Who am I?

The name most often associated with Banner Ministries and the Cross+Word website is Tricia Tillin. That is the name under which I write and interact with others on the Internet.

I am a long-serving Bible-believing Christian, concerned about false teaching and the coming signs of the End.

I’m not working with or associated to anyone else. What I have written is the product of my personal studies and research as a believer.

My Background

I was raised with a background of Primitive Methodism in England, joined the Anglican Church when I was saved (in the 1960's) and have since then fellowshipped with Christians of many and no denomination.

I believe in salvation by grace, though faith; in the biblical gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit; I reject infant baptism, I use the King James Bible and the New King James, both of which are based upon the Textus Receptus group of documents.

My eschatology is basically Futurist (but please see my writing on eschatology for fuller details.)

My Personal Details

I am a private person, by nature and by choice. Therefore I do not have a wide circle of friends or hobbies. I enjoy reading, watching good movies, playing music (as well as composing music) and all creative arts. I have also done a lot of genealogical and historical studies.

When I left school, I trained for three years at a Commercial College to attain professional qualifications in the Clerical world, and worked in various offices thereafter. I was the Commercial Manager of Oxfam UK, and also worked for the Health Education Service. I also worked as the PA to the Mayor of Oxford in her capacity as Head of the charity Help The Aged.

In later life I developed skills as an author, graphics designer and website creator.

What Are Your Activities?

I began to write bible studies in the 1970's. Since the 1980's I have been researching and writing about false teachings in the Church. 

From 1982 onwards I wrote, printed and distributed several tracts, audio tapes and a newsletter called “Mainstream”. (Hard copies are no longer available; my only work now is the Website and Blog.) I also led nationwide and international meetings to discuss these issues of importance to the Church.

More recently I have written about devotional issues, world events,  biblical studies and the endtimes and that is my current focus. I have not lost my sense of indignation at false teaching but that work is no longer for me; it is being done much more effectively by others on the Net.

wells next sea

Where Do You Live?

I'm English (which accounts for all those "strange/incorrect" spellings and words that you find in my articles! English grammar is somewhat different to American.) I was born in Norfolk, and later moved to other parts of the UK. The photo above is of Wells-Next-Sea on the Norfolk coastline.

I currently live in the very heartland of England, in a rural county called Derbyshire.