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UNHOLY ALLIANCE: The Spiritual Battle for Europe

(Reprinted by permission from the "Light for The Last Days" newsletter
of Tony Pearce, Winter 1998/99 edition.

We publish this article written by a friend who has for many years worked in a senior banking position in the City of London. As a committed Christian, he discerned that behind the political and economic arguments taking place over European Union, there is a spiritual power at work.

This power is described in the letter to the Ephesians, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms".

In Autumn 1987, I went to Munich, the capital of Bavaria, to attend a senior banking conference. On one particular day, the Lord gave me a series of revelations regarding the evil spiritual ruler of Bavaria (or "prince" as described in the AV).

In the morning we discussed European Monetary Union. The main speaker was Peter-Willhelm Schluter. He is a Bavarian German, who has been a key architect of the Euro. He has spent his life's work (30 years) focused on the "goal" and "god" of monetary union. He shuns publicity, and is a man of the shadows.

His boss and public sponsor is Willem Duisenberg, a Dutchman, head of the European Central Bank (ECB), considered now by many to be the most powerful man in Europe. Others say that Schluter, the faceless bureaucrat, is the real power. He and his boss are opposed to openness or accountability. They argue that "ECB council members will be able to hide behind the cloak of confidentiality, thus avoiding having to justify their actions, or to yield to local political pressure".

We risk losing control of our economy to powerful non-elected bankers operating in smoke filled rooms behind closed doors, such as Duisenberg and the secretive and wholly unaccountable civil servants who stand behind them. Schluter is one of those powerful civil servants. He told the conference that progress towards the Euro was "inevitable", and that it was "impossible" for anyone to stand in its way. "The Euro can only be run by a Central Bank in Frankfurt, modeled on the Bundesbank according to German principles". His presentation was strident, forceful and compelling. He was a real Euro-evangelist. The Lord made it quite clear to me where his power was coming from! He really was frightening in his conviction and intensity.

He and I crossed swords at lunch. Even those around the table, who were non-Christian bankers, remarked at the very apparent conflict between two kingdoms. He admitted, in debate, that his dream is to go well beyond the current Euro, and absorb the dollar as well to create a one-world currency! He also stressed that financial linking inevitably meant political union.

After lunch, we went for a tour of the car manufacturer BMW. This company is an economic giant with really awe-inspiring use of technology. The finance team stressed that part of their ambition was to crush other national car industries (such as the UK's) and, for example, to absorb Rover (which they had just taken over) into their Germanic mould. The prevalence of robots, high technology and soullessness enabled the Lord to show me that the new strategy of the Bavarian Prince involved economic warfare. Look at what has subsequently happened to Rolls Royce / Bentley!

From BMW, a coach load of us went to Dachau, the first of the Nazi concentration camps. A number of the American Jewish people at the conference wanted to go there with some of our German hosts and to seek reconciliation. The visit was very moving. The motto on the gates, possibly the greatest lie of this century, "Arbeit Macht Frei" (Work makes you free). As I walked along the wide "boulevard" between the locations of the huts, into which the exhausted and emaciated prisoners were crammed in filthy conditions, I sensed the blood of 32,000 people who died there, and the countless numbers of those who were transhipped from there to the extermination camp at Gross-Rosen. Their blood cried out to me from the ground, and through a deep welling of grief, tears and anger, as well as profound sense of impending doom, I heard the Lord confirm that the Prince was as powerful and terrible as ever.

In the evening, we went to the Residenz (Royal) Palace for a sumptuous banquet with gold cutlery, serenaded by a string quartet. But even in such a magnificent setting, I was deeply distressed. For in this ancient seat of the rulers of Bavaria is sited the Reiche Zimmer, the Treasury. As we visited the fabulous crown jewels there, the Lord spoke to me for the fourth time, saying that this Prince, which had been so powerful in history, intended to become even more powerful in the immediate future. This evil spirit was heavy on me all day. I am convinced it is an utterly dark principality. It has warred against liberty, justice and truth for centuries, and once again is rearing its ugly head with a different strategy for domination, this time of a more subtle and progressive nature.

The Prince of Bavaria

Looking into the past we see that there has been an evil spiritual power (described as a 'Prince' in Ephesians) operating through the region of Bavaria. This prince craves power, and has a track record of so doing through history:

788AD Bavaria became a powerful part of Charlemagne's 'Holy Roman Empire' (the first attempt to revive the Roman Empire) and a great influence on him. Thus, the Prince first expressed its great desire for empire.

962AD Otto the Great of Bavaria established the First Reich with an objective of European domination. He deliberately made use of the bishops to strengthen his rule and thus created the "Ottoman church system of the Reich" that was to provide a stable and long-lasting framework for Germany. His symbol, the Octagonal Crown was greatly feared. His empire collapsed on his death due to fending amongst his sons.

1609 Bavaria founded the Catholic League in opposition to Protestant Revival.

1871 New German Empire (the Second Reich) was heavily influenced by the hereditary rulers of Bavaria -finished only by 1st Word War.

1933 Hitler's National Socialist movement started in Munich (Bavaria's capital), and in 1923 Hitler had attempted an unsuccessful putsch in that city.

When the Nazis came to power in 1933, Bavaria became a bastion of Nazism. Hitler was a Roman Catholic, and one of his first acts, once he had gained control from his Munich base, was to establish a concordat with the Pope.

The first Nazi concentration camp was built in March 1933 at Dachau, near Munich; and the fanatical rallies were held in Nuremburg (Bavaria's second city) from 1933 to 1938, involving blaring Wagnerian overtures, stirring martial songs, banners, goose-step marches, human swastika formations, torchlight processions, bonfires, and magnificent fireworks displays. Hitler and other Nazi leaders delivered lengthy orations. Buildings were festooned with enormous flags and Nazi insignia. The Third Reich finished only at the end of the 2nd World War.

Did that Prince cease its activity in 1945?

Catholic Political Thought

This Prince has, I believe formed an unholy alliance with a Ruler of Darkness which manifests itself through Catholic Political thought.

Shirley Williams said in 1975: "We will be joined to a Europe in which the Catholic religion will be the dominant faith, and in which the application of the Catholic Social Doctrine will be the major factor in everyday political and economic life."

Konrad Adenauer, Paul Henri Spaak, Jean Monnet, Robert Schuman, the founding fathers of the Common Market, were all Christian Democrats, and were deeply influenced by Catholic social teaching. Jacques Delors, the author of the EU Social Charter, was schooled in Catholic Social Doctrine.

Catholic Political Thought is subtle deception. It is nearly allright! A first glance reveals nothing sinister. Many people think the Roman Catholic church is just a variant on the Anglican Church, but with frilly sleeves on the robes! That is just what the Ruler of Darkness behind Catholic thinking wants us to believe. The Roman Catholic Church government operates by diktat and control, rather than having any openness to ordinary folks hearing from God. Priests form a martial hierarchy, rather than demonstrating a "servant spirit". Knowledge of God is held and controlled by a superbly trained and indoctrinated elite. Real power resides in the hands of a very few at the top - an oligarchy. No real religious freedoms are permitted outside the Catholic Church.

Catholic Political Thought is a progressive lie. It espouses oligarchy, and not democracy. Processes of government are to be hidden not open. Decisions are handed down by diktat, not developed through debate at all levels.

The outworking of this in our recent history:

Our progress into Europe has been via this methodology of diktat, closed-door discussion and secrecy. We have been sliding inexorably down a slippery slope, experiencing the progressive lie.

Jean Monnet believed in the Catholic vision that Europe should become a federal super-state. To achieve this, the plan was to be a series of successive steps, each disguised as to have an economic purpose, but all of which when taken together would lead irreversibly to federation. The steps were first coal and steel production, then atomic energy programmes, then common agricultural policy and Common Market, then single currency...

He said in 1970: "I related to Edward Heath how we had proceeded from the start, step by step, and how in this way we gradually created the Common Market... and that I was convinced we should proceed in the same manner."

Heath followed this pattern of deceit when he told the British people in 1973 that by joining the Common Market there was "no question of any erosion of essential national sovereignty." When asked in 1990 whether he had in mind a United States of Europe with a single currency when he took Britain into Europe, he replied, "Of course, yes."

In 1985 / 86 the Single European Act introduced majority voting (no UK veto) which unleashed a torrent of regulations unifying Europe. Margaret Thatcher failed to grasp its significance, describing it as: "a modest decision". In 1990 when she threatened to use the British veto in Rome, she was dismissed by her own party.

The Treaty of Maastricht (1991) established the principle of "acquis communautaire", of Irrevocability and Irreversibility. This means that what has been acquired (towards Union) cannot be taken away. Thus, when Maastricht refers to a single currency, it says: "The move towards a single currency (which implies comprehensive surrender of national Government to a supra-national body) is irrevocable and irreversible." Maastricht was never intended to stop at a single currency. Jean-Luc Deheanc (Belgian Prime Minister) said: "Monetary Union is the motor of European Integration".

In 1993 Jacques Delors (speaking about Maastricht) said: "The objective is not just to make a single market, but to create a political union". In 1994 Helmut Kohl said: "The process of Union is like the Rhine flowing to the sea. Anyone who stands in its way is crushed against the river bank".

The process to a single currency is a one way-road, deeply embedded in Maastricht. European Monetary Union is only a step on the road to Global Monetary Union, and only a step on the road to complete Euro-Federalism - one super-state ruled from Germany under the power of the Prince of Bavaria and according to the subtle but evil power of the Ruler of Darkness behind Catholic thought.

The present line up over Europe

Why has there been so much coverage about Europe in the press in recent weeks? Recent moves to the left in European politics now mean that apart from Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland and Spain, Europe has socialist governments. Socialist economic ambitions are coming-to light.

However, the key thing is that the British Press is beginning to wonder who is telling the truth. What are Tony Blair and Gordon Brown really saying behind closed doors in Europe? Are they holding to their election pledges?

And who are these Europeans who seem to want to control our destiny? Perhaps it would help if we looked at some of the key protagonists, and what they are saying:

Gerhard Schroder, German Chancellor

He has been described as an electable "cipher", who has no ideas, no political substance, no convictions. He is said to be floundering, and the Social Democrats wish they had decided some policies before being elected!

He has however reiterated support for an even deeper European integration and backed further transfer of sovereignty to the EU: "Only through the further development of a political union, as well as social and environmental union, will we succeed in forming a Europe which is close to its citizens. The single European currency is an important step on the way to political integration, but it only provides a framework for accelerated progress towards union." (November 10th)

Oscar Lafontaine, German Finance Minister

Lafontaine is the party leader of the Social Democrats. Many Germans loathe him, and refused to vote for him in 1990 when his party suffered a crushing defeat. He was the "Kingmaker" who made Schroder the selected candidate to fight Kohl, only because he himself was un-electable. Twice divorced, he is known as a bully. He has a French name, speaks fluent French and was born on the German-French border. He has a Napoleonic outlook. He is a powerful, ranting orator, who is hard-left politically. He desires nothing other than a German-led United States of Europe. He has been described as "Germany's secret ruler". Schroder detests him.

In the background is the European Hilary Clinton - Christa Muller -Lafontaine's wife. Known as "Oskar's Hilary", she and he co-authored "Don't be afraid of; Globalisation". She is very close to a-number of leading German Euro-j bureaucrats, and is regarded as being an extreme pro-federalist.

She is a friend of Cheri Blair. Oskar and Christa are advocates of a global currency via an intermediate stage of fixed exchange rate band with the dollar, and thence to a one-world government. They are French-style Catholics.

13 Nov: Germany and France put Lafontaine forward as next Presided of European Commission.

22 Nov: The power struggle between Schroder and Lafontaine continues behind the ' scenes. Lafontaine is secure because of his appeal to left wing activists and trade unions. He is described as an "extraordinary person" and compared to Goering in the German press.

1st Dec: Brown and Blair are bested by Lafontaine over the permitted use of the veto on tax harmonization. Lafontaine says national vetoes on any issue should be abolished. Tax harmonization is critical to success of the Euro. Lafontaine wants massive tax rises in Germany, sweetened by equivalent rises in the UK and elsewhere. This will create huge unemployment across Europe. One has to ask what the agenda is here. Is an environment of high unemployment and economic uncertainty just what Lafontaine desires? Is he looking to create an environment across Europe like that of Germany in the early 30s, riven by civil unrest, so that he, like Hitler, can take absolute control?

Blair & Blown (and Mandelson!)

8 Nov: "Blair speeds death of Pound" (Express headline). Secret plans to join ahead of next election Jan 1, 2002. Alistair Campbell (Tony's spin doctor) says, Tony's policy is "We sign up as soon as possible'".

13 Nov: Mandelson says his personal ambition is to re-unify Europe.

1 Dec: Blair and Brown appear outwitted by Lafontaine on tax harmonization, especially VAT on food and children's clothes. Brown blamed by British Press for signing new pan-European left wing agenda which raised the harmonization issue afresh.

2 Dec: Blair in a cleft stick, on the one hand telling EU leaders he is a fully signed up pro-European, and on the other trying to reassure an increasingly sceptical British public about UK sovereignty.

The power to tax was the salient issue of the English Civil War and of the American War of Independence. No government should concede this principle.

The French and German governments are running a coordinated campaign for increased tax harmonization, and the abolition of the veto is an important part of the strategy. It is also a necessary step to ensure we are all dragged helplessly into the new European Federal State.

There is a Principality behind Bavaria which seeks to enslave the whole of Europe, and a Ruler of Darkness behind Catholic Political Thought. They have together declared war on Britain. This is a fight for the survival of Britain. It is a battle as serious as the Battle of Britain in 1940. It is a battle which is fought with subtle and yet powerful weapons - of political propaganda, lies, double talk, spin-doctoring.

There are continuing secretive deliberations that take place in the name of the so-called Euro-citizen, and which result in policy changes which systematically and cynically erode national sovereignty. Huge effort is being made to ensure that these things are not debated in the open. When an issue of yielding of sovereignty is uncovered, the Labour Government will attack the newspaper, commentator or whoever. It will all be labelled as "futuristic eyewash". They will fudge the issue, and refuse to accept that any individual issue raised has anything to do with a genuine debate about Europe.

The intention is for Britain to lose sovereignty in subtle, progressive and irreversible stages. We are to lose our basic principles of democracy, transparent open government, and freedom to debate, and instead to be ruled by the Catholic principles of oligarchy, secrecy and diktat We may even lose our freedoms of evangelical belief and be labelled as a dangerous or illegal cult. This has happened to Pentecostals in Belgium in the past three months.

We must face up to the fact that Europe is grinding inexorably towards Federal Union on a Catholic Political basis - UNLESS WE DO SOMETHING TO STOP IT.

There is a wider goal than just Europe Progressive steps: the Euro, then the Euro fixed to the US Dollar, then a One World Currency, then a One World Government and a One World Religion.

Jesus said, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. " Luke 21.28

God created the boundaries of our Nation for a purpose: And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation', That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us. Acts 17 26-27

We are a nation with a wonderful Christian heritage. Our nation's boundaries have been set by the Lord. We have entrenched religious freedoms, but the European Continent is largely held in spiritual darkness, with anti-Christian political beliefs and social structures.

If this move of European Federalism triumphs, the EC will indeed be an Empire. It only lacks an emperor, but it will have the Pope...