The Church Under Pressure

These are the categories containing all the content of the site. As you see, there are a number to choose from. Some articles are included more than once because they fit into multiple categories. Each category link will take you to a summary, and from there you may select the article you want to read. The categories overlap to some extent.

Where's The News?

Regular readers might have been familiar with the News Reports section of the content page. As this was a totally separate area, it's been moved to its own section. It can be accessed by clicking the main Index tab in the menu at the top of the page. However, there will rarely be news as this website is now an archive.

Show Me Information

In a similar way to the News section, the Information category has moved to join all the other "About" categories. This category offers basic information about me, my ministry, my website(s) and the Cross+Word archive. It also contains a Statement of Belief and a link to my Contact form.

What's In The Archives?

Almost every article from the old Cross+Word website, from 1995-2004, has been placed on this updated site for your use. It incorporates many articles from my current website that were duplicated here. I have separated off the biblical/prophetic items from the 'discernment' items. In the Archive section you will find topics that are older and not of current interest, except for research purposes.

Each category link will load a summary page. This summary page will offer you a choice of articles. When you choose the article you want to read, it will load into the top page. When you want to go back to the contents list, click on the top menu "Articles" once more.