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some said it thundered The Kansas City Prophets Exposed

Ernie Gruen's Report

Transcribed by Tricia Tillin
© 1994 Banner Ministries

On this page you may download the PDF file containing the entire 233-page report by Ernie Gruen called "Aberrant Practices" at the Kansas City Fellowship/Grace Ministries that circulated to thousands of pastors in an attempt to show them what was really going on at Grace Ministries.

It gives a large number of personal testimonies, eye-witness accounts of abuses within Kansas City Fellowship, and many quotes from the tapes and messages given by the KCProphets showing their Manifested Sons of God teachings.

There is also an audio of the original cassette tape "Do we keep smiling and say nothing" by Ernie Gruen to be found at the given link, or you can listen to it here, if you have the correct plugins.

As you can read in this personal testimony, from a member of the church for eight years, these abuses were not acknowledged at the time, nor was the latter-rain/MSOG/ dominionist teaching corrected but has increased over the years to become almost the guiding light of the fellowship.

Download the file here:


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