Counterfeit Manifestations

"The Experience Controversy" - by Wendy Howard

Spiritual "experiences" have flooded through Christendom in the recent "revival" movements. Wendy Howard proves they are actually sweeping millions into an altered state of consciousness which parallels New Age religious phenomena.

"Mainstream" Spring 1994 (Part 1) - by Tricia Tillin

"The False Spirit of Love". This pre-Toronto Blessing article was written to alert believers to a spiritual deception masquerading as God's love.

"War on the Saints" - by Jessie Penn Lewis with Evan Roberts

Classic book written at the time of an earlier revival in Wales, showing how false prophecies, demonic manifestations and abuses arose and were dealt with. (The Unabridged Version)

Gold Dust, Gold Teeth and Similar

"Gold Dust: the story of Silvânia Machado" by Venefredo Barbosa Vilar

The supposed showering of gold dust in meetings has now been exposed as a sickening scam. In July 1999 this Brazilian Christian was asked to host the couple Silvânia Machado and Luiz Rafael at his home in Taguatinga, Federal District, Brazil, during which time she planned to visit several churches and tell our members about how she had been cured of a cancer, and show the wonders God had done. Read this testimony to find the result.

Marian Apparitions & Gold Miracles" - by Tricia Tillin

Visions of 'mary' and 'jesus' have been appearing to Roman Catholics around the world. Often these visions are accompanied by prophecies about the Last Days, urging all men and women to love the Mother of God and submit themselves to her. The visions at Conyers, Georgia, USA have taken the same course as the ones at Fatima, Garabandal, Medjugorje and other places. They appear at regular intervals and various supernatural signs are manifested, including signs in the sun. Amongst the signs at Conyers is that of gold dust and rosaries turning to gold.

Spiritual Alchemy - by Tricia Tillin

Exposing the current spate of gold teeth and gold dust as well as silver particles, feathers, blue glory smoke, and other such supernatural occurrences.


"Early Years" - by G. H. Lang

This book, a history of the "Modern Tongues Movement" as Lang calls it, was written in the early years of this century when events at Azuza Street were still fresh in people's minds. It contains not only some intriguing eye-witness accounts of the birth of the Pentecostal Movement, but also some thoughtful insights on its effects - and this has a direct (I mean direct) bearing on present-day events.


"Counterfeit Spiritual Gifts" - Testimony by Gayle Rogers

It really is possible for Christians to be deceived and lured into false manifestations. Gayle experienced deception at first hand and this is her story.

Deceived by the Toronto Spirit - by Yvette H.

This South African believer had a troublesome encounter with deceiving spirits when she was advised to receive the Toronto Blessing. She wanted to become closer to God, but was driven far away! She wanted joy and peace, but suffered mental and spiritual anguish. Learn from her testimony.

"The Emma Story"

See what happened when an unsuspecting Christian family attending their local church discovered that the so-called Toronto Blessing had been introduced there. You will be moved and shocked by their story. Emma is not the real name of this writer. The family - having left the church in question - have requested 'no correspondence' about their situation.