Understanding the New Gnosticismby Don Clasen

Gnosis is knowledge, but Gnosticism is a system of gaining knowledge and progressing to higher spiritual levels by mystical means. This kind of revelation knowledge is popular in churches today, but what are the dangers?

How NOT to Interpret the Bible - by Tricia Tillin

There are methods of biblical interpretation that safeguard us from false teaching. This article looks at some of them, and includes a startling piece of false teaching illustrating the worst kind of allegorical interpretation.

Can There be Revival without Repentance - by Sarah Leslie

The title says it all!  Moral issues have been forgotten in the quest for spiritual revival. Learn more by reading this well-researched article.

"Tommy Tenney and the God Chasers - A Review" - by Mike Taylor

This is a major new review of the book "The God Chasers" that has been responsible for introducing many people to the manifestations of the current "revival".

"The Covert Strategies of the Revival Movement" - by Tricia Tillin

Are mind-control techniques being used to indoctrinate believers and promote the revival? This three-part study explores the evidence.

"From Pillar To Post" - by Tricia Tillin

Evidence from charismatic magazines that the Church is returning to the supernaturalism and ritualism of the old Roman system.

"In His Name" - by Tricia Tillin

A short analysis of the scriptures surrounding the appearance of false christs and false prophets, showing that they are present in the churches today, exalting themselves to positions of power and deceiving many who follow them. Be warned by this article!

"The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly" by the late David Wilkerson

This important transcript from a tape by David Wilkerson of Times Square Church, is shocking, moving and very timely.