"The Jesus Seminar and Marcus Borg" - by Robert Wise

The Jesus Seminar is composed of 50 biblical scholars who meet periodically to examine each saying of Jesus recorded in the New Testament and to cast votes to determine whether or not they are the authentic words of Jesus.

"The Prayer of Jabez"; A Review - by John Miller

This book by Bruce Wilkinson that has rapidly reached best-seller status is based on an obscure prayer recorded in the Old Testament. We need to ask whether repeating this prayer daily as a ritual is really what God wants in order to bless his people.

Darkfield Microscopy: Science or Sorcery? - by Sarah Leslie

Darkfield microscopy is the name given to a particular type of lighting technique used when viewing things invisible to the plain eye under a microscope. The people who sell darkfield microscopes on the Internet claim that they can “determine” things such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, fungal infections, parasite infestations, digestive problems, heavy metal toxicity, predisposition to cancer and other things. it is the purpose of this paper to examine the particular practice of darkfield microscopy or “live blood cell analysis” which has recently become one of the hottest fads on the “New Age” alternative health circuit.

"The Sound of Music" (in two sections) Extracts and comments by Tricia Tillin

This two-part work is about the use and abuse of music in general, but especially with regard to Christian worship. Music is being promoted as a mysterious supernatural force that will produce glorious results. The Beatles are being held up as examples of this powerful new music, and some look forward to a day when music can be used to influence people to accept Christ almost automatically. Something is going on in church music groups - we need to be told! We need to examine the claims of those who write about Christian music, to see if what they are saying is biblically correct.