"The Toronto Blessing - Is It From God? How Can Christians Decide?"
"Looking Beyond Toronto - The Source And Goal of the Second Pentecost"

These two papers were written early on in the Toronto debate by Tricia Tillin. They address the basic issues of manifestations and laughter, and also examine the roots of the movement in the Latter-Rain and Restoration doctrines.

"The Toronto Blessing - Instrument of Revival or Instrument of Deception?

(In Four Sections) By Bob Hunter Bob Hunter works with CRI. He has written this comprehensive article to examine the theology and practises of the Toronto Movement. It also exposes the critical attitudes of those in the TB camp.

"Look Before You Laugh!" - by Gino Geraci, Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel, South Denver.

This report is intended to give a brief overview of Holy Laughter, The Toronto Blessing and to explore whether there are dangers to those who participate in the Movement. Gino Geraci challenges the reader to examine all the issues in light of God's Word.


Bad News, New York! - by Eira Carminati

A friend of Jackie Alnor (of "Christian Sentinel") accompanied her to the GNNY crusade in New York hosted by Rick Shelton and featuring the ministry of Rodney Howard Browne - the source of the laughter revival - and here she writes of her experiences. This report makes very sad reading.

"Rodney Howard-Browne: A Critical Examination of his Theology and Practice"
by the Rev. Stephen Sizer

RHB is the man who launched the laughing revival, now known as the "toronto-blessing". This is an assessment of Rodney Howard-Browne's ministry based on an interview with him contained in Charisma Magazine in August 1994. The conclusions drawn are substantiated from material taken from videos of his ministry at Woodgate Church in Birmingham, England, in June 1994, and Kenneth Copeland's church in August 1994.

"Shaken And Stirred" - a Testimony by some Walsall Believers

A group of Christians from Walsall (UK) attended a meeting by Rodney Howard Browne and found out the hard way that critics are definitely not wanted!

"Mainstream" Summer 1994 (Part 1)

"But Is It Revival?" Rodney Howard Browne and his laughing revival kick off what became the Toronto Blessing.


"A Memoir of The Vineyard" 1986-1994 - by Cheryl Thomson

Cheryl is Managing Director of the Strangers and Pilgrims Ministry. She was there at the start, and has an intriguing story to tell about the Vineyard.

"Vineyard Experience" - by Rev. Gordon Williams

Rev. Gordon Williams appeared for several years with Rev. David Mainse on 100 Huntley Street. He then pastored Good Samaritan Church, Kitchener. Now an evangelist who travels extensively across Canada, Rev. G. Williams has the inside story about the Vineyard.

"Counterfeit Spiritual Gifts" - Testimony by Gayle Rogers

It really is possible for Christians to be deceived and lured into false manifestations.


Deceived by the Toronto Spirit - by Yvette H.

This South African believer had a troublesome encounter with deceiving spirits when she was advised to receive the Toronto Blessing. She wanted to become closer to God, but was driven far away! She wanted joy and peace, but suffered mental and spiritual anguish. Learn from her testimony.

"One Fish That Jumped Out Of The River" - by Matt D. (Sussex)

Matt came out of the Toronto Blessing and woke up to its dangers. He experienced the TB when he visited Terry Virgo's church, Church of Christ the King, Brighton, UK. Now he believes he was deceived. Here is his story. . .

"Visit to Sunderland Christian Centre" - by Roger Shinn, (Newcastle)

Roger visited Sunderland Christian Centre (Pastor Ken Gott.) to find out for himself what was happening there. Sunderland is one of the foremost TE centres of the UK.

"The Emma Story"

See what happened when an unsuspecting Christian family attending their local church discovered that the so-called Toronto Blessing had been introduced there.You will be moved and shocked by their story. Emma is not the real name of this writer. The family - having left the church in question - have requested 'no correspondence' about their situation.


"The Covert Strategies of the Revival Movement" - by Tricia Tillin

Are mind-control techniques being used to indoctrinate believers and promote the revival? This three-part study explores the evidence.

"The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly" - by the late David Wilkerson

This important transcript from a tape by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, is shocking, moving and very timely.

"Tommy Tenney and the God Chasers - A Review" - by Mike Taylor

This is a major new review of the book "The God Chasers" that has been responsible for introducing many people to the manifestations of the current "revival".


  • Summer 1994 (Part 1) - Is It Revival? (Rodney Howard Browne)
  • Summer 1994 (Part 2) - Toronto/ Evangelicals & Catholics Together
  • Winter 1994 Part 1) - Toronto Militancy
  • Winter 1994 (Part 2) - The Acid Cloud Vision, and more
  • Spring 1995 Part 1 - Birth of the Manchild, Latter Rain/revival
  • Spring 1995 Part 2 - The Holy Spirit/News items
  • Summer 1995 Part 1 - On a Collision Course

    "The Experience Controversy" - by Wendy Howard

    Spiritual "experiences" have flooded through Christendom in the recent "revival" movements. Wendy Howard proves they are actually sweeping millions into an altered state of consciousness which parallels New Age religious phenomena.

    "Mainstream" Spring 1994 (Part 1) - by Tricia Tillin

    "The False Spirit of Love". This pre-Toronto Blessing article was written to alert believers to a spiritual deception masquerading as God's love.


  • Spiritual Alchemy - gold teeth and gold dust!
  • Gold Miracles at Marian Shrines - Catholic gold-dust miracles


    "Early Years" - by G. H. Lang

    This book, a history of the "Modern Tongues Movement" as Lang calls it, was written in the early years of this century when events at Azuza Street were still fresh in people's minds. It contains not only some intriguing eye-witness accounts of the birth of the Pentecostal Movement, but also some thoughtful insights on its effects - and this has a direct (I mean direct) bearing on present-day events.

    "Was Jonathan Edwards the Founding Father of the Toronto Blessing?"

    (In Four Sections), By Nick Needham Jonathan Edwards was used by God during the Great Awakening to bring many to Christ. Now, it is claimed that Toronto-style manifestations took place under his ministry, and that they validate the new experience. Is this true?

    "Would Maria Woodworth-Etter Have Endorsed Toronto?"

    Maria Woodworth-Etter (1844-1924), a lady accepted by the TE supporters as a genuine minister anointed by the Spirit, preached this sermon. It should give some pause for thought amongst them - because Maria Woodworth-Etter disapproved of disorderly meetings and recognised some manifestations as demonic.

    A History of the Awakening - by Richard Riss

    A sympathetic article but it covers many of the events, influences and key figures of the current revival.


    "Faulty Reasoning": Examples of the Toronto Legacy

    As an addition to my recent article on the inability of Toronto supporters to argue their case from scripture, I have compiled from e-mail examples of the type of argument commonly used by those who defend the "revival". This file illustrates the faulty thinking of supporters of the "revival".

    "MATTHEW 18: A Viable Contention Where Principles of the Gospel are Concerned?"
    - by Debra Bouey

    When Biblical apologists comment publicly on aberrant teachings, especially the Toronto Experience, their supporters quickly and repeatedly raise the "Matthew 18 Argument", contending that the "brother" should have been approached privately. Is Matthew 18 a valid contention in these instances? Debbie Bouey examines God's Word to see.

    Just One Example, compiled by Tricia Tillin

    This is a copy of a recent e-mail correspondence between Tricia and a man in the UK who not only supports the Toronto outpouring, but strongly opposes the work of this website. His reasoning (or lack of it) is such a perfect example of what happens to the minds of people who support the TB, that it seemed a good idea to let you all learn from reading it. And here is the testimony of the people roughed up at the Rodney Howard meeting, referred to this exchange of e-mails.

    "Accusers of the Brethren" in four sections, by Debra Bouey

    Since the outbreak of the Toronto manifestations, courageous believers have been trying to point out the biblical errors and dangers of this whole movement. Often they have received nothing but scorn and abuse, and some have been targetted for vitriolic accusations. This researcher bravely exposes the spiteful spirit and judgemental attitude of those at the heart of the current "revival". A sobering read.


  • "Mainstream" Winter 1994 Part 1 - Toronto Militancy
  • "Mainstream" Summer 1995 Part 1 - On a Collision Course
  • Autumn/Winter 1995 Part 1 - Standing against Accusation
  • Autumn/Winter 1995 Part 3 - A Spirit of Division amongst us?
  • Spring 1996 Part 1 - Into the Lions' Den - persecution
  • Summer 1996 Part 1 - Storm on the Horizon