Autumn/Winter Edition 1996 (Part Three)


Dear Supporter,

The lead article (Part One) is a devotional study on Joshua chapter five, designed as a preparation for three national assemblies I have been prompted by God to arrange in November. Naturally, this command of the Lord is taking priority over all else at the moment. Indeed, I sense that we have arrived at something of a watershed, and that things will take a different direction from now on, in the Church, in the nation (world?) and in my own ministry.


For a while I have been aware that the Lord is preparing me for changes, and I can no longer guarantee to produce "Mainstream" on a regular basis, if at all. Although I realise there are still people out there who desperately need information and advice on apostasy, I intend to submit myself and this ministry entirely to God's will, believing that His commands will lead to an even greater blessing in the future for all concerned.

Also, for some time, the pressures of an increasing workload have made it impossible for me to do all I would wish in this ministry, especially as I do all the work alone and unaided. I know that God could have provided help for me as my workload grew, so His refusal to do so is another indication that the watchman ministry is actually coming to the end of its usefulness. Many of us who were called as watchmen began work around 1986/87, and at that time I sensed it would be for a limited period, in order to sound the trumpet and call any who would listen to withdraw from the developing Harlot Church system. Now that ten years have passed, we have all seen the fruit of that ministry. Amidst heresy and deception, growing ever more blatant, thousands have drawn the line and refused to compromise. God has faithfully warned His own to "come out of Babylon".


Although I began to write tracts under the Banner Ministries tag in 1986, the first edition of my newsletter was in 1987. Now that the ten-year anniversary of this ministry draws near, I feel that God is scaling down the particular work of the watchman, and other God-given ministries will emerge to care more particularly for the needs of His people. Whether I am personally involved in them, or am permitted at long last to lay down my tools and rest, is not clear - but this is in the Lord's hands. It is also true that "night cometh when no man can work" and although the approach of that short night is a cause for anxiety and a time of preparation, it is also a cause for rejoicing and excitement, for the coming of the Lord for His own is near!

Rather than leave you waiting, not knowing what has happened to Banner Ministries, I wanted to keep you informed and be totally honest about my situation. I value each one of you as a dear brother or sister in the Lord! I value your prayers at this critical time. It is not without significance that at the very same time I was prompted to organise three national assemblies for the "dissenters" of the Church in the UK, the compromised and Toronto-loving Evangelical Alliance of this country has called for a National Assembly for all churches to "Shape The Future" for the next millennium. EA appears to be promoting church unity and social welfare rather than sound doctrine and evangelism.

Therefore it appears that November will be an exciting month for all concerned! Decisions will be made that will possibly decide the course for both the established churches and the "remnant" for what time we have left on this earth. Please pledge to pray for me, for these meetings, and for all who attend them, that God's commands will be paramount and that we will have the courage to obey Him in all that He commands.


For some reason, presumably because copies of "Mainstream" have circulated widely in the States, I have recently been receiving unsolicited literature from patriot groups. While not intending any criticism of such groups, I want it to be known that their subject matter is completely unrelated to the concerns of this ministry, to my way of thinking, and to the situation in the United Kingdom.

BANNER MINISTRIES, SOUTH AFRICA. Lastly, I feel I need to mention that there is a Ministry called "Banner Ministries" in South Africa. You should not be confused. This South African ministry is nothing whatever to do with the UK ministry.

Please do not reproduce this newsletter, whole or in part, without contacting Tricia Tillin of Banner Ministries beforehand. Banner Ministries cannot accept responsibility for any inaccuracies, misprints, or misrepresentations contained in quotes. The opinions expressed in this newsletter do not represent the views of any one church or group of people and are not intended to be taken as authoritative. Mainstream newsletter is funded by donations to Banner Ministries.



This is the ministry of Tricia Tillin, with the full support and approval of her husband Jon, in the United Kingdom The foundation of Banner Ministries is the Watchman call, found in scripture in Ezek chapters 3 and 33. Accordingly, "Mainstream" reports on trends in the world and particularly in the churches that pose a danger to Christians, in order to sound a warning. The prophetic stance of Banner Ministries is pre-millennial, and its work is non-denominational.


"Mainstream" grew from a simple information sheet passed among friends. Its main purpose then (ten years ago) was to circulate to Christians news of the growing New Age Movement. The topics today include errors in the Church and political trends like the New World Order. "Mainstream" examines news items and recent events in the light of Bible prophecy, with special reference to the "end-time" promises of the Lord's Return. The name "Mainstream" relates to the desire of many Christians to avoid the dry backwaters of error, deception and controversy, and to steer a clear path in the centre of God's will.

Therefore, the aim of "Mainstream" is to minister as a Watchman on the wall (Ezek Chapter 3);

  • to alert believers to dangers and deceptions;
  • to stimulate an attitude of discernment and watchfulness;
  • to inform of recent developments, and to strengthen those who are battle-weary.


It is difficult to go on producing an interesting, full and topical newsletter like "Mainstream" without your co-operation. We need your input. Please feel encouraged to share in this venture and to make it your own Watchman's voice by sending us news items, pictures and reports (marked with date and source).


In producing this newsletter, we are putting ourselves on the front line of opposition against a dangerous foe. Please remember to pray for our protection, that -

  • we are kept from error, deception and discouragement
  • we exercise God-given discernment
  • we know God's protection in body and mind, and for all equipment
  • we experience His guiding hand in all our decisions.