"The Endtimes Purge Exposed" (pdf format) - by Steve Montgomery

This further study by Steve Mongomery is an important and timely expose of the doctrine of the "sacred purge", which is the belief that the elite "corporate christ" believers have the God-given task of purging the esrth of all the "godless" who in their estimation are those who do not hold to their concept of the coming transformation. This purge literally means killing those who withstand their endtimes beliefs! Both ancient roots and modern-day beliefs are examined, with verbatim quotes from some of the leaders in today's church. You will be shocked and educated by this document.

"Latter Rain Teachers Exposed" (pdf format) - by Steve Montgomery

This extensive 75-page study of the Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God teachers and their doctrines shows conclusively that the teachings seen today about the restoration of the earth by the Church, and the role of the “restored offices of prophets and apostles” with their plans for rulership are in fact all part of a heresy born decades earlier. Includes extensive quotes and up-to-date statements by such founders of LR as George Hawtin, J. Preston Eby, Royal Cronquist, Bill Britton and others.

"The Converging Apostasy" (pdf format) - by Steve Montgomery

This second study from researcher Steve Montgomery - a book in length - is a valuable exploration of the roots and core beliefs of the current apostasy. The spiritual heritage of a large segment of current-day Charismatic Christianity has its roots in the “Esoteric World” teachings that filtered down through the 17th century “prophet” Jane Lead to the Latter Rain movement of 1948 and the Manifest sons of God ministries which it spawned. This has provided the current-day New Apostolic Reformation of Charismatic Christianity with a doctrinally-based incentive to “take back” America “for God” This book consists of thematic critiques of four of the movements of central importance to achieve this goal. They are (1) the 2nd century Gnostic Valentinus (2) the writings of Jane Lead (3) the Latter Rain movement and the Manifest sons of God ministries and (4) the “prophetic” ministries of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) today.

"Web of Deception" (pdf format) - by Donna Shuck

Gwen Shaw and her "Endtimes Handmaidens" are an extreme latter-rain/sonship style group (in fact, a cult) with metaphysical overtones. They exert a strong controlling influence over their membership that is difficult to escape. They are a mystical group promoting angelic encounters and physical manifestations etc. This testimony from a former member shows, with copious direct quotes, the depth of error into which Gwen Shaw has fallen.

"Out of the Pan & Into the Fire" (The Walk and Deception today)

This is a chilling testimony born of one person's lengthy membership of "The Walk", a pseudo-christian cult started and led by John Robert Stevens. However, having escaped the frying pan of this cult, he found that he'd jumped back into the fire when he started discovering the very same heresies at large in all the churches!

"The Overshadowing" (in two parts) - by Tricia Tillin

There has recently been talk of a massive global overshadowing that is supposed to transform and glorify certain selected members of the Church and prepare them for rulership. This article looks at the doctrines that undergird the overshadowing and show it to be an age-old heresy.

"The Harp and Bowl - Some Questions" - by Tricia Tillin

Starting at Kansas City and spreading to many other sites, the 24-hour prayer and worship initialtive based on Revelation's harps and bowls is often portrayed as a simple exercise in intercession for a fallen world. Is that all there is to it? Check out the false doctrines underpinning this whole venture and be warned!

A History of the Awakening - by Richard Riss

A sympathetic article but it covers many of the events, influences and key figures of the current revival.

The "Doctrine of Demons" series by Tricia Tillin

Part One - The Sealing & Overshadowing
Part Two - The Sealing & Overshadowing (2)
Part TwoA - Resisting the Overshadowing (devotional)
Part Three - The Descent of the Glory
Part Four - Onwards & Upwards (Transformation)
Part Five - The Sword of Judgement
Part Six - New Church, New Apostles
Part Seven - The Sound of Seduction
Part Eight - The Global Network
Part Nine - The Lighthouses Movement
Part Ten - Appendix A
Part Eleven - Appendix B

"The Doctrine of Demons" CONTENTS and Download Page
All the above articles collated in one downloadable zipped format

"Anointing Or Apostasy: the Latter Rain legacy" - by Charles S. Graves

This well-researched book on revival, latter-rain and other linked deceptions, is offered in PDF format (readable by Adobe Acrobat Reader which is present on most hard drives already). It covers much of the same ground as other articles on the Banner site, but presents it in a coherent and readable whole. Very useful reference material!

"BREAD AND GAMES" by Tricia Tillin (Three Parts, as below)

This three-part series contains a potted history of the British charismatic movement illustrating the rise of Restorationalism and the impact this has had on believers and the Church in Britain. The title is taken from Juvenal's famous comment on the corrupt Roman Empire, which kept its people docile with "bread and circuses". Now that the Church is going into decline, we see the same syndrome - as long as Christians are happy and entertained they fail to question falling standards.

PART ONE: "Overturning The Essentials"
PART TWO: "Birth and Death of the Renewal Movement"
PART THREE: "The L.R. roots of the Restoration Movement"

"THE NEW THING" by Tricia Tillin (Three Major Parts, as below)

Part One - The Gnostic Key.

Maybe you wondered where all the talk of global revival comes from and why it's deemed so important these days? This article is designed to help you see that "revival" is the so-called "new thing" that sparked many if not all of the Latter-Rain style doctrines from way back. Maybe you have also been thinking there must be some root of heresy behind the Toronto Blessing? You are right. Studies of such works as Rick Joyner's "Final Quest" show clearly its Gnostic origins. But there's more - much more. You will be fascinated by all that you learn in this new series of articles by Tricia Tillin of Banner Ministries. Parts Two and Three will follow in due course - watch out for them!

Part Two - The Latter Rain Roots of the Current Renewal

This second article in the "New Thing" series lays bare the foundations of false revivalism, both historically and today. It shows, with many quotes from the leaders, how "restoration" doctrines are nearly identical to the old Latter Rain heresies.

Part Three - "The Ezekiel Chapter 47 Model; and Onwards to Glory"

(A) Section One of Part Three
(B) Section Two of Part Three

In this final part of the study on the Gnostic elements to Pentecostal Revivalism, Tricia Tillin looks to the future. Taking Ezekiel 47 as a prophetic agenda, as the leaders do, she shows how biblical teaching is twisted into a glorious transformation for man, and the descent of the Spirit of Christ into a New Universal Man is suggested as the culmination of Church history. She also demonstrates that genuine believers will be labelled the "antichrist" in the very near future! Don't miss this mind-shaking expose.

New Thing: Appendices - relating to the above documents


"LAST DAYS LEAVEN" By Don Clasen (Four Parts, as below.)

First published in "The Kingdom Gospel Messenger".

Part I: The Destroyed Foundations
Part 2: The History & Doctrines of the Latter Rain Movement
Part 3: Doctrines of the "New Order", continued
Part 4: Spiritual Errors of the LR Movement today: Toronto and WoF.

Understanding the New Gnosticism - by Don Clasen

Gnosis is knowledge, but Gnosticism is a system of gaining knowledge and progressing to higher spiritual levels by mystical means. This kind of revelation knowledge is popular in churches today, but what are the dangers?

"MAINSTREAM" Articles on Latter Rain Subjects

Spring 1995 issue - "Birth of the Manchild"

The so-called Manchild is the corporate christ of the latter rain doctrine. This body of transformed believers is supposed to come to birth through persecution and holiness in the endtimes.

Spring 1993 issue - "Somebody Moved The Goalposts"

Paul Cain teaches the Ishmael/Isaac concept that is now called the "post-charismatic era". This says that the old charismatic movement was a false start (an Ishmael) and was always intended to lead to the birth of the true child of revival, the Isaac of the current renewal.