The Roots of 'Shepherding'  - by Don E. Vinzant

Many Charismatics, especially in the UK, have been trapped inside churches using the "discipling" method of handling members. Christians generally do not know where this system originated, nor whether it is truly biblical. D. Vinzant, a Churches of Christ Minister in the USA traces the origins of discipling and questions its usage in the Church.

Whatever Happened to George Tarleton? - audio tape and article

An early "apostle" of the British Restoration Movement, George Tarleton became a Gnostic and Christian Anarchist. For those who remember his earlier activities in the Charismatic fellowships, this will be a very disturbing read!

"BREAD AND GAMES" by Tricia Tillin (Three Parts, as below)

This three-part series contains a potted history of the British charismatic movement illustrating the rise of Restorationalism and the impact this has had on believers and the Church in Britain. The title is taken from Juvenal's famous comment on the corrupt Roman Empire, which kept its people docile with "bread and circuses". Now that the Church is going into decline, we see the same syndrome - as long as Christians are happy and entertained they fail to question falling standards.

  • PART ONE: "Overturning The Essentials"
  • PART TWO: "Birth and Death of the Renewal Movement"
  • PART THREE: "The L.R. roots of the Restoration Movement in Britain
"KINGDOM THEOLOGY" By Al Dager (Three Parts, as below)
  • Part One:
    The roots of today's Kingdom Theology (Latter Rain) are examined and the movement is defined in terms of its theological and eschatological doctrines. The basic premise of the movement, simply stated is that before Jesus can return, the Church must establish the Kingdom of God on earth by taking control over every aspect of life through the establishment of a theocratic government.
  • Part Two:
    As we continue our study we find that at the heart of Dominion Theology is the belief that man is a god and, as such, must exercise his godhood through dominion.
  • Part Three:
    Some of the key teachings of Dominion Theology, together with quotes from a sampling of those teachers whose statements typically reflect these doctrines.

(First published in The Kingdom Gospel Messenger. Four Parts, as below.)

  • Part I: The Destroyed Foundations
  • Part 2: The History & Doctrines of the Latter Rain Movement
  • Part 3: Doctrines of the "New Order", continued
  • Part 4: Spiritual Errors of the LR Movement today: Toronto and WoF.
"Ten Reasons to Reject KINGDOM-DOMINION Teachings" By Tricia Tillin (Originally a tract published by Banner Ministries)

This outlines the basic teachings of Kingdom-Dominion, or 'Restoration' theology
showing how unscriptural and dangerous they are.

"RESTORATION"  By Tricia Tillin of Banner Ministries

    This booklet was written in the mid 1980's to combat the growing interest in the doctrines of "Shepherding" in the UK. It is equally relevant today.
  • Part One: The scriptures that prove Restoration is in error
  • Part Two: Some forerunners of Restoration and links to the New Age
  • Part Three: Roots and Fruits - the Latter Rain Movement and others.