"Lance of The Basilisk: Mystical World of Bob Jones" - by Timothy Smith

A look at the teachings and practises of Bob Jones, by Timothy Smith, a former member of the Kansas City Felloowship.

"KCP: The Roots of the Revival" - by Tricia Tillin

Timeline of the KCP and introductory notes. This introduces the Kansas City Prophets and their Manifested Sons of God/Latter Rain teaching as one of the catalysts of the current "revival", and shows the progression of events from 1982 to the present day.

"The Harp and Bowl - Some Questions" - by Tricia Tillin

Starting at Kansas City and spreading to many other sites, the 24-hour prayer and worship initialtive based on Revelation's harps and bowls is often portrayed as a simple exercise in intercession for a fallen world. Is that all there is to it? Check out the false doctrines underpinning this whole venture and be warned!

Mike Bickle and International House of Prayer (IHOP) - by Bob DeWaay

This article shows that Mike Bickle's movement is based on allegorized scripture, deeper life pietism, and mysticism, representing a slightly modified version of the heretical Latter Rain movement of the 1940s. Bickle claims that he began his ministry through the hearing of an audible voice of God in 1983 that told him to start 24-hour prayer in the spirit of the tabernacle of David. Thus, IHOP was born.

Vintage Metro - My Eight Years with the Kansas City Prophets, by Don Clasen

"The elite media is like the Mafia. The biggest sin you can commit with the Mafia is to break the code of silence."

Former CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg made this statement on The 700 Club on December 20, 2001.  And as I find so often in so many things nowadays, I see a direct parallel between things in our culture and things in the Church.  The history of Kansas City Fellowship for example, is strewn with offences so egregious as to be scary.  But the one unpardonable sin to commit is to "break the code of silence". [This] is a story that needed to be told. 

Open Letter to the MCF Staff

Additional to the above testimony, this letter outlines the reasons why Don Clasen eventually turned his back on the Kansas City Metro Christian Fellowship, after having been ignored and literally thrown out when he tried to introduce some biblical correction into the church. It summarises the errors.

Ernie Gruen's Report

This is a PDF file of the 233-page report prepared by Ernie Gruen and his staff, with help from local Christians, to expose the alarming state of affairs at the Kansas City Fellowship (as it was then called). With the help of testimonies and direct quotes, it demonstrates the level of manipulation, spiritual abuse and MSOG teaching going on at the church.

Did Ernie Gruen Recant his Report on the 'Aberrant Practices' of Kansas Metro Church?

It is claimed that after writing his controversial report ‘Aberrant Practices’ Ernie Gruen recanted. Is this true? This two-part study by Craig of Crosswise Blog shows what really happened.

AUDIO of the original cassette tape "Do we keep smiling and say nothing" by Ernie Gruen

"Old Wine in New Wineskins" - by Stephen F. Cannon of Personal Freedom Outreach

"There is a "new move of God" flowing forth out of Kansas City, Mo., that has a great potential to wreak havoc in the church. Actually, there is nothing new about it. It combines elements of the "Latter Rain Movement" of the mid-1940s with a blend of ideas from unscriptural philosophies such as the Manifest Sons of God, Dominion Mandate, Kingdom Now Theology, Word Faith Movement, Shepherding Movement, Restorationism and others." Written in 1990

"Kansas City Fellowship Revisited"

A follow-up article to the above. "The Controversy Continues" by Stephen F. Cannon of PFO.

"Controversial KCP Movement Incorporated into Vineyard"

by Christian Research Institute Staff Writers
Written in 1994, this short history of the Kansas City prophets details the events following the release of Ernie Gruen's shocking expose, with the reaction of John Wimber who was to take the fellowship under his wing.