Summer 1996 (Part Three) Month


Standing on the threshold of the 21st Century, world leaders are charting a new course for humanity.

Blind to the lessons of history, they are yielding their nations' sovereignty to the United Nations, a body rooted in socialist economics and occult spirituality. Strange as it seems, they trust that a united world and its collective wisdom will transcend human tendencies toward tyranny and lead us into a new age of peace and oneness.

Drawing from official documents, we present below some of the agendas for the coming New World Order, including the plan to merge all religions.


At the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) which meets June 3-14 in Istanbul, UN leaders and national representatives will finalize the UN framework for global governance. "We will have written a new economic and social agenda geared to the needs of the world community in the new Millennium," says conference director Dr. Wally N'Dow.

Habitat II leaders don't hide their intentions. Available through Internet, (i) their documents show their plans to change your family, community, beliefs, and finances. If they continue to win support, UN representatives will manage your "village", monitor your work, demand your service, and dictate your training in global citizenship.

All the radical action plans outlined in earlier UN world conferences (unthinkable regulations concerning the environment, consumption, population control, gender equality, etc.) would be implemented through the Habitat II design for your neighborhood. Common values would be required. Every person would be trained to embrace global spirituality, a pantheistic blend of the world's earth-centered religions.

The Habitat Agenda and other reports suggest that Biblical Christianity and traditional gender roles would be out - along with capitalism and cars - and global socialism would be in. No one would escape the watchful eyes of UN agents. "Build capacity for monitoring and evaluating compliance... at all levels", states the Habitat Agenda.

Universal Communion: A Common Interface For All Religions

"We are working to create a single integrated system of spiritual and religious ideas that is capable of 'faithfully interpreting' the essential aspects of the theologies of most or all existing world religions traditions. "If successful, this single system would be able to simultaneously interpret the essential doctrine of any and all major world religions, in terms of one 'common' set of principles. This set of common principles and interpretations could then conceivably act as an 'interface between traditions', through which their interrelationship with one another could be harmoniously mediated."


This Commission is UN funded and has been working for three years on a publicly-announced plan to implement global governance by the year 2000. The Commission is calling for a World Conference On Global Governance in 1998 "for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification and implementation by 2000" .


"We are giving birth to the first global civilization".(ii) When the Gorbachev Foundation/USA convened its first State of the World Forum, from September 27 to October 1, 1995, in San Francisco, it was beginning a five-year process to "reach a clear articulation of the core mission: what fundamental priorities, values and actions are necessary to guide humanity as it develops the first global civilization." Or, in the words of Mikhail Gorbachev in his opening keynote address: "From the outset, I would like to suggest that we consider the establishment of a kind of global brain trust to focus on the present and future of our civilization."

Besides Gorbachev, the 500 people contributing to this process included such recognized leaders as Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, and Nobel peace Laureates Oscar Arias and Rigoberta Menchu. In addition, an impressive array of business people, scholars, artists, religious leaders, and politicians attended.

The second State of the World Forum will have a strong focus on the spiritual and ethical dimensions of life. Specifically, it will pursue the development of "a common code of religious ethics [which] would allow the world's religions to seek those basic values which they all inherently share...".


  • The State of the World Forum
  • United Religions
  • The World Conference on Religion and Peace
  • The Foundation for Religious Understanding
To help the world's religions serve the cause of global co-operation, the above groups will co-sponsor an interfaith summit conference this June 24-28, in San Francisco. Specifically, the work of this conference will be to develop further the concept of a United Religions Organization, [see below] and to develop an agenda for the State of the World Forum in October 1996. A group of interfaith leaders will create a process to move the United Religions from concept to reality. Their work will be the core of a major presentation at the second State of the World Forum in San Francisco.


The vision of United Religions, an interfaith assembly, is to create a permanent gathering center where the world's religions engage in daily prayer, dialogue, and action for the good of life on this earth. It would appropriately parallel, in religious terms, the United Nations.

From the San Jose Mercury News, March 2, 1996:

"Episcopal Bishop William E. Swing will take off on a three-month global tour to build support for his dream: establishment of a world body of 'United Religions' in San Francisco. There, in a proposed complex at the Presidio, representatives of the great spiritual traditions would sit and learn to cooperage, rather than fight, in the name of God.  
"His itinerary includes visits to Mother Teresa in Calcutta and the Dalai Lama in Dharmamsala, India... King Hussein in Jordan, high level Muslim leaders in Cairo, and rabbis in Jerusalem. There will be more stops in Istanbul, Rome, and Canterbury for Swing, who will ask religious leaders to send representatives to the first charter-writing session for the United Religions. He expects it to take place in San Francisco in 1997."  


Beginning In June of 1993, in connection with an interfaith service to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter, a San Francisco group, led by Bishop William Swing, proposed the creation of a United Religions, an international, inter-religious organization...

The process of developing, critiquing, and refining the concept of a United Religions continued at the United Nations in September 1995 when Bishop Swing addressed a gathering of the Religious Non-Governmental Organizations affiliated with the United Nations.

The process continued, from February through April 1996, as the Bishop traveled in India, the Middle East, and Europe to explore the concept of the United Religions with leaders of many of the world's religions and with people active in interfaith work.

In June 1996, following the Bishop's pilgrimage, the United Religions will co-sponsor an Interfaith Summit Conference to focus on the world's religions and the emerging global civilization. The focus of this conference will be twofold:

  1. to further develop the concept of the United Religions;
  2. to develop an agenda for the second State of the World Forum.
Then, in June 1997, leaders of the world's religions will gather to write a charter, creating the UR, which will serve the world through a mission of constant interfaith prayer, dialogue, and action.


The prime purpose for uniting the world's religions into a global organization is to eliminate violence in the name of religion, race or ethnicity... By coming together, the worlds religions leaders can:

  • take away the claim to legitimacy by demagogues and fanatics;
  • defuse the fear that drives people to advocate or condone violence; and
  • demonstrate how committed religious leaders with seemingly irreconcilable beliefs can... promote greater global awareness and sensitivity about:
  • public ethics and the rule of law;
  • tolerance for diversity and respect for human rights;
  • peaceful nation-building;
  • eliminating the conditions that spawn and harbor terrorists;
  • resolving conflict through dialog, mutual recognition and negotiation;
  • standards for international business and investment that empower instead of exploit; and
  • a shared stewardship of the planet's resources.

    On the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, we celebrate the success of a model for resolving conflict among nations by adopting this model to bring together the religions of the world in their aim for peace and justice in the next century.

    We will co-operate closely with the UN and its organizations:

    • to complement the UN's political, diplomatic and social mandates,
    • to influence UN policy, and
    • to support its programs.

    (The U.R. will support the work of The Temple of Understanding, a Global Interfaith Association based in New York that is organizing a Spiritual Council of eminent religious leaders and thinkers from different religious and spiritual traditions as an Advisory Board to the UN Security Council. The U.R. will also work closely with The World Council of Faiths at Oxford, UK, which operates an International Interfaith Centre.)


    • Affirm the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    • Affirm and support the further development of the statement "Towards a Global Ethic" which was adopted on September 4, 1993 at the Parliament of the World's Religions."
    • Commit to the Gandhian principle of non-violence and condemn violence in all its forms
    • Embrace all peoples and all religions in all their diversity.


    • Adopt a five year plan to grow the organization,
    • recruit members,
    • develop support for an agenda and
    • build an inspiring headquarters facility at a site in the Presidio in San Francisco.

    The Presidio of San Francisco, one of America's great cultural and natural treasures, will soon be transformed from a military post into a national park unlike any other. It will pioneer a new role for a national park by creating a global center dedicated to addressing the world's most critical environmental, social and cultural challenges.


    Phase 1 - Building a Worldwide Interfaith Network

    • Feb-April '96 - Bishop Swing's Pilgrimage to religious leaders.
    • June' 96 - June' 97 - "Join a Waiting World," a year of prayer and preparation; develop worldwide interfaith network.
    • June '96 - Interfaith Summit Conference, plan the path to a Charter Writing Conference,
    • June 97 Oct. '96 - State of the World Forum, present the UR vision to the world.
    • June '97 - UR Charter Writing Conference
    Phase 2 - Expanding the Network
    • June '97 on - Staged implementation of UR program.
    • June '97 on - Creation of UR facilities.
    • June '97 on - Expansion of worldwide interfaith network.
    Phase 3 - Completing the Network
    • June 2000 - Opening: Mark the change of millennia with the official opening of the headquarters facilities and the first meeting of the general assembly of representatives of the world's religions.
    • June 2005 - Full scale program in operation
    • June 2005 - Facilities completed and open to the world.
    • June 2005 - Ongoing expansion of worldwide interfaith network.

    My thanks to Berit Kjos and others for these reports. Berit's new book, "Brave New Schools" (Harvest House Publishers) is available through Christian bookstores and in the States by calling (800) 829-5646.

    i Start with this web site: http://www.undp.org/un/habitat/pc3/draft/31-3.html
    ii From the first State of the World forum overview, Oct 1995.


    Church leaders are striving to do the impossible - to celebrate the year 2000 as a massive birthday party for Jesus but in a way that does not exclude other faiths. "A Chance To Start Again", the report on the millennium by Churches Together in England, calls for a Millennium party centred on Jesus Christ, but which stresses "important areas of common faith between members of all faiths". It condemns the "triumphalism" of proclaiming the Christian faith in isolation, and the denigration of other faiths. Churches Together said it was consulting Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Jews about the millennium plans, and wants to involve them in nationwide discussions. The report also calls for repentance for times of persecution against other faiths. "In our present multi-faith society", it says, "any celebration of Christian heritage must be accompanied by repentance."


    Dr George Carey has declared war on fundamentalism saying that all violent extremists "must be condemned". Speaking in Los Angeles he argued for the tolerance and acceptance of others that were written into every religious code. "Sadly, the injunctions to respect, honour and tolerate those of other faiths are not always heeded".

    Dr Carey called for a total commitment to building bridges between different religions. DT May 25th 1996.

    St. Paul's Cathedral is to be taken over on 3rd July 1996 for a performance of 'A Mass of Life'. It is part of the City of London Festival whose official brochure claims that this performance "pours scorn on the central concepts of Christianity". Is this the kind of event any Christian Church should host? The arts critic of the Times (11th May) asks "Is there no limit to the credulity of the people who run the Church of England?"

    The presentation is a setting of words written by Friedriche Nietzsche who inspired Hitler and the Nazi movement. Chambers Biographical Dictionary describes his characteristic themes as "the vehement repudiation of Christian and liberal ethics...the celebration of the Ubermensch (superman) who can create and impose his own law and the death of God." The decision to present an atheist mass in one of our country's leading cathedrals is a deliberate insult to God and a mockery of Christ.


    The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Robert Runcie, recently shocked members of his own Church and Christians everywhere by announcing that he had ordained known homosexuals. Dr George Carey, the present Archbishop, has so far refused to comment. (DT May 17th 96)

    Homosexuals seem to be swiftly advancing towards respectability and acceptance as a normal part of society. There are moves to normalise every part of their lives, such as "marriage" in Church, and equal rights to Council housing and employment perks.

    They have had several triumphs in the past few months: Australia's third largest denomination, the Uniting Church in Australia, has issued a controversial report on sexuality supporting gay clergy, same-sex marriages and relationships out of wedlock. (Reuter May 17th)

    The leader of the Christian Coalition, in the States - one of the Republican party's largest support groups - has told religious leaders to back off from the homosexual issue. Ralph Reed, CC leader, has also urged "charity" towards single mothers, and wants the Republican Party to rethink its proposed ban on abortions. (DT May 6th, 96)

    Civic leaders in Georgia, in America's Bible Belt, are rethinking their laws because they fear their towns will miss out on the great 1996 Olympic Games bonanza if they are perceived as being anti-gay.

    Two local authorities in Southern Georgia have already rescinded resolutions that condemn homosexuality, despite overwhelming public support for the anti-gay measures. (DT May 6th 96)

    In Britain, a railway clerk told an industrial tribunal that it was unfair of her employers, South West Trains, to give free travel passes to the partners of staff who were married or living together, but refuse to give one to her lesbian lover. (She was represented at the Tribunal by Cherie, the wife of Tony Blair.) (DT May 3rd 96)


    The World Council of Churches is seeking protection for gay clergy attending the forthcoming assembly in Zimbabwe, where homosexual offenses are a crime. The WCC and President Mugabe have reportedly signed a secret agreement giving immunity to gays and allowing them to speak freely about their sexuality in the conference in 1998. (DT May 1st 96)


    A sign saying "Jesus loves all the little children" has had to be removed from a prison crèche because the Governor thought it provocative. David Sherwood, Governor of Highpoint Prison, Suffolk, ordered the sign to be taken down, saying that it might offend the prison's ethnic minorities. Mrs Logan of Chatteris, Cambs - a Christian who started the crèche four years ago for the children of visitors - put up the sign after waiting eleven months for approval for it from the prison authorities. Two weeks later it was removed. (DT May 3rd 96)

    Yoko Ono, wife of the late John Lennon, has angered Church officials by tearing up the pages of a Bible on a New York stage. (DT May 18th 96)

    When police entered the house of the gunman involved in the Tasmanian Port Arthur massacre, they found more than 2000 violent and pornographic videos. (DT May 15th 96) (DT = Daily Telegraph newspaper.)

    UK Supplement


    Now, I have a confession to make. Are you ready? I am a Trekkie! Yes, up to now only my closest friends knew the sad truth - I am an avid watcher of Star Trek - and even Deep Space Nine and (gasp!) Babylon 5. Is there any hope for me?

    Of course, I watch these programmes not for pleasure but for research purposes. (Oh, all right, I enjoy them as well!) These so-called sci-fi programmes are one of the most direct ways of accessing the thoughts of new-agers and of grasping their teachings. They are like New-Age textbooks revealing all the secrets that these people think are so secure from ordinary prying eyes. But anyone practised in discernment and knowing the biblical endtime plan can see what is being taught.

    The most interesting thing for me is that the TV series, as opposed to books or films, have an ongoing story that runs alongside current events, and provides a sort of commentary for anyone astute enough to perceive it. I find it is often incredibly transparent in its comment on world events, and the Church even, and blatant about its plans for the future. Although the three major sci-fi series on TV are separate, they often run the same story line, and each plot is going along the same lines. The story-line at present is the impending major war that is about to hit the universe. (You will see within this issue discussion on the coming conflict.)

    One phrase that caught my attention in a recent Babylon 5 episode shows just how closely the new-age scripts follow current events, for one of the leading characters, in outlining their war strategy, told the others "we are at present in a lull between two storms". This is exactly true.


    There is now growing talk amongst the Toronto followers of a "firestorm" about to descend upon us. How long will it be before the predicted "next wave" strikes that exceeds the heresies of Toronto and sweeps many more thousands into apostasy?

    One avid "prophetess" often quoted in the New Wine areas of the Internet is Jane Williams of Christian Fellowship Church, Columbia, Missouri.

    On March 6th she spoke about the coming storm under the title, "It is Coming!" She said:

    "For throughout the earth My Spirit is being poured out... Throughout the earth the enemies of God are trembling. There is no scattered shower going on but a steady rain. A rain that will increase to a downpour... And I say to you, are you ready for more? Are you ready for the downpour to begin? Oh, know when it does, things will move very quickly for what happens in a mighty rain? The drains and the ditches fill up quickly. The ground becomes saturated and full. Dust is washed away instantly. People run for cover as fast as they can. Sometimes the sky darkens, in a moment lit only by brief flashes of light. Thunder startles all creation and strong winds begin to blow. Oh church, you have known a season of gentle rain, but I say the clouds are about to burst. For the appointed hour is approaching and can not be held back much longer.

    And when this downpour comes, what will happen in that day? ...There will be more than enough to saturate, even flood the ground of the earth. For the wells of salvation are unlimited and the supply will never end. The dust represents the sin of many which will be instantly removed by My love, for this downpour will touch hundreds who were unchanged by the gentle rain. The lightning and thunder represent several things. Signs and wonders, of course, but also great clashes of spiritual forces for the heavens will be wild with activity. Powers and principalities engaged with My heavenly hosts. These normally unnoticeable skirmishes will be obvious to even the naked eye in days to come. Oh the days of gentle, steady rain are nearly over and the downpour is about to begin.

    For I say to you, the weather forecasting instruments of heaven are wildly predicting this storm. Prophets around the world are arising and echoing the heavenly throng. Its coming! Its coming! Its coming!

    Oh people, this is no foolhardy talk for the misinformed. It is the very plan of God being revealed to man in this day. For just as Jesus remained untouched by the Pharisees until His appointed hour, then was suddenly captured one night, so shall My dealings be unto you. Waiting and waiting and waiting until the appointed time. Then suddenly the clouds will burst open and the downpour will begin."

    I have included a longer portion of this than usual because of the remark at the end about the Pharisees, which is odd. She has used a strange portion of scripture to describe an outpouring of the Spirit, namely Matt 26:45/Mark 14:41 - compare Luke 22:53. "And he cometh the third time, and saith unto them, Sleep on now, and take your rest: it is enough, the hour is come; behold, the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. "

    Just now the "pharisees" are leaving "the corporate christ" alone, this prophetess seems to say, but one day they will rise up in anger and disgust and arrest his progress - but this storm will lead to an even greater spiritual outpouring that will touch many of those hitherto unmoved by Toronto.

    The Lord has also indicated to me that many who escaped the first wave of error will somehow be tempted and possibly fall for the next overpowering wave, whatever that might be. I also sense that this time the "reformed/evangelical" and non charismatic Christians will be caught up in the battle and many of them may be swept along, unable to fight the force of the storm.

    I want to draw your attention to one other passage from this woman's prediction: "This is not a day in which the Lord has departed from his people. This is not a day when the Spirit has gone elsewhere to reside. This is not a day when my people are left alone to walk according to their own ways. This is a day...when my Spirit never departs from them. No other generation has known such a thing..."

    Considering the spirit that inspired this predictions, I think this could be an attempt by satan to comfort the Toronto followers against the day when God's Spirit really does depart, and when he does "go elsewhere to reside".

    God will, one day - perhaps very soon - say "IT IS ENOUGH!" and as in the days when Israel defiled the old Temple, he will rise up and depart, saying "you have driven me out of my dwelling place!". For the Lord will not share his living Temple with idols and demons. He will not suffer the worship of another spirit very much longer. He will, as the above word indicates, leave those people alone to walk according to their own ways, to follow the god of their hearts and emotions.

    I was very struck by the following passage from Proverbs, which I relate to current events: "For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil." (Prov 1:25-33)


    "Evangelicals Now" have urged me to say that they did not report on the pope meeting evangelicals in America, (page 12, Spring issue). Another newspaper carried this piece, probably Evangelical Times.


    Well - it's over. And what a blessing! The Conference in Derby exceeded our expectations in almost every way. Jon and I would like to offer our thanks to all who helped us, and made the Conference run smoothly, and also to each Speaker. We would also like to thank YOU for coming and giving us such warm support. We had just the right number of people to fill the College, and all were catered for in a comfortable and relaxed way, with excellent food for both body and mind. Each speaker added to the overall picture, with fine preaching, teaching and devotional studies. The worship was a thrill and a delight, with so many hearts in union praising the Lord of all with gladness. There was also a sense of unity that went beyond even the last time we all met together.

    My impression was that we had all moved on. We had weathered the storm of Toronto, which we had only just begun to deal with the last time we met in 1994, and we had matured and been made stronger by the battle. Most of the people I met seemed like seasoned soldiers now, rather than raw recruits, and the sense of dedication to the cause was so encouraging. We stood like one strong Body prepared to do or die, and ready to declare ourselves to be "on the Lord's side" no matter what. We saw the price of faithfulness, we embraced it, and we went out in preparation for what is to come, knowing WE ARE NOT ALONE! Below is a summary of the weekend produced by Richard Smith of I.T.S., Leeds.


    During the fellowship weekend the following major themes emerged: This was seen in a variety of ways i.e.:-
    • by the attempt of the church to re-define the Christian faith and to preach 'different gospels' in order to gain temporary, short-term popularity (Galatians 1:6-9);
    • by the large-scale confusion and loss of purpose felt by many Christians who are unsure of the standards they should be following (Proverbs 29:18);
    • by the naive vulnerability of the Church to a variety of pagan influences.This has led to a craving for and a seeking after a sensual mysticism where experience is promoted over Scripture (Revelation 2:24-25); a 'Sanhedrin syndrome' situation, whereby those who have criticised corruption within the church are vilified, whilst the issues they would have raised are evaded (Acts 22:30 - 23:11).
    • by a widespread departure from Biblical standards of belief and practice. The word of God has been publicly ridiculed or openly defied by those in positions of authority (Jeremiah 36);
    • by the popularity of false prophets and teachers who enjoy widespread support by people and leaders alike (2 Timothy 4:3-4);
    • by the casual toleration of sin and immorality (1 Corinthians 5:1-5).
    The departure of the Church from its Biblical roots. This has led to:
    • A surrender to worldly values and to an importation of pagan influences (James 4:4).
    • A dislike of theology, leading to a loss of the knowledge and love of God (Hosea 4:6).
    • A short-sighted "If it works, it's right" mentality (Proverbs 16:25).
    • A loss of Biblical discernment and the adoption of highly manipulative, hypnotic, psychological techniques.
    Such things have been employed in an attempt to produce 'divine results', i.e. a changed lifestyle. The apostate church has undermined the work of the Holy Spirit and thus provoked His departure from many fellowships (Ezekiel 10). The widespread influence of man-made evangelism causing many unregenerate people to be swept into the church. Some of these people have then become official Church leaders or 'opinion formers', i.e. certain magazine editors (Galatians 2:4). 4) In order to alleviate the apostasy of MWC, the Lord has been drawing together a loyal Remnant of people, who are beginning to meet in housegroups with occasional outside support from various specialist agencies. This remnant are to be characterised mainly by:
    • their return to Scripture, in order to recover a true knowledge of God, a true knowledge of self, and a true knowledge of Christ and His work (Acts 17:11);
    • their heartfelt repentance of sin and abandonment of any trust in the world (2 Corinthians 7:10);
    • their willingness to share the complete Gospel, emphasising divine wrath as well as divine love (Acts 2:14-22);
    • their desire to rely solely upon the power of the Holy Spirit - without any recourse to man-made gimmicks (Zechariah 4:6);
    • their concern for the poor and marginalised sections of society (James 2:14-17); their willingness to persevere during times of serious socio-economic collapse and persecution (Matthew 24:13);
    • their realistic view of the future - including hope for a growth in numbers, alongside preparation for various kinds of tribulation (Hebrews 11:1);
    • their love for one another (John 15:12).
    5) On a more specific note, God would appear to be calling such a remnant to:
    • receive the strength to endure future trials (1 Corinthians 10:13);
    • take theology seriously and employ it as a basis for worship (Psalm 150);
    • maintain a Gospel witness in a world currently entering a new dark age (Mark 16:15);
    • be a holy people, maintaining Biblical standards of conduct (Hebrews 2:14); actively support His Old Covenant people, the Jews, especially during times of great suffering (Zechariah 13: 7f);
    • handle God's gifts and ministries in a joyful, but orderly fashion (1 Corinthians 14:26f);
    • provide places of refuge where those devastated by deception, rejected by the Church and distressed by the collapse of contemporary society could feel safe and accepted (Isaiah 40:1);
    • continue the watchman's task of monitoring (and even confronting) error, whilst avoiding being obsessed by this role (Ezekiel 3:16-21);
    • move away from fighting a defensive battle against error in the Church (Titus l:10-2:1f);
    • move towards building up a true, viable alternative to 'the harlot church' - which is now gathering in power (Revelation 17);
    • recover joy and freedom in worship (Romans 4:17);
    • entertain a realistic hope about the future which will see both greater affliction and greater blessing (Acts 14:21-22).

    Perhaps the chief characteristic of this weekend was a mood shift which took people away from feelings of despair and isolation to one of hope and cautious expectation as the realisation dawned that Christ had not given up on his people (Psalm 43:5). There was still work for them to do (James 1:25).