"Be Perfect!" by Tricia Tillin

A four-part work about the vital need for spiritual maturity in the Body of Christ. This practical and encouraging series of articles lists the characteristics of immature believers (so you can check your own stage of development) and offers practical advice on growing towards maturity.

ALSO: Audio version of the above study

"Your Own Personal Solar Eclipse" by Tricia Tillin

This devotional article grew out of my concern that so many people are struggling with emotional needs and often misunderstanding how we obtain relief and healing from the Lord. If you have any kind of trouble or need you will appreciate this article. It also gives practical advice for avoiding the "Toronto Blessing", and explains why the experience is so wrong for Christians.

"They Want Your Mind" by Tricia Tillin

Practical Guidance on How to Discern Spiritual Error

This article was first written in 1988, and came out of concerns about the infiltration into the churches of new-age and other esoteric beliefs. Since that time, the contents of this article have become even more relevant. It explores some key issues relating to false prophecies, mental manipulation and the danger of receiving a counterfeit anointing.

"The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly" by the late Revd  David  Wilkerson

This important transcript from a tape by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, is shocking, moving and very timely.

"Are You Mad At God?" By the late Revd  David  Wilkerson

This hard-hitting piece looks at the anger and resentment we can nurse when things go wrong; often we secretly blame God for not answering prayer. How do we deal with the problem of unanswered prayer, and the blow to our faith when we feel God has let us down?