The False Teachings of the Word of Faith Movement"
by Pastor Jim L Smith of Battlefield Church of Faith

(PDF format) Pastor Jim Smith was raised in the First Baptist Denomination and was subsequently ordained by the Word of Faith ministry in 1999 after leaving Church of God to start Battlefield Church of Faith. This is his story and exposé - for Pastor Smith uncovered false teachings within the Word of Faith movement that caused him to turn away from it. Now he is eager to share what he found with anyone who has a love for truth. His book can also be downloaded from his website at

"Wells Without Water" by Tricia Tillin of Banner Ministries

This is a major study on the Word of Faith Movement, using verbatim transcripts from tapes produced by the Kenneth Copeland Ministry. ("Wells Without Water" was originally produced as four audio tapes in the 1980's These tapes are no longer available). The sections of the study are as follows:

  1. Forces or Fruit?
  2. Re-born or Raised? - Part (a)
  3. Re-born or Raised? - Part (b)
  4. Dominion or Deliverance?
  5. Teaching or Travesty? - Part (a)
  6. Teaching or Travesty? - Part (b)
"What the Word of Faith and Revival Ministers Actually Teach"  (updated)

Several pages of evidence for researchers and doubters alike, detailing word-for-word, from actual quotes, what Word-of-Faith and other leaders teach. Is it heretical or not? You be the judge! (replaces the old Jim Fox file.)

"Atonement Where?" - (in Four Sections) - by Moreno Dal Bello

This is almost a book! It covers most of the doctrines of the Word-of-Faith Movement, with quotes from the leaders and scriptures to show the differences.

"My Word-of-Faith Testimony" - by Tricia Tillin

Some people have asked me, how did God open your eyes to the errors of the Faith Movement? So, I thought it would be helpful to post to this website my own story. It's not a researched article, but a personal testimony, so take it or leave it.

"Ten Reasons to Reject WORD-of-FAITH Teachings"

By Tricia Tillin (Originally a tract published by Banner Ministries)

This is a short tract covering the main topics only. 'Positive Confession', a movement that came to popular acclaim through supposedly good fruit such as healing, has revealed its true nature as something more like a cult, with extremes of belief that bring the Name of the Lord into disrepute.

Plagiarism by Kenneth Hagin (compilation)

It is now well known that Kenneth Hagin drew extensively on the works and words of Kenyon and deceitfully passed them off as his own personal revelations and teachings. Here is a list of such instances taken from the books of Hagin and Kenyon, side by side.