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This page is for your comments, questions and feedback. You may find the answers to your questions elsewhere on the site.

Where's The Form?

The contact form that I used until recently worked well, but became a target for all kinds of malware. It also opened up a dangerous portal into my website so that rogue scripts could run there. To give myself time to find a safe alternative I have deleted the form. You may contact me in the usual way by sending me an email. The address is tricia -at- Thanks!


Other Information

It may be that you have questions that can be answered on the website itself.

For instance, go to the "About" section for more information about myself, the history of this website and its purpose. Also, for those looking for my beliefs, please see my Statement of Belief.

The contact form is designed for a short personal comment only. Please do not send long articles;  they will not be read. Nor may you send advertising, hate-mail or requests for research.