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"Out of the Pan and Into the Fire"

This document (see web page) is the testimony of a person who spent seven years during the 1970’s and early 80’s as a member of a cult calling itself “The Church of the Living Word”, also known as “The Walk”.

The Walk was founded by a man named John Robert Stevens supposedly to lead the Christian Church into the “fullness of the Kingdom of God” on the earth. He taught a blending of Latter Rain doctrine and occult, with enough of a Christian veneer to fool sincere believers who had a hunger for something more than their traditional church had to offer.

After leaving the Walk and joining the Vineyard movement in the late 80’s the writer made a horrifying discovery. Many modern churches were teaching all the same doctrines he had experienced in the cult!

He writes: "Twenty years ago when I left the cult, I had assumed it was for good. But now I’m watching something take place inside the church which has given me a chilling dose of déjà vu. A cultic heresy is spreading throughout the Christian church at an alarming speed, the same heresy I thought I had left behind in the cult"

Thus, this testimony serves as a heads-up and a warning to anyone who believes we are safe from heresy outside cults, and free from doctrinal perversion in traditional denominations. The movement towards Latter-Rain/Manifest Sons of God teaching goes on apace, and we need to be aware of its infiltration in the churches.

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