What Connection Has The Birthpangs Website to This One?

As you know, my main website and sphere of activity these days is the website at www.birthpangs.org.

My time as an active researcher, speaker and writer drew slowly to a close from around 2003 and as I reported at the time in my newsletters, I was awaiting a new direction from God.

That new direction was a break in the pattern of my research so that I could, in due course, turn my mind to the coming of the Lord instead of the apostasy.

That is not to say that I have no concerns about false teaching, but rather my emphasis in that study has changed to a more devotional one.

I decided to make a distinction between the former and the latter work. Thus I have separated the articles into two camps recently.

What is my aim?

I am attempting at Birthpangs to present a fairly broad and prophetic examination of coming events, believing as I do that we are staring God's judgement in the face and not recognising it.

Of course the site is intended to help Christians understand more clearly the scriptures and the will of God; but also reaches out to interested men and woman who perhaps have never thought about religious topics, but who know "something is going on".

Why is the site called "birthpangs?"

This word is taken from the statement of Jesus about his return. (Mark 13:8) "These are the beginnings of sorrows" (literally the pains of childbirth).

The Lord outlined various dramatic events that would take place such as wars, famines, earthquakes and pestilences in various places, but that "this is NOT the end". He likened the warning signs of earth's collapse as "the beginning of sorrows" - and this word "sorrows" literally means "labour pains/birthpangs/contractions of childbirth" that begin in a fairly small way but build to a climax.

The articles on Birthpangs DO have a reference to false teaching and the current apostasy, in a broad way. They undergird the needs for sound teaching. However, they examine the prophecies relating to the Last Days.

Why is there a mention of the New Age and New World Order on the Birthpangs site?

These terms are found in the headings at the website.

The only true new age to come is the one in which Jesus Christ is the Lord and King. The only new world order to come is the new order of God's kingly rule. When Jesus returns, mankind will begin a new age on the earth under God's rulership; Christians call this period of peace the "millennium" because it lasts a thousand years. Eventually this earth, however, will be destroyed as the bible tells us.

We are now in the closing years of this earth's history and awaiting a new age to come.

At Birthpangs, I hope to be able to point people in the right direction as to their fate, their responsibilities and their need to forsake distractions to concentrate on getting ready for the return of God to this planet.