Major Split at Brownsville - News Reports

School founder dismissed in dispute over denominational accountability.

A major rift has emerged at the heart of the Brownsville revival. The leader of the school founded to train others for service has been removed in what is believed to be a dispute over denominational accountability. Dr. Michael Brown, the founder and president of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM) in Pensacola, Fla., was voted out by the board and intends to launch a similar new school in the city. This is a compilation of statements by both Brown and Brownsville.

Michael Brown's Address on leaving Brownsville

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Pensacola News Journal - Brownsville (The Money & The Myths)

In November 1997, the Pensacola News Journal ran a long and detailed report on the Brownsville Revival - its leadership, claims of miracles, finances and the effect the revival was having on those who attended, and the surrounding neighbourhood. This report was eventually removed from the archives of the Pensacola News website. [**NOW RESTORED AS FILES ON THIS WEBSITE**]

Brownsville: Another Toronto or Not?

A two-part examination by Andrew Strom. "As I have written in my previous article, "The Toronto Controversy - Disturbing new facts from History," I have been alarmed to find through research that the manifestations associated with Toronto are seemingly identical to many counterfeit movements which have infiltrated and destroyed genuine Revivals down through history".

Critique of the Brownsville Revival

By Paul Sutliff
The Pensacola Journal investigated the Brownsville revival in November 1997, and Brownsville responded, but in the form of a paid advertisment that could not be commented upon. Paul Sutliff, therefore, has responded to both articles with this extensive and balanced report.

Over Our Heads (in the River Revival) [two parts]

By Stephen Pratel
This well-researched and balanced enquiry into the "revival" movement was sent to me by S. Pratel, who is a minister within the Assemblies of God. He is not a "hostile witness" against the revival. Indeed, to begin with you may think he has too much symapthy with it. However, his eye-witness accounts of events in the revival churches are rivetting, and essential reading for anybody still in doubt about the spirit behind this new move.

Latter-Day Deception

By Rev. Ron Stringfellow, Pastor of Medina Valley Assembly of God.
An Assemblies of God Pastor investigates the "revival" and finds that all is not as it seems!

I went to Pensacola, and I came away in tears and praying.

To all those who believe a mighty work of God is taking place in the Pensacola Revival, I would recommend a reading of this testimony. It may just change your mind.

The Brownsville Revival: By the late Pastor Larry Thomas
"Toronto Revisited" (Part 1) and
"Toronto Link Grows Stronger" (Part 2)

These articles appeared in "The Inkhorn", the newsletter of Amazing Grace Ministries of the Rev. Larry Thomas, a Pentecostal Pastor (now deceased). They correctly identify the Pensacola out pouring as an extension of Toronto.