians we are not drawn to these pagan festivals, the man and woman of the world is steadily being re-educated into a thinking that leads inevitably towards the worship of satan in the endtimes. St. Valentine is all part of the brainwashing that is taking place today. We should understand that teaching by symbols and stories is very important for the Illuminati who believe they can initiate the entire world into worshipping Lucifer their god.

The spread of the poison is alarming - we see traces of it everywhere. The new-age teaches that the highest God, the Source, the Absolute, is the "Solar Logos" and his mystical heart is manifested as our physical sun. Thus, he is the sun-god. According to new-agers, mankind as yet only perceives the lower gods, and "only as man advances and broadens in outlook, does he appreciate the one God over all, the GOD OF LOVE, the Sungod, Logos of our solar system." ( The Initiation of the World, Vera Stanley Alder 1986, p.2)

This god of love is personified and manifested to us on the earth as The Maitreya, the World Teacher, the christ of the New Age who is to come and overshadow all mankind with his divine goodwill.

The hippy-cult that began in the seventies was founded on the principle that "love can heal the earth" and the "free-love" teaching that sprang up around it led to a reworking of Western morality and eventually all the evils of promiscuity, AIDS, illigitimacy and perversion that we see today. That era is epitomised by the Beatles' song "All You Need Is Love". Unfortunately they are dead wrong!

Esotericists, also, see mystic love as the key both to unity with the divine and the release of the inner man - an evolution towards self-realisation and godhood.

For the Buddhist, the heart symbol is the essential nature of Buddha himself, the centre of all life, and for the Hindu it represent Brahma, the All. The flaming heart is a popular Catholic symbol and is supposed to represent devotion - especially to Mary whose heart was pierced by the grief of the Cross. Mary's own symbol is a heart pierced by a sword. However, the flaming heart is not a Christian symbol, but is a metaphor for Lucifer, the flaming sun god and heart of the universe in medieval thinking.

It should be obvious by now that St. Valentine - even if he actually existed - has nothing whatever to do with the festival celebrated on "his" day. The festival's origins go back to Babylon and the worship of Baal, but it came into the Roman system as Lupercalia - one of the most important events on their calendar. This mid-February festival was an ancient fertility rite, held in honour of Faunus - or PAN. We are all familiar with this half-man, half goat being with his pipes, because for most of the world he is the popular image of the devil himself. (picture??)

Descriptions of the Lupercalia festival vary, but it is certain that ritual sex was, as ever, the power and motivating force behind it - for the ultimate aim of all false religion is to bring about union between mankind and his god in order to inseminate him with the wisdom of the ages, and to birth the New Age of the world.

One interesting comment made about the Lupercalia festival is that the naked young men who were anointed with the blood and milk of the sacrificed goats, would then "burst out laughing".(Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology, 1964 edition, Pp 220,221) It seems that things don't change!

The Toronto anointing not only brings laughter, it supposedly brings profound feelings of joy and devotion. The popular new faith is a religion of the heart - for the ancients believed that while the head symbolised man's knowledge, the heart symbolised spiritual wisdom derived by revelation from the supernatural.

The new priests are in effect, calling for "devotion to the Sacred Heart". The essence of Toronto is LOVE - love for man and love for God that will ultimately bring reconciliation between nations, eradicate sin and restore the earth to its Edenic perfection. This message from Toronto supporters introduces a prophecy of the new way of thinking: "This incredible word conveys so much of God's passionate love and zeal for His people and His house. Of all the people on the earth, He wants us to understand His heart, to no longer misrepresent Him".

According to this word, God complains that deceivers in pulpits are misrepresenting God as a Judge who demands separation from sin and sinners. This misrepresentation, the words says, is "more deadly than the blatant sins of the flesh - more treacherous than adultery".

"Oh Church,... these things - philosophy, wrong thinking of Me - have cost more lives than anything else... Do you know how many years I have stood by and heard these things preached from my pulpits and spoken in my sanctuaries? I say to you, enough! I have had enough. The tables of the deceivers will be overturned and they will be cast out of My house. I will rise up with a vengeance, for zeal for My house has consumed Me in these days. And how shall I overturn these tables? And how shall I cast out the deceivers? I shall do it by proclaiming the truth - both in the hearts of my people and through spokesmen who understand the truth. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you.... He comes to love, not condemn. Oh, I am wooing My bride in these days, convincing her of My love. ...Watch in days ahead - for the composition of the church will be changing. Some who have called themselves Christians will cut themselves off with their refusal to accept My love...
So sing, speak, tell everyone, 'God loves you!' This is the sound that I want to resound throughout the earth...". (Prophecy given by Jane Williams the wife of one of the pastors at Christian Fellowship Church, Columbia, Missouri on December 7th 1995.)

Yes, the new religion is one of love, where everyone is welcome regardless of their condition or creed, where sin carries no penalty, where Hell is annihilation and God judges only those who refuse to go with the flow.

Recently somebody sent me anonymously the literature of "Jesus, King of All Nations Devotion", a Roman Catholic organisation committed to the unity of all mankind under their religion and their king. Advertised therein is a Retreat celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe (a Marian apparition) and preparing for "the Great Jubilee Year of 2000". (It is being held two days after St. Valentine's Day on February 16th-18th).

Part of their "devotion" prayer reads: "I shall unite all mankind even unto the end of time, under MY Divine Reign of Kingship. The Merciful Reign of My Kingdom will be proclaimed everywhere among the nations through which shall come the endtime salvation of mankind by UNITY in MY Holy Catholic Church!"

Atop the literature is a picture supposedly of Jesus offering in his hand a shining flaming heart. Underneath it says: "Behold the Heart that has so loved men and has been so little loved in return".

Catholics see this Heart as Mary. However, who really is the flaming Heart? It is none other than Bel, or Baal, the founder of the Babylonian religion and the source of all luciferic worship! This is not only a play on words, (for "bal" means "heart" in the Chaldean, and Hebrew spells it backwards as LEB) but a description of the god as the centre of the universe, the Source of all things, and the hidden power of ritualistic intercourse and mystical devotion.

Bel is mentioned three times in the Old Testament as the god of Babylon and on each occasion the Lord God vows to overthrow Bel and to deliver those whom he has bound. God also calls the faithful to come out of the Babylonian system, now rising again as the Harlot, Mystery Babylon:

    "And I will punish Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up: and the nations shall not flow together any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall. My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and deliver ye every man his soul from the fierce anger of the LORD". (Jer 51:44-45)

Those who unite themselves to the love-god of this world will share his fate when the angels cry "Fallen is Babylon!"