What is the Cross+Word Website?

The older version of this website "Cross+Word" was completed and archived in 2005 but was available until recently under the domain name intotruth.org.

I moved most of the useful relevant articles to my new website Birthpangs. However, I received frequent requests for the older articles, and for the content of the Cross+Word site.

Early Days

The original CROSS+WORD website was born in 1995. It was designed to contain the work of a number of researchers and other concerned Christians who had been drawn together informally through internet connections, to cope with the Toronto outpouring.

(The site's title comes from the acronym Christian Resource Of Scripture Studies, plus, the Work Of Researchers and Discernment ministries. This title expressed both the intention of the authors and the central importance of the Cross of Christ and the Bible, God's Word)

Some visitors may recognise this early incarnation of the Home Page:

old cross+word homepage

The Plan at First

It was intended that the entire group of researchers would jointly own and use the site to present their work. However, this proved unworkable and over the course of time the ministries and key personnel involved developed their own specialist web sites. Therefore Banner Ministries (the personal ministry of Tricia Tillin in England, and the host ministry for the original site) became the sole owner.

The group of researchers, held together loosely by their concerns about the Toronto Blessing, drifted slowly apart as they pursued their own avenues of research, thus the CROSS+WORD site became the ministry site of Banner Ministries only.

The first site was created and maintained by a couple who supported Banner Ministries, and early articles on this site reflected their choice of material. Later I (Tricia Tillin) took over the work, redesigned the site and made the choice of material. Some articles remain from the original site and these should not be taken as my own personal choice.

In addition, articles by a number of authors are presented here, for your information. Clearly, I could not personally endorse every word of every article, but all articles contain useful information for research. Also, please note that the links page is no indication of my personal beliefs.

cross+word home page image

The image above is from the 1998 version of the website. how many remember it?

What Is The Purpose of this Web Site?

From the above, it will be clear that this site is for Christians searching for information on the current "renewal" and "revival" manifestations in the churches; and also to help towards explaining other foundational errors.

While some leaders are claiming that a massive endtimes revival will bring the global Church into prominence, resulting in the conversion of millions, others - myself included - do not find this concept in the Bible. As well as this, I believe I can show that the many strange spiritual and psychic manifestations associated with the current renewal are not biblical, and in fact can be dangerously deceptive.

What Will You Find Here?

Given the purpose of the website, I have tried to present only material on that theme: false teaching within the Church. The articles here are the work of many different ministers and individual Christians, though many are of course authored by me (Tricia Tillin) as the owner of the site. The central theme is the truth of the Word of God, and the discernment given by the Holy Spirit, as guiding lights illuminating our Christian walk.

Rather than depend on various words and prophecies, or revelations given while in the throes of a spiritual "experience", the writers here have tested all things by the scriptures - God's word.

That is not to say that the writers have all rejected the power and presence of the Spirit. Far from it. Many are themselves pentecostals.

Why Do Some Articles Appear to Criticise People?

I want to present solid proof of a deception. In doing so, I sometimes have to name names, in order to illustrate the point, and to warn Christians to beware. However, it's not my intention to vilify, denounce or unjustly criticise any person or ministry. I try to speak the truth in love, and to give teachers the benefit of the doubt. It is doctrine, not personality that concerns us; it is public teaching, not personal sin that I expose.

The scriptures command us to test the doctrine of those who teach us. So, I am not attacking the private lives of individual Christians (they answer to God!) but merely repeating what these ministers themselves say, and holding up their teachings to the light of scripture.

Is Cross+Word Anti-Charismatic?

The straight answer to this is NO. Many, if not most, of the writers represented here would call themselves charismatic in the biblical sense.

I believe in the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit for today. I also believe that the Holy Spirit can guide us by confirming truth by revelation to our inward spirits. He reveals the truth of scripture, and brings the mere written word to life.

What I have written in no sense denies the charismatic experience of believers (as some would imply in their condemnation). It merely calls into question the practise of depending on spiritual feelings and manifestations, and revelations, that contradict or re-contextualise the word of God.

I believe that new and extraordinary manifestations ought to be tested by the Word of God, and to have their spiritual source discerned. There are many who label discernment ministries, therefore, as nit-picking "pharisees" and "word-based" as if refusing to sail out into uncharted waters is somehow disobedient.

To some, this is a black and white argument, with Toronto supporters as the truly spiritual and all others as anti-Spirit dissenters doomed to judgement. This is a facile argument, unworthy of Christians!

This website exists to air the alternatives, and to allow you to decide for yourself what is truly of God