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"Doctrines of Demons"

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Here is the contents list of the series "Doctrine of Demons". There are twelve sections in the series, including a two-part Appendix. However, the sections are numbered one to nine. This is because of the addition of the two appendices; also because Part Two is split into TWO sections - the second part being a devotional study.

Understanding how large these articles are, and knowing that British people at least would prefer to download the articles to read offline, I have collated the sections of "Doctrine of Demons" as a PDF file. Please Note - this PDF file is in the OLD website format.


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Summary and Introduction
  • Latter Rain/Sonship was the Seed
  • The Relevance for Believers
  • Allegorical Interpretations
Overview of the Latter Rain Plan of Restoration
The Main Points
  • The Seal
  • The Overshadowing
Franklin Hall predicts the Gold Dust
The Coming of the Glory
  • a permanent habitation
  • the immortalization of believers
  • the sealing of God
James McKeever and the Mark
The Timetable to Glory
  • Number 9 a significant number
  • Sealing "will begin this year"
  • Timetable of Chuck Pierce
Aspects of the Sealing
  • Bobby Conner
  • John G. Lake
  • Preston Eby
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
What form will it take?
  • Christian Tattooing
  • The Tau cross mark
  • The transverse cross mark (X)
An Important Question
  • Is it the Mark of the Beast?
The True Seal of God
  • The scriptural sealing for believers
The dangers of receiving another sealing
  • Intolerable pressure to receive a sealing
  • Imaginative description of the sealing
More information on the Mark
  • Gold teeth marked with a cross
Overshadowing as Impregnation
  • The Spirit overshadows Mary
  • The womb of the Church
Overshadowing as Union with the Spirit Realm
  • New Age overshadowing
  • Creating an open heaven
  • Unity is vital
  • Back to Babel
  • Summoning angels
Overshadowing as Receiving the Mind of Christ
  • The mind received as an impartation
  • New Age Maitreya and the mind of Christ
  • Believers and the mind of Christ
  • The Seal of God as the mind of Christ
  • Constantine and his use of the X Cross

Why this Additional Article?
Report of Revival Meeting
  • "Gathering of Eagles" Prophetic Conference
Overshadowed by Love
  • National manipulation of emotions E.G.: Diana
  • Hope for a dying world
  • The Christmas spirit
An Imaginary Journey into the Overshadowing
  • God's warning bel
  • Satan is stumped by your free will
What Happens if You Give in?
The Victims of Overshadowing
  • We are not helpless
  • the Name of Jesus
  • How to resist
After The Flood
  • Ministry to the deceived
God's Word of Warning to us all
Can we mourn and sigh?
A final prayer
Overshadowing and its relationship to Atonement
  • A false covering
Overshadowing as the Glory Cloud indwelling the Temple
  • The Ark, the Shekinah and the Temple
  • God moves his Throne out of Heaven
  • God's presence in the cloud
A Global Apparition?
  • The overshadowing of "love"
  • The second Pentecost
  • The coming of Christ in the clouds
The Gold Covering of the Divine Nature
Overcoming as the Rapture or Transfiguration
  • The inward and spiritual coming of Christ
  • A God-man on the earth
  • Revival leadership affirms the loss of the Rapture
  • Believers will be divine, as God.
Transfigured Believers:
  • their invulnerability
  • their sinlessness
  • their supernatural abilities
  • their immortality
  • their christhood
The Supposed Sequence of Events in the Endtime:
  • The Spirit of Elijah
  • The Woman Judged
  • Birth of the Manchild
  • War in heaven
  • Rule of The Apostles
  • The Wilderness years
  • The Wrath poured out
  • The Last Enemy, death, defeated
  • Jesus returns - finally!
Judgement begins at the House of God
The Old Order is the Enemy
It's - Either/Or!
Traditional ways must go
Transition to the Third Day Church
A New Covenant - Revelation not Words
Killing the Dragon

The Apostles & Prophets of the New Order
The Global Church
  • Training The Leadership
  • New Jerusalem
  • New foundations
  • New Priesthood of Melchisadek
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • The Pride of Lucifer
The "New Song"
  • Inhabiting the praises
  • Music that alters your mood
  • Demonic use of music
  • Lucifer and Music
  • What is Music?
  • The Beatles as Forerunners
  • The 'new sound' revealed?
  • Irresistible Music
  • Producing the Glory
  • The wrong kind of praise
New Age use of music
Occultic use of Music
The Worldwide Web
New Knights of the Round Table
Global Evangelization Roundtable
The World Prayer Centre
C. Peter Wagner
The New Apostolic Paradigm
Chuck Pierce and Networking
The Lighthouse Movement
The Lausanne Connection
Ed Silvoso and his Prayer Evangelism
Spiritual Warfare
The non-offensive Gospel
Lighthouse Methodology
Embryonic Cell-Churches
Conclusion: The Hidden Dangers
PART TEN (Appendix A)
PART ELEVEN (Appendix B)
Historical Forerunners
  • The true versus the false doctrines
  • Various Millennialist Groups
A Glossary of Terms
Lighthouse Movement Signatories
Lausanne Covenant
Lists of people and organisations involved in the World Church Mvt.
Website addresses for your own research, listed under categories.


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