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A Critique of Brownsville's Response
to the Pensacola News Journal

(c) Paul G. Sutliff

Brownsville Assembly of God (BAG) is reporting experiencing a revival that is two and a half years old. This revival was investigated by the Pensacola News Journal and articles appeared in a five part series from November 16-20, 1997. On November 22nd Brownsville Assembly took out a two-page ad in the Journal to reply to its recent coverage of the revival. The reply by Brownsville was not in a forum that allowed the Journal to answer its rebuke, as the Journal is not allowed to respond to a paid advertisement. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to critique Brownsville's response. It should be said that this critique does not dispute the question of revival but rather the issues that are raised by the Journal and the response. Like the Pensacola News Journal cited below, I believe there are certain undeniable things occurring:

"Much about the Brownsville Revival is unquestionable: Millions of people from far and near have attended the four nights-a-week revival. Many have had an emotionally and spiritually stimulating experience there. Many have been baptized. Many have made a commitment to change their ways and live closer to God." ("Secrets inside the revival," 11/16/97)

In writing this criticism, I strived to hear both sides of the issues, communicating with Brownsville Assembly of God's Assistant Pastor, Rev. Carey Robertson, Douglass Hawk of "Together in the Harvest Ministries," Rev. Thomas E. Trask, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, and several other sources. All was done with the intention of obtaining as objective a point of view as possible.


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The report is here (325kb):- pensa.pdf

Paul G. Sutliff, Berean Christian Research