Can a Christian be Affected by a Curse? by Mark Greenwood

There is much controversy and contention about many teachings in the Christian Church. The subject of curses is one of them. Can a Christian be affected by a curse or not?

"Demon Possession and the Christian" by C. Fred Dickason.

Three selected chapters from this full and scholarly book to aid your research.

  1. Chapter Five: An Approach to the Biblical Evidence. which the author lays out his procedure for studying the Word.
  2. Chapter Six: Biblical Evidence Against.
    ...where the scriptures against demonisation of Christians are examined
  3. Chapter Seven: Biblical Evidence For. which the scriptures that indicate demons can invade Christians are examined.
CAN A CHRISTIAN "HAVE" A DEMON? (A Series of Articles)

This is a burning issue that must be tackled today, when so many are experiencing supposedly demonic manifestations in Christian meetings. We offer here four articles to provoke thought and study.

  1. "The Thorny Problem: Can A Beliver Be Demonised?" by Tricia Tillin
  2. "Can A Christian Have a Demon?" by Chris Simpson
  3. "Counterfeit Spiritual Gifts" a testimony by Gayle Rogers
  4. "A Friendly Discussion" on the subject by Christians with differing views.