Latter Rain/Sonship

"Web of Deception" (pdf format) - by Donna Shuck

Gwen Shaw and her "Endtimes Handmaidens" are an extreme latter-rain/sonship style group (in fact, a cult) with metaphysical overtones. They exert a strong controlling influence over their membership that is difficult to escape. They are a mystical group promoting angelic encounters and physical manifestations etc. This testimony from a former member shows, with copious direct quotes, the depth of error into which Gwen Shaw has fallen.

"Out of the Pan & Into the Fire"

This is a chilling testimony of one person's lengthy membership of "The Walk", a pseudo-christian cult started and led by John Robert Stevens. However, having escaped the frying pan of this cult, the writer found that he'd jumped back into the fire when he started discovering the very same heresies at large in all the churches! The above link is to the introduction page.

Kansas City Prophets

Vintage Metro - My Eight Years with the Kansas City Prophets

"The elite media is like the Mafia. The biggest sin you can commit with the Mafia is to break the code of silence." Former CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg made this statement on The 700 Club on December 20, 2001.  He was being interviewed about the publication of his book Bias, an expose of liberal bias in the mainstream media.  And as I find so often in so many things nowadays, I see a direct parallel between things in our culture and things in the Church.  The history of Kansas City Fellowship for example, is strewn with offences so egregious as to be scary.  But the one unpardonable sin to commit is to "break the code of silence". [This] is a story that needed to be told.  I know it will invariably be greeted by many as a treasonous act, as the one unpardonable sin that cannot be forgiven or committed without dire consequences.  But I'm asking you to grant me a little space for passion.  For the Church world of our day is a veritable side show of charlatans, heretics, hucksters, religious politicians, "celebrities," and just plain untaught leaders who have led the people of God down a primrose path of ignorance, vanity and abuse.  (This article is in four parts)

The Church

G12 Testimony (One and Two) by former members of a G12 cell group

These testimonies are from a family caught up in the cell-church system. Their harrowing story is a very useful explanation of the personal cost of joining this globalist venture.

  • G12 Testimony One
  • G12 Testimony Two
  • The Vineyard

    "A Memoir of The Vineyard" 1986-1994 - by Cheryl Thomson

    Cheryl is Managing Director of the Strangers and Pilgrims Ministry. She was there at the start, and has an intriguing story to tell about the Vineyard.

    "Vineyard  Experience" - by Rev. Gordon Williams

    Rev. Gordon Williams appeared for several years with Rev. David Mainse on 100 Huntley Street. He then pastored Good Samaritan Church, Kitchener. Now an evangelist who travels extensively across Canada, Rev. G. Williams has the inside story about the Vineyard.

    "My Experiences with the Toronto Vineyard"  - by Rick Friedrich

    A personal view by Rick Friedrich of Michigan. This letter was sent to an [e-mail] list in July 2003 as a member asked a question about the Toronto Vineyard Movement and the witness of the Spirit. It is the experiences and conclusions of a man who lived most of his life in Toronto, Canada on the West side very near the airport (and the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship -- formerly Toronto Vineyard.

    Gifts and Manifestations

    "Counterfeit Spiritual Gifts" - Testimony by Gayle Rogers

    It really is possible for Christians to be deceived and lured into false manifestations. Believing herself to be under the influence of the Holy spirit, Gayle is led deeper and deepr into a terrifying delusion.

    "The Revival Without Repentence"  - by Mark Greenwood

    A personal testimony of the Toronto Blessing and revival manifestations in the UK; includes accounts of four main places in Sheffield that promoted this revival : ‘The Kings Centre’ (A Charismatic offshoot from House Church), ‘Walkley Baptist’ as then was, ‘St Thomas’s’ (A Charismatic Anglican church in the Crookes area of Sheffield), and ‘Hope of Sheffield’ (led by an Australian who had a Pentecostal background).

    "Deliverance from the Toronto Blessing"  - by David Husband

    Another personal story of an encounter with the Toronto Blessing and its bizarre manifestations. This account is a very personal journey through attraction, confusion and finally truth and enlightenment.