"The Alpha Course" - by Chris Hand

Chris Hand, of Christian Research Network, examines the controversial Alpha Course that is now becoming as popular in the States as in the UK

The Alpha Course in "Mainstream" Summer 1996 Part 2 - "Looking At The Alpha Course"

The following article appeared in The Times, 11 May 1996, "WOMAN LEADS CHURCH BOYCOTT IN ROW OVER EVANGELICAL PIG-SNORTING"; A woman has walked out of her church and is holding services in her living room, because she says she cannot bring herself to "snort like a pig and bark like a dog" on a Church of England course. Angie Golding, 50, claims she was denied confirmation unless she signed up for the Alpha course, which she says is a "brainwashing" exercise where participants speak in tongues, make animal noises and then fall over.

"Alpha Course Goes Nationwide In Britain" - by Tricia Tillin

The Alpha Course is going to be the vehicle for a major push in "evangelism" this Autumn. It's being used by hundreds of participating churches throughout England and Scotland to attract unbelievers to the Church. From an article in The Scotsman newspaper, 10th September 1998

"Inside the Alpha Course" - External Link to the Independent Newspaper 2013

Today, 1.2 million Britons have attended an Alpha Course, and thousands attend HTB services every Sunday. It's British Christianity's biggest success story. I've come to Brompton to meet Nicky Gumbel, vicar of HTB and chief architect of the Alpha Course. If Justin Welby is the Church of England's new leader, Nicky Gumbel is his spiritual father. (an interview)

LINK: Alpha Course Exposed (Chris Hand 2007)