"Outside The Camp" (two parts) by Tricia Tillin

Many believers have chosen, or are forced, to leave their fellowships and churches, and have found no alternative place of worship. They are like the Renmant of Israel, as the Bible says 'outside the camp'. This article has been written to address their questions, concerns and needs, and to set their experience into a scriptural context.

"The Transforming Church" - by Tricia Tillin

(in ten parts) A major study on Church Growth and the Cell-Church Movement. It looks at the Church Growth Movement (CGM), the cell system, house groups and all other aspects of the Church "in transition to a new apostolic paradigm."

What is the Emergent Church? - Wikipedia article

The Purpose-Driven Church (The Pied Pipers of Purpose) by Lynn & Sarah Leslie

"Mainstream" articles on the Church

G12 Testimony (One and Two) by former members of a G12 cell group

These testimonies are from a family caught up in the cell-church system. Their harrowing story is a very useful explanation of the personal cost of joining this globalist venture.