"The Revival Without Repentence" - by Mark Greenwood

A personal testimony of the Toronto Blessing and revival manifestations in the UK; includes accounts of four main places in Sheffield that promoted this revival : ‘The Kings Centre’ (A Charismatic offshoot from House Church), ‘Walkley Baptist’ as then was, ‘St Thomas’s’ (A Charismatic Anglican church in the Crookes area of Sheffield), and ‘Hope of Sheffield’ (led by an Australian who had a Pentecostal background).

"Deliverance from the Toronto Blessing"  - by David Husband

Another personal story of an encounter with the Toronto Blessing and its bizarre manifestations. This account is a very personal journey through attraction, confusion and finally truth and enlightenment.

"My Experiences with the Toronto Vineyard"  - by Rick Friedrich

A personal view by Rick Friedrich of Michigan. This letter was sent to an [e-mail] list in July 2003 as a member asked a question about the Toronto Vineyard Movement and the witness of the Spirit. It is the experiences and conclusions of a man who lived most of his life in Toronto, Canada on the West side very near the airport (and the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship -- formerly Toronto Vineyard).

The Covert Strategies of the Revival Movement - by Tricia Tillin

Are mind-control techniques being used to indoctrinate believers and promote the revival? This three-part study explores the evidence.

"Tommy Tenney and the God Chasers - A Review" - by Mike Taylor

This is a major new review of the book "The God Chasers" that has been responsible for introducing many people to the manifestations of the current "revival".

A History of the Awakening - by Richard Riss

A sympathetic article but it covers many of the events, influences and key figures of the current revival.