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There are not yet many videos to be seen on the Banner Ministries (Tricia Tillin) Youtube account or indeed elsewhere, although I do possess a number of interesting old videos of the Toronto Blessing and other such activites. These would need to be transformed into a suitable format and uploaded to my account, so it will possibly be months before it happens (if ever!). In the meanwhile, I offer you a few videos that might be of interest or amusement.

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This section of the website offers you some videos to watch. They are a mixed bunch at present, with three that I have created and a few by other people. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy them or find them interesting.

Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn'S curses

Authentic clips and voices on the HINNdrance sound track from Benny Hinn meetings. Listen to Hinn curse his opponents; hear his wife tell you to get a "Holy Ghost Enema".

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Todd Bentley
Todd Bentley and his Angel

Todd Bentley claimed to have met a female angel that would bring prosperity and glory. Under pressure later on, he denied it. This fun piece is all he deserves.

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Alan Morrison Video
Toronto Blessing Exposed

This video taken from VHS was a talk given 19 years ago, yet is still as relevant today. Alan Morrison looks at clips of the notorious Toronto Blessing and exposes it as unbiblical.

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Kundalini Spirits
Kundalini Spirits

Here, Andrew Strom looks at extreme and delusive manifestations that are being introduced to churches in the name of Christ, that are actually demonic.

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