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Over the years I have collected a great number of books, audios, and other important historical material, most of which are put on the internet by those who either support the teaching they embody or think it is important to preserve it.

In particular, there is a vested interest in some ministries today in promoting the current so-called awakening (and what it has become) by undergirding it with connections to the past.

These materials are not only of great interest in themselves (speaking as they do, from first-hand experience) but they are vital for tracing the ROOTS of the apostasy. IMPORTANT NOTE: these materials are NOT to be sold or redistributed in bulk.

As you may know, I myself do not deny the BIBLICAL gifts of the Holy Spirit, nor do I reject ALL revival movements as completely fake or demonic. Far from it. However, as discernming Christians we need to know the origins of the FALSE that has sprung from these movements, especially the Sonship, Manifested Sons of God and Latter Rain doctrines that were popular at the turn of the Century.

I want to offer some of these material to you, in the name of research. I am not going to go into lengthy explanations and introductions but present a range of data that relates to the Latter Rain, Restoration, the Revival and other deceptions. Some of these downloads are considered seminal works, others are useful for background knowledge.



For those unfamiliar with the basic teachings and organisations involved, here is a short list of links:

Restorationism and the Tabernacle of David by Leonard Hjalmarson PDF  
The Shepherding Movement by Allan Clare PDF  
Charismatic Renewal in Britain by David Hilborn PDF  
Roots of the Revival Movements - scan of the Banner Ministries chart PDF  
A Chronicle of the Toronto Blessing by David Hilborn PDF  
The Evangelical Alliance and the Toronto Blessing by David Hilborn PDF  
          VARIOUS ERRORS    
This History of the Kansas City Prophets and IHOP by Mike Bickle (supportive) PDF  
Benny Hinn Unmasked by Philip Powell, Neil Richardson & Sandy Simpson PDF  
Psychoheresy (revised & updated) by Martin & Deidre Bobgan PDF  
The Seduction of Christianity by Dave Hunt PDF  
The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow - Constance Cumbey PDF Kindle
A Planned Deception  - Constance Cumbey PDF Kindle
Coming With The Clouds PDF  
From the Candlestick to the Throne PDF  
Echoes from Eden PDF  
Looking for His Appearance PDF  
The Saviour of the World PDF  
The Kingdom of God PDF  
The Heavens Declare PDF  
The Pattern Son PDF  
A Closer Look at the Rapture PDF  
The Third Day Church by Bill Burns PDF  
"The Latest Powers of the Soul" by Watchman Nee PDF  
"The Feast of Tabernacles" by George Warnock PDF  
The Seven Seals as revealed to William Branham PDF  
"Legend of the Fall" William Branham History by Peter M. Duyzer (temporarily unavailable) PDF  
"Treasures of Truth" writings by George Hawtin PDF  
Photo and Short Biography of George Hawtin "Father of the Latter Rain Revival" PDF  
"War On The Saints" by Jessie Penn-Lewis, written after the Welsh Revival (The exe version has more) PDF EXE
The Welsh Revival written in 1905 by W.G. Stead and Campbell Morgan PDF  
Volume One of The Apostolic Faith Magazine, 1906, the Azuza St. Revival PDF  
A Witness & A Testimony magazine, Honor Oak, first edition 1926 PDF  

J. Edwin Orr - Six Revival Waves

1. The Awakening of 1727 Onwards
2. The Awakening of 1792 Onward
3. The Resurgence of 1830 Onward
4. The Awakening of 1859 Onward
5. The Resurgence of 1882 Onward
6. The Awakening of 1904 Onward

J. Edwin Orr - 20th Century RevivalS

1. Welsh Revival of 1904
2. Movements Between the Wars
3. Movements in Latin America

Revival in our Times: The story of the Hebrides Revival told by the islanders themselves

George Stormont on Smith Wigglesworth

1. The Man
2. Man Of One Book
3. Life In The Spirit
4. Miraculous Healing

Mike Bickle, History of the Kansas City Prophets (his own account)

The Early Days, Cairo, Egypt and the 1983 Solemn Assembly (get the PDF of the transcripts and notes of all these talks)

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