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The Sound of Music (Part One)

Will music be used as a tool of the New Order?

by Tricia Tillin

The new age belief is that all creation must come into "one vibration" - a perfect harmony that will heal the earth. This includes the entire population of the planet. Remember the song: "I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony..."? The "music of the spheres" was an earlier statement of the same belief, in that it was believed that the planets had different vibrations and that these different sounds must ultimately harmonise, bringing order and perfection.


Recently, and more blatantly, the much-played "World In Union" song by Kiri Te Kanawa at the time of the Rugby World Cup in 1991, sung to the irritatingly memorable tune of "Jupiter" from the Planet's Suite, received its first airing on New Year's Eve at the cross-over into a new year, and on the very day that new-agers were staging their Harmonic Convergence - a global meditation for world harmony.

Its lyrics leave nothing to the imagination:

There's a dream I feel, so rare, so real:
All the world in union, the world as one -
Gathering together, one mind, one heart,
Every creed, every colour, once joined never apart.
Searching for the best in me, I will find what I can be,
If I win, lose or draw, there's a winner in us all,
It's the world in union, the world as one,
as we climb to reach our destiny,
Our New Age has begun!
We face high mountains, must cross rough seas,
We must take our place in history, and live with dignity,
Just to be the best I can
Sets the goal for every man,
If I win, lose or draw, it's a victory for all,
It's the world in union, the world as one,
as we climb to reach our destiny,
Our New Age has begun."

The new-age dream is one of human potential, where the spark of the divine, supposedly lodged in every spirit, can transform us into superhumans if we will only accept one another and live in total harmony. In their creed, there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, but every person is on a journey to godhood through self-realisation. However, the Church shows signs of falling for the same lie. The twin goals of "love-and-unity" - regardless of correct doctrine - and "reconciliation" of every man to his neighbour - are overtaking the true aim of biblical Christianity which is to recognise the sinful condition of mankind and as a remedy to preach the eternal gospel of salvation.

Biblical Christianity does admits to differences between individuals and nations. It does discriminate between good and evil. But whereas the new-age approach is to patch things up with emotional declarations of "love" and "forgiveness", the biblical way is to square up to the problem, find its cause, and offer the correct remedy. The breaches in mankind are caused by the Fall, and violence, intolerance, hatred, and bigotry are its consequence. Therefore the only remedy is a spiritual re-birth into a new nature (that of God) which is free of these things - the only answer to division is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as Saviour!

However, unity, harmony and forgiveness is these days sought (in the world AND the churches) by means of loving feelings, and music is a key to this emotional transformation. Why? Because music is "the universal language", speaking to the emotions directly without the need for words. This is a lesson learnt well by dictators such as Hitler, as well as the advertising industry, Hollywood and occultists of every kind from the remote jungle to the bustling cities. It is possible, using music, to create solidarity, fear, excitement, and sexual arousal - or placidity, and hypnotic calm. It is also possible to convey a spiritual message without words hidden within the correct type of music. (This is a spiritual mystery that we shall probably not unravel completely until all things are known in Heaven.)

However, whether in Toronto churches, with their use of loud contemporary beat music, or Promise Keepers with its stirring use of music in stadium meetings, or the new move to Celtic worship using drums, no large religious gathering now takes place without intrusive music as a central theme.

From the earliest ages, music - and instruments such as flute, drum, and reed pipes - have been employed in religious rituals to encourage trance-states and to summon demons. (Cf. "The Magic Flute - Mozart. Also, the Pied Piper of Hamlyn.) We don't know exactly why music has this effect, but it is well documented. There may be a hint in the passage that scholars say refers to Lucifer in his perfection before his fall, seemingly as leader of praise and worship with instruments of music as part of his body. [Ezek 28:13] Today Lucifer is prepared to share his musical secrets with any who will listen to his "wisdom".

The scriptures speak of a time when music commanded worship to a false god. We see in Daniel 3:4-6 that any who did not bow down to the idol at that time were destroyed. Will history repeat itself?

"Then an herald cried aloud, To you it is commanded, O people, nations, and languages, That at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, harp, sackbut, psaltery, dulcimer, and all kinds of musick, ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up: And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. "

Here is a collection of extracts from the prophets of the new order, showing how a powerful new music is to arise that will compel all to worship, as they did in the book of Daniel. Especially note the perverted use of Daniel 3:4-6 in one of the "prophecies".

EXTRACT NUMBER ONE: A new powerful music to arise to capture men's hearts

The Battle For Music

Music will be another great battleground during the nineties. In many ways the 1990's will be like a recycled 1960's only the intensity will be increased a level. Just as the music of the Beatles and other groups both prophesied and gave direction to the great social upheavals of that period, music is going to again play a major role in setting the spiritual climate of this decade.

The Universal Language

Music is called "the universal Language" because of its ability to cross almost every social and political barrier. Music is a spiritual language that can reach beyond the intellect to touch the heart. Those who know this "universal language" have a powerful weapon in the war for the hearts of men. The Lord is calling forth an army of musical warriors who will be used like spiritual artillery to bombard some of the enemy's greatest strong-holds, such as racism, drugs, pornography and spiritualism. The Lord is going to anoint songs that attack these strongholds and their message will start becoming popular across society.

God's Anointing on "Cross-Over" Musicians

The Lord is anointing some of His minstrels to become "cross over" artists to reach secular audiences. The Lord is going to give the youth alternative role models to the popular moral and social degenerates that are now followed by many. The Lord is going to anoint some of His minstrels with a new sound that will capture men's attention and sow the Seeds of the gospel in their hearts, WITHOUT EVER MENTIONING THE LORD or sounding like religious music.

New Worship Music Will Soon Arise

The musical rut that much of the church has been in was simply a reflection of the spiritual rut that much of the church has been in. Both are about to get out of this rut. THERE IS A NEW WORSHIP MUSIC THAT WILL SOON ARISE WITH A FRESH NEW SOUND. This new worship music will span the generations and become popular with the old and young alike. Just as some popular music did originate in hell, with the writers claiming to have received the music from spiritual powers, the Lord is going to release in His church the music that He loves, that has its origin in heaven. MANY OF THE LORD'S MINSTRELS WILL HAVE EXPERIENCES OF BEING CAUGHT UP INTO THE HEAVENS TO HEAR THE MUSIC OF HEAVEN. OTHERS WILL BE GIVEN MUSIC AND SPIRITUAL SONGS IN DREAMS AND VISIONS. THE POWER OF THIS HEAVENLY MUSIC WILL RADICALLY IMPACT AND ENLIGHTEN CHRISTIAN'S EVERYDAY LIVES AS IT IMPARTS A TRUE SPIRIT OF WORSHIP AND ADORATION FOR THE LORD. THIS MUSIC WILL ALSO DRAW MULTITUDES OF UNBELIEVERS TO THE FAITH.

Minstrels as Frontline Soldiers

The church must begin to recognize its minstrels as frontline soldiers in the battle for this generation. A new vision for music evangelism is going to arise so that many music ministries will become recognized as true missionaries instead of mere entertainers. These ministers and missionaries need to be spiritually equipped and supported like every other ministry. MUSIC WILL BE ONE OF THE MAIN SPIRITUAL BATTLEGROUNDS OF THE NINETIES AND HAS THE POTENTIAL FOR PROVIDING ONE OF THE GREATEST SPIRITUAL BREAKTHROUGHS IN THE WAR AGAINST DARKNESS.

Battlefields Of The Nineties By Rick Joyner
THE MORNING STAR, September 1st, 1992

EXTRACT NUMBER TWO: Music as a spiritual force, changing society

The following is an overview of the general direction I see beginning to unfold during the coming year.

Music-Anointing And Judgment

Music is a spiritual force. Like "the force" in the Star Wars movies, it can be used for both good and evil. As witnessed during the 1960's and 70's, music can prophesy and propel major sociological shifts like the erosion of moral foundations. It can also fuel revivals and spiritual awakenings such as the great Salvation Army movement at the turn of the century.

Music was created as a media for expressing our worship to God. Worship can be motivated by either adoration or fear, but all worship is basically a focus of our attention upon the object of worship. It is this power to focus men that has made music such a force in directing even civilization-wide changes. There is yet much for us to understand about this powerful force in the church and the world. The Lord is now moving in the hearts of His leaders to seek this understanding. If we do not learn to utilize music properly, the enemy will fill the vacuum and use it against us.

The Lord is going to give us this understanding in preparation for A GREAT OUTPOURING OF INCREASED ANOINTING ON MUSIC. This anointing will propel the church to higher realms of worshipping him, which will cause the entire Church to more fully abide in him. WHEN THE CHURCH ENTERS INTO THE HIGHER REALMS OF WORSHIP, THE RESULT WILL BE A FOCUS AND A POWER THAT RELEASES EXTRAORDINARY SPIRITUAL ADVANCES. The Lord is going to use music to help take all of the light that we have been given and focus it like a laser. The more focused it is the more power it will have to cut through any barrier or darkness.

The vision and strategies that the Lord is now giving His church will be put into songs that will help to grip and seal the hearts of the people with those visions. This will not be accomplished just with catchy tunes or lyrics, BUT WITH A POWERFUL ANOINTING THAT WILL COME FROM THE HEART OF THE LORD TO GRIP THE INNERMOST BEING OF HIS PEOPLE.

The Father is also going to share with those who are prepared to handle the power, the music from heaven that He loves. THIS MUSIC WILL GRIP ALL MEN'S HEARTS LIKE NO MUSIC THAT HAS EVER BEEN PLAYED BEFORE. This music will lift up those who have fallen to the low depths of self or idol worship, causing them to repent and turn their attention to the Lord. However, this power will not be trusted to those who are still in the snare of self or idol worship; which includes the worship of music.

Deliverance from self-centeredness and focus upon the Lord frees us to receive this anointing. This great anointing can be misused, which would only result in a greater depravity and corruption of soul. Major changes must be made in the way the church is now stewarding her music ministries before the Lord can give this greater anointing-for our own safety!

The music and the anointing that the Lord is about to share with those who can receive it does have unprecedented commercial value. With the present system it would be tragically prostituted, and He is not going to trust us with it until we get the process right. We cannot use the world's system of compensation for artists and others, but must seek the Lord's ways, which will promote such equity, justice and grace that it will help to change the world's system.

The first step toward a repentance that will result in the Lord's endorsement, is to return to our first love-worshipping Him. Because all music promotes worship in some form, if our hearts are not right we will misuse the power of this anointing. Our music must promote the worship of the Father, obedience to the Spirit, and the witness of Jesus.

If the Christian music establishment does not repent, and return to its first love, its lampstand will soon be removed and what light it now has will go out. When we do repent, we will find the greatest desire of our heart; peace, and even greater resources for the extravagant worship of the King.

Article Entitled 1994 by Rick Joyner.

EXTRACT NUMBER THREE: A new form of anointed music, with the power of the Beatles' music.

The following word was shown to me beginning in August 1990 as a result of three dreams I had. 11 Peter 2:9-10 says that we are a royal priesthood, a chosen people, a holy nation. It says we have been chosen of God in order that we may show forth the praise of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light. One inescapable claim of God upon our lives is the right to release us at His pleasure and at His discretion into the world as light. Philippians says that we are shining in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation.

In August, the Lord spoke to me through a dream. Prior to that dream He gave me a scripture, Isaiah 21:6, which says, "This is what the sovereign Lord says, Go appoint a lookout and have him report what he sees." When the Lord gave me that verse He said, "I'm doing this in your life. I'm appointing you as a lookout. You will see things and when you see these things, you report them."' I am now reporting to you what I have seen.

The first thing I saw in the dream was a flatbed trailer with a curtain behind it and two guitars on guitar stands sitting on the trailer. It looked like a stage but it wasn't a stage in a theater; it was a mobile stage that could be moved into the streets or parks. This trailer was at a carnival or at a fairground. The two guitars were sitting on their guitar stands with the microphones in place and the curtain was there. The color of these guitars was the most vivid, electric blue that I could imagine. They were acoustic guitars and that caught my eye; you would never see an acoustic guitar that was electric blue.

I then saw that the curtain was the same color, and it captured my attention: As I stood and looked at it, two men came walking out from behind the curtain with sheet music in their hands. They were very excited as they looked at this, and they pointed out the different notes and the different measures, cadences and all the different features of this music It was obvious that they could not wait to play this music I looked over their shoulders and I could tell by looking at the music that it was a NEW SONG. IT WAS NOT NEW LIKE SOMEONE HAD JUST WRITTEN IT, BUT IT WAS NEW IN QUALITY

In the dreams my thoughts were, "This is new like the Beatle's music was new." When the Beatles appeared in the sixties it was a new sound and it took the world by storm. Whenever one of their songs came on, you would automatically turn it up; it had a special quality that caught your ear-it turned your head. It was the most arresting sound that our generation had ever heard. I remember looking at that sheet music in this dream and thinking that this music was going to be just like that, with one very significant distinction - this was of Christ. I stood on that platform thinking-"Wait 'til these people hear this song!" I couldn't wait to see this happen, but the dream ended.

After I had written the dream down, the Lord spoke to me and said, "I'M ABOUT TO RELEASE A NEW KIND OF SONG IN THE STREETS. IT WILL BRING A REVELATION OF THE TRUTH AND IT WILL USHER MEN INTO MY PRESENCE." I filed that away until about a month later when I had another dream.

In the second dream, I was taken to a large church which had a stage. There were rooms on either side of the stage. The room on the right side was the equipment room - it had pianos, microphones, speakers, cables, cymbals, and drums; it looked like a garage packed with stuff. I looked around and saw a power amplifier over in the corner. The amp was unplugged, the cord had been wrapped around it, it was dusty like it had been sitting in the comer for awhile. I dusted it off. What I then saw took my breath away. I gasped with a sense of discovery but also dread because of what I was' holding in my hand. I held the power amp that the Beatles had used. I knew in that moment that this box was the source of their sound and their power.

I realized that people would do anything to have this amp. There are bands who for years have been looking for that sound-and for that power. They had been doing everything within their scope of imagination to get that power. Here it was and I was holding it in my hand. I felt hunted; I felt vulnerable; I felt that I was threatened. I knew that I could be hurt by those who would do anything for the amp. As I stood there holding it, I asked aloud this question, "What is it doing here?"

Suddenly I was out of the equipment room and standing behind the pulpit at this church, still holding the amp. The church had grown to five times the size that it was at the beginning of the dream. There was a balcony and the place was packed with people. As I looked at all these people (they were oblivious to my presence), a woman stood up in the middle of the church, and a light shone on her. She began singing a song of the Lord. Her voice filled the auditorium, and all she sang was this: "In the name of Jesus Christ the Lord we say unto you, be saved." She sang it over and over. She would turn to her right and sing, then turn to her left and sing; then she would turn behind her and before her and sing the same thing. As I watched her sing, it was like a wind blowing on a wheat field. These people began to swoon in the presence of God and MEN AND WOMEN WERE COLLAPSING IN THEIR SEATS, CONVERTED TO CHRIST, JUST BY THE POWER OF THAT SONG. That was how the dream ended.

When I awoke, the Lord said that there was going to be a NEW AND DISTINCTIVE ANOINTING AND SOUND RESTORED TO MUSIC THAT WILL TURN THE HEADS AN CAPTURE THE HEARTS OF MEN FOR JESUS CHRIST. He said that we would see this happen when the church gets beyond the limits that she set for herself, into his grace, and takes the praise that is in the sanctuary and makes it music in the streets.

The woman singing in a church that was five times the size that it had been speaks of several things: Five is the number of grace in Scripture; as the woman stepped out in boldness to sing the song of the Lord, the church grew in the grace of God, which brings increase. We must overcome our insecurities to sing the Lord's song if our light is going to shine in this world; Simply singing the truth in the name of Jesus Christ "we say unto you be saved" will release the power of His Spirit in such an awesome display that MEN AND WOMEN WILL COLLAPSE IN THEIR SEATS converted to Christ. But the Lord said that a key THIS WILL BE THIS NEW ANOINTING HE IS ABOUT TO GIVE TO HIS MUSIC.

Here's the provocative thing that the Lord said that day as I prayed and sought for an understanding on this dream-the Lord said that HE HAD CALLED THOSE "FOUR LADS FROM LIVERPOOL" TO HIMSELF. THERE WAS A CALL FROM GOD ON THEIR LIVES,' THEY WERE GIFTED BY HIS HAND, AND IT WAS HE WHO ANOINTED THEM. The Lord had a purpose for them and it was TO USHER IN THE CHARISMATIC RENEWAL WITH MUSICAL REVIVAL around the world. But He said that the four lads from Liverpool went AWOL and did not serve in his army. They served their own purposes and gave the gift to the other side. In a sense, the Beatles were like the first man, Adam, who was called to rule the earth but fell to rebellion and rejected his call. But the purpose of God will be fulfilled through "the last Adam," Christ. The purpose of God in bringing forth a music that help to prepare for the coming harvest will likewise be fulfilled by others.

The Lord said that in 1970 He lifted the anointing for that extraordinary music that could arrest the attention of men, and for twenty years He has held it in His hand. He is about to release it again. He said that it does not belong to the world, it belongs to the church. That's why it (the amp) was in the church's equipment room, because it is part of the church's equipment. Music does not belong to Satan, but he has stolen much of it and seeks to use it for his own evil purposes. Music was given to worship the Lord but Satan has turned it for self-worship, which is the reason we tend to worship musicians, and they tend to require that people worship them. That is all part of the perversion of the fall.

True worship and true music belong to Jesus Christ. They are given to his church to serve him with. The anointing the Lord is about to release on music is going to sweep the world in a manner like the Beatles did when they first came out. It's going to be a MUSIC THAT IS NEW IN KIND, NEW IN SOUND, ARRESTING IN ITS CONTENT; IT WILL STOP TRAFFIC, AND IT WILL TURN MEN'S HEADS AND CAPTURE THEIR HEARTS, but this time it will do it for the Lord.

In this dream I saw the balcony scene when the Beatles first played on the Ed Sullivan Show. I saw the kids pulling their hair, crying, falling down and fainting and wringing their hands. That is what I saw-the same emotion, the same devotion, the tears in their eyes and that earnest look of love and adoration on the faces, but this time they were crying for Jesus! When this anointing comes on the music He is about to give His church, and His servants step forth in true service and worship to Him with these gifts, He will display the Holy Spirit in such a way that it will bring that kind of adoration to the Son of God, not to the musicians or our own self-centeredness.

I know that there can be some misunderstanding with this Beatle connection, but that is how it was related to me in the dream and I later saw this principle related in the Scriptures. Psalm 68.18 reads: "You ascended on high, you led captivity captive and gave gifts to men - even among the rebellious..." "The earth is the Lord's and all it contains" (Psalm 24:1). It all belongs to Jesus Christ. As the Lord said through the prophet Joel, "The days will come when I will pour My Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters will prophesy." BUT DOES HE EVEN MEAN THE REBELLIOUS? YES. And there are Biblical examples of it (i.e. when King Saul joined the company of prophets even in his rebellion, and when the high priest prophesied that one man must give his life for the nation, etc.). The Lord makes His sun to shine on the just and the unjust. He makes His rain to come on the wicked and the righteous. Gifts and talents are given by the Lord, even though we may use them for evil.

The Lord meant for the Beatles to be a part of a musical revival, and in a sense it happened, but it took place on the enemy's side. We are now on the threshold of a prophesied new move of God which will be precipitated by a musical revival that encircles the world. God is going to bring praise into the streets. The choir that preceded the army of Jehosaphat will once again lift up the banners and strike the chords, only this time they will turn the hearts of men to Jesus Christ and not to themselves. They won't be saying "John, Paul, George, and Ringo" or "I'm of Paul, I'm of Apollos. I'm an evangelical, I'm a Baptist. I'm a Catholic, or I'm a Lutheran." This time the adoration will be to one person alone - Jesus.

I was then given a third dream. Again I was taken to this large church where I had seen the amplifier. This time the church was empty except for one man. He was upon the stage playing a keyboard and singing to the Lord. It was a beautiful song, and he was crying because of the tender exchange taking place between him and the Lord. He was writing the song right there, just making it up as he went. I was greatly moved by this song and the man's pure worship. I had a camera with me and I decided to take a picture of this to remember it. I took two Polaroid pictures that came out immediately. When I looked at these pictures I was stunned because both of them were glowing with a golden light. I looked up and I then could see it on the man. The entire platform around him was also glowing like gold. I knew that it was the anointing of God.

I went up to this man and said, "Brother look at this," but it startled him. He quickly turned the instrument off and stepped back. I said, "Look at this, look at the anointing of God that's on you." He looked at the pictures only for a second, and putting his hands in his pockets, he shrugged his shoulders and started kicking on the ground shyly saying, "Oh, gosh I didn't know you were here, I'm so embarrassed." As he was going on like this I just looked at him and asked, "What are you doing? You don't have to apologize for this - this is the anointing of the Lord."

Immediately the dream changed. I had these two photographs in my left hand and a parchment scroll in my right hand. I looked at that scroll and it was a letter written by an unknown soldier of the Salvation Army forty years ago. It was signed Unknown Soldier. I read this letter and it was a prophecy. It said that the time would come when the Lord God WILL RELEASE INTO THE STREETS AN ARMY OF WORSHIPPING WARRIORS KNOWN AS THE "SONS OF THUNDER." They will bring forth praise into the streets that will birth evangelism and praise and give many children to God.

The Lord said, Say this to the church: 'Stand in the light lift up your voice and sing in the streets. Sing the simple message of the gospel--In the Name of Jesus Christ the Lord, be saved. Lift up your voice as a witness to Christ and the Spirit of God will cause people to be converted'.

The Lord is calling men and women into a ministry of evangelism that will take them places where the churches cannot go.. And-like the stigma associated with motorcycle gangs, there will be rejection and misunderstanding associated with this ministry. Some will not understand why they go into bars and associate with people who look demonic (and sometimes are), just as the Lord himself was misunderstood for his associations. Even so, the word of the Lord to the Sons of Thunder was be in the world but not of it!

Then the Lord said this, "The last call is a call to intercession." He said to me that the dream ended the way it did for an important reason. He wanted us to know that while it is going to happen, it is not happening yet. It's about to happen, and between now and when it does there is a call for intercession. When the prophecy of that unknown soldier of the Salvation Army of a generation ago and the vision of the anointed man of music are joined hand in hand by those who will intercede, and those two things touch the heart of Jesus through intercessory prayer, THE ANOINTING WILL BE RELEASED ON THE SONS OF THUNDER. AND THE SONS OF THUNDER WILL BE RELEASED INTO THE STREETS. WE WILL THEN SEE A WORLDWIDE MOVE OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

The Sons Of Thunder - A Prophetic Dream (given in 1990) by James Ryle
As reported in The Morning Star (undated copy)

EXTRACT NUMBER FOUR: The sounds of the earth redeemed for God's use.

The Lord has given me a word for this festival. There's an anointing that God has placed upon this festival and the Lord will raise up many voices, not just through this festival but through the machine, through the administration and through the leadership as they seek God and His very heart in this hour. And the Lord will bring sounds from across the nations of the earth to this area and MANY PEOPLE WILL DISCERN IN THEIR SPIRIT TO COME AND REDEEM THE SOUNDS OF THE EARTH FOR THE LORD.

And I shall lift you up says the Lord; and I shall make your name known and there will be people queuing to come says my father in Heaven. And I see that financial provision will not even be an issue and I stand against the powers of darkness who would come against the provision for the work of the Lord and I release abundance to Cross Rhythms [A British music magazine] and all the media endeavours that they will pursue.

Today's a new day. The heavens are open says the Lord, and I shall pour out my melodies from Heaven and many shall come to know me. And to the leadership, father my Levites, father my prophets and father those that carry my heart in all the sounds in all the earth.


A Prophetic Word. by Stephen Bennett, New South Wales, Australia
As reported in the music magazine "Cross Rhythms", Oct/Nov 1995

EXTRACT NUMBER FIVE: Latter-Rain style "sonship" means receiving a new song

Prophetic word given on December 29, 1995 to Victory Christian Fellowship via Rich Carey:

Tear down the altars of Mammon. Cleanse My holy temple of the money changers who take advantage of my people to make a profit for themselves. Let My zeal for My house become yours, that I may dwell among you. Invite My holy fire to come into your life. Put yourself on the altar that I might consume you with my fire. Let Me burn up all that prevents you from abiding with Me on My holy mountain.

Your hearts are distracted by many things, and you do not know how to worship Me in Spirit and truth. Let me release you from all those chains THAT YOU MIGHT GO BEYOND THE OUTER COURTS, THAT YOU MIGHT PASS THROUGH THE VEIL AND COME INTO MY INNER CHAMBER. For you have not experienced the worship that I long to draw from you. You cling to the shadow, but I am bringing you into the reality of true worship.


Let the Song of the Lord spring forth. Let the harmonies of My Spirit rise from the Temple and watch the captives be set free. Watch the miraculous break out in your midst. Watch the hardest of hearts be broken before Me, for such is the power of true worship.

Let the spirit of sonship arise within you. I have not called you to remain as babes, but to come into the fullness of your inheritance. I have made you to be overcomers, the army of the living God. I have commissioned you as my ambassadors to the world. Why then do you live as though you are your own? Have I not purchased you from among the nations with the blood of my own Son? Have I not adopted you into my royal family, to be as kings and priests over all of my creation?

Enter into sonship. Become my bondslaves, as those who have been freed from the bondage of sin. Walk in the maturity that I have called you to walk in. Run in the strength that flows from the Living Water. Soar with Me above the clouds on the breezes of my Spirit. Sit with Me in heavenly places and learn my ways, for this is the way of sonship.

Behold, I come quickly. Now is the time for my sons, my holy ones to arise. The night is almost over, and the Day is at hand. Arise from your slumber and heed the call of the Bridegroom. Clothe yourself in righteousness and dignity as the Bride of the King. A table is being prepared for you in the midst of my enemies, and you shall dine with Me on the finest of meats and breads and wine. HEAVEN IS DESCENDING UPON THE EARTH, and the time for harvest has come. Awake, oh sleeping virgins, oh slumbering Bride! Your King is coming!

Prophecy for 1996 by Rich Carey, received via e-mail
Date: 1 Jan 1996

"The Beatles in particular epitomise: the powerful music revolution to come."

The following are further extracts that strengthen the case against rock music and particularly the Beatles; they also show how the plot of the theosophists in subjugating all peoples to their Luciferic Plan is now well advanced, even in the Church, where rock music and dominion lyrics now dominate the scene, especially in "renewal" circles.

The first extract was written in 1974. We might usefully speculate how much confirmation of the Plan he might discover in today's song lyrics!! I wonder if even this writer could have prophesied the rise of heavy metal, death metal and blatant new-age trance music being on the open market. Could he have forseen the use of "subliminals" promoted through Christian bookstores in the form of "transformation tapes"? Would he have believed those who told him of the swift advance of new-age thought into Christian arts festivals such as Greenbelt (report below)?

How gratified the new-agers must be today when they view the state of the Church, almost totally wrapped up in its self-regarding contemplation of its own needs and desires, willing to overthrow the plain word of scripture in order to seek growth, power and prestige, and in doing so, welcoming the Luciferic kingdom with open arms!

How pleased they must be when tapes of supposedly "anointed" warfare music are released that have the power to transform the minds and hearts of those who hear them, regardless of words, scriptures or the understanding of the gospel. Truly, a transformation IS taking place, but it is not an intelligent acceptance of the plan of God for salvation. It is the emotional and spiritual intrusion of demonic thoughts and ideas into brainwashed, hypnotised and thoughtless minds that open themselves without reserve to the powers and energies of such "new" music.

I have the testimony on record of the mother of a young girl - too young to understand the principles of scripture - who was captivated by the worship music of the Vineyard, and who thereafter developed an aversion to prayer taking place in the home, together with a desperate need for assurance and comfort from her mother. She was traumatised! The music had brought not peace, but mental and spiritual torment to this little innocent heart. Many others could, I am sure, testify likewise.

EXTRACT NUMBER SIX: The use of music for new-age transformation

"One cannot help but note that we are presently in that period within which the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom are due to emerge on radio. This being the case, it might be wise to consider how we might recognise the teachings when they occur, for it is not certain that they will proclaim themselves with drum and bugle corps, so to speak. it is likely that the teaching will be clothed in the vestures of the Aquarian age which it seeks to serve, but at present we still don't know very much about what the Aquarian age will look like. The purpose or this article then, is to suggest some general characteristics for which we might look in the new teachings. and to give some examples of where the teaching appears to have occurred already.

One general point: we must expand our field of vision from radio to all forms of electronic media, for most assuredly. television and movies will be utilised. Having suggested this. we will confine our discussion to an area within which the presentation of the wisdom is more readily perceivable; THE FIELD OF ROCK MUSIC We may, perhaps, consider ROCK AS AN INTERIM FORM TO PROVIDE A CONTINUITY BETWEEN THE BREAKING DOWN OF THE OLD PATTERNS AND THE EMERGENCE OF THE NEW.

The question may arise: "Why rock music?" For one thing, virtually all people in the Western nations have rock music in their immediate environment at some point in their life cycles, generally their youth. Within the segment of the populace which listens to rock music habitually. there are a greater number of souls subject to the Aquarian vibration; souls in incarnation who are responsible for expressing Aquarian values in their daily lives. There is a very broad field of receptivity as far as rock music is concerned; this fulfils a prime condition necessary for effective communication. As for the Hierarchy, it is reasonable to expect that they will gladly use the most up-to-date methods when it comes to furthering the Plan. And if it is not outside the bounds of propriety for the Christ to travel about in airplanes, as D.K. has suggested, then one would surely expect, as regards integration with modern living, no less of the workers in the media field.

IT MIGHT BE SAID THAT THE BEATLES INAUGURATED THE INTERIM MUSIC OF THE AQUARIAN AGE. Certainly the course and methods of musical creativity shifted when they came upon the scene. They were, in essence, the first observable, functioning group consciousness in the field, relying on group interplay rather than a leader to create their music. They were the source for a great deal of worthy music, much of which still loiters in the corridors of buildings endowed with music, as well as other more likely places. The following lines have been heard not only on radio but also at the climax of an animated film entitled Yellow Submarine:

There's nothing you can do which can't be done,
Nothing you can sing which can't be sung .
Nothing that can be that's not the way it's meant to be,
It's easy.
All you need is love; all you need is love;
All you need is love. love; love is all you need.

From: All You Need Is Love.

Consider the statement, "all you need is love", in the light of the shift in attitudes from gross materialism to a more spiritual, non-material set or values. It is then seen that these lines are a potent teaching about what is realty needed for the sustenance of life.

One could amass an entire book on the teachings of the Beatles (other examples given) **[but see below. Ed.]**

It is important to realise THAT ROCK MUSIC IS DEALING INTELLIGENTLY THROUGH ITS LYRICS WITH ALL ASPECTS OF THE ANCIENT WISDOM. ...Rock music is also expanding humanity's horizons...

(examples given)

(Aquarian) Wisdom in the media will be attractive not only because it is spiritually worthwhile but also because of aesthetic vibrancy and joy....: this vibrancy, which is something akin to the knowing twinkle of a friend's eye, translated to media, will implant the teachings by its method as well as its content, AND IT WILL LEAD HUMANITY INTO THE NEW AGE LIKE THE PIED PIPER. THE SOUND OF THE AQUARIAN TEACHINGS WILL BE OF SUCH POTENCY AS TO BE IRRESISTIBLE.

From: The Aquarian Use Of Media by Doug Friedenberg
From "The Beacon", a New Age magazine, issue Mar/Apr 1974.

(Also in this issue were articles from Djwhal Khul, the demon who directed, through automatic writing, the thoughts and teachings of Alice Bailey, and from Foster Bailey, the husband of Alice - both of these were founders of what we know as the New Age Movement. This article, therefore, comes from hardcore satanist sources.)


No wonder the new-age loves them! The Beatles were a notable first in many ways. They were the first real rock and roll group to win universal adulation and they pushed music to the forefront of human consciousness. They were the first to develop and use deliberate backmasking on their records. They were the first to combine Western materialism with Eastern mysticism in a potent mix that hooked a whole generation on mystic religion and drugs.

Their Press Agent, Derek Taylor said that while he himself was "anti Christ" the Beatles were anti Christ in a way that shocked even him. John Lennon famously remarked in 1966 that the group was more famous than Jesus Christ; Paul McCartney said in 1965 that they were anti-religious because none of them believed in God - yet Ryle would have us believe that the Fab Four were gifted and anointed of God and that anointing was only lifted when the Beatles consciously sold out to the devil. Believe me, the Beatles were ALWAYS the devil's agents!

How gullible Christians are. I remember back in the early days of my Christian walk that a fellow believer in our Bible Group kept playing and singing the song "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison in the mistaken belief that it was about Jesus Christ. (It was dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Krishna.)

The Beatles did, as the above new-ager and James Ryle both point out, influence their generation in a ground-breaking way, for they promoted by their songs and lifestyles the acceptance of promiscuity, drugs, rebellion and the occult. Much could be said about their use of various drugs including LSD and the way their song lyrics reflected this fact. There is also a whole pile of documentary evidence of their love of the occult, their allegiance to Hinduism and other religions, and their intense and open hatred of Christ and Christianity.

It is now a well-known fact that the satanist Aleister Crowley is among the figures that decorate the Beatle's album cover for "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band". This Black Magician who called himself The Beast was a beloved hero to the Beatles, and influenced much of their thinking. Crowley had recommended doing things backwards - talking, walking, writing, singing - as an occult ritual. The Beatles employed the technique in their song "Revolution Number 9" to promote a false rumour, for publicity purposes, that Paul McCartney was dead. The section that repeats the phrase "number 9, number 9" in reverse could be heard to say "turn me on, dead man."

(Tapes are available that expose deliberate and demonic backmasking in both non-Christian and Christian rock music. The book "Devil's Disciples" by Jeff Godwin has in its appendix the testimony of a former high-ranking witch who was involved in backmasking at various US recording studios.)

Charles Manson is one who was influenced by the demonic content of the Beatle's records, for he claimed to have heard secret messages on the "White Album" that told him to butcher Sharon Tate and her friends. The power of rock music was then in its infancy, but today we are seeing the fruit of it - open satanic worship, bloodlust, perversion, blasphemy and every kind of twisted thinking; with demonic chants and incantations, hypnotic drum beats, and backmasked messages calling on those who hear the music to rebel, reject God, bring about chaos and even to kill. (How many bizarre murders are carried out under the spell of rock music?).

The Beatles have just been brought to public awareness for a second time as the world celebrated their anniversary. Their music was heard all over again, and there were even attempts to re-form the group; some old tracks were released and "newly-discovered" songs were promoted. In order to keep their ideas alive, TV documentaries and books have been widely circulated as if the new-agers know (like James Ryle!!) that the time is ripe for another paradigm shift in human consciousness similar to the one they produced in the 60's.

EXTRACT NUMBER SEVEN: The Beatles as the Pioneers of change, both in world and Church

"Hey Jude" may be just as important a means of divine expression as the Coronation Mass, according to a new report on Church Music commissioned by the Archbishops of York and Canterbury. "In Tune With Heaven", published yesterday, [May 7th, 1992] calls for churches to improve the quality of music in their services and to tolerate a greater diversity in their musical repertoire.

"GOD CAN REVEAL SOMETHING OF HIMSELF THROUGH MANY STYLES OF MUSIC, WHETHER IT BE MOZART OR THE BEATLES," says the report, which argues against censoring church music.

"Tolerance of different approaches is essential. We are, unhappily, accustomed to despising the forms of worship unfamiliar to us, but it can be deadly to the life of the Church. Whilst preferences are both allowable and necessary, judgmentalism is not," it says.

Dr Carey, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who launched the report at Lambeth Palace yesterday, said: "All types and traditions of music have great potential and possibilities. We shouldn't be circumscribed in our choice." Despite his catholic musical taste Dr Carey, who broke with tradition at his enthronement last year by mixing revivalist-style guitar and saxophone music with traditional hymns, refused to pose at the launch with a guitarist

Dr John Habgood, the Archbishop of York, said: "What speaks to you musically depends on the culture with which you are familiar. But some of the music you hear in churches today does eat its way into your brain in a rather obsessional manner." The report, compiled by the Bishop of Portsmouth, surveyed congregations around Britain. He found poor musicianship in churches, "reluctant organists" and choirs that are "too often a triumph of optimism over ability". The state of music in churches was "generally unsatisfactory" he concluded.

In Tune With Heaven: The Report of the Archbishops' Commission on Church Music is published jointly by Church House Publishing and Hodder & Stoughton. Price £8.50

Beatles Sound Divine Says Church Report By James Delingpole
Arts Correspondent, Daily Telegraph, UK

EXTRACT NUMBER EIGHT: The Beatles as Change Agents

(This article demonstrates that, four years after his infamous prophecy about the Beatles, Ryle had not changed his beliefs.)

Three decades ago, four young men took the world by storm with their music. No other musical group has affected the sociological and philosophical culture of any nation as did The Beatles. Whether one liked their music or not, no one can deny the dramatic impact they had. How can we account for millions of youngsters' desperate adoration for them? The answer, I believe, is that the social climate of the day was ripe for what The Beatles seemed to offer. An entire generation was caught in the cultural vacuum of a mass identity crisis. They groped with the assassination of President John Kennedy, were angered by the insanity of the Vietnam War and didn't trust anyone over 30.

The church's inability to communicate the gospel in a contemporary way to a generation searching for truth did much to set the stage for the Beatles' arrival. The Fab Four burst on the scene and set off a chain reaction that rocked the world.

Lest I be mistaken for commending The Beatles, let me quickly add that their spiritual, moral and social failures dis qualified them from having any message for us other than, "Don't do what w did." Yet despite their shortcomings, NO ONE CAN DOUBT THAT JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE AND RINGO WERE GREATLY GIFTED BY GOD. It is clear, however, that they did not honor God with their gifts-and therein lies the reason for their downfall.

It has been said that history repeats itself. Now, 30 years later, we see again an entire generation plagued with disillusionment, confusion and fear.... Once again the time is ripe for the wonder of music to turn our heads and capture our hearts. This time, however, I believe the Lord alone will take center stage. We will see musicians who are anointed by God and gifted with even greater ability than The Beatles. But unlike The Beatles, these musicians will not fail to glorify God-and therein will be the secret of their success.

And when those whom the Lord has anointed step forth, their faces will be radiant with His glory, their voices will resonate with His love. AND THEIR SONGS WILL DEPOSIT THE REDEEMING POWER OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST INTO THE LIVES OF THOSE WHO HEAR THE NEW SOUND OF MUSIC!

The New Sound Of Music
By James Ryle
Charisma Magazine, February 1994


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