The Transforming Church - by Tricia Tillin

(in ten parts) A major study on Church Growth and the Cell-Church Movement. It looks at the Church Growth Movement (CGM), the cell system, house groups and all other aspects of the Church "in transition to a new apostolic paradigm".

"The World Christian Movement" - by Al Dager of Media Spotlight

This is a major study on the Global Evangelization Movement showing how many of the Revival and Missionary organisations are networking to "win the world for Christ". Al Dager asks whether "evangelization" is the same thing as biblical evangelism, and he explores the links between all these organisations.

"Doctrine of Demons" (two selected chapters)

"The Global Network" - Part One
"The Global Network" - Part Two

These two articles are actually two sections from the "Doctrine of Demons" series by Tricia Tillin, also found elsewhere on this site. They cover such subjects as the Lighthouses Project, World Mission, Evangelization methods, Spiritual Warfare, Global Networking schemes, Peter Wagner's "New Apostolic Paradigm" and much more.

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