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overshadowingTHE "OVERSHADOWING" (Part Two of Two)

By Tricia Tillin

Contents of Part Two
  1. A Counterfeit Transfiguration
  2. A Counterfeit Rapture
  3. A Counterfeit Coming of the Lord
  4. A Counterfeit New Creation

Woe to the rebellious children, saith the LORD, that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin: That walk to go down into Egypt, and have not asked at my mouth; to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt! Therefore shall the strength of Pharaoh be your shame, and the trust in the shadow of Egypt your confusion. (Isa 30:1-3)

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   the Gatekeepers part 2; and The New Thing part 3B

5. It is a Counterfeit Transfiguration

In order to be filled with the "divine nature," we must be overshadowed by the divine. ... ["The Pattern"]

During the Transfiguration of Jesus on the Mount, a cloud overshadowed him and those with him. This scripture is now being used to support a latter-day overshadowing of believers to transfigure them in just the same way.

A double portion of anointing, even the early & latter rain shall be given this remnant of the spiritual seed of Israel who then truly shall be "a people PREPARED FOR THE LORD."…These prepared ones … are the "overcomers", found "worthy" to be clothed in white raiment of the canopy of the light in Christ's righteousness (Rev. 9:8), being 'TRANSFIGURED'' in the power of the bright glory cloud that overshadows them, wherein they themselves become a single unified part of its radiant glory. See the type in Matt. 7:1-8 where Christ's most beloved disciples shared in this revelation of His revealed glory. "The Sign of the Son of Man" Ross McKay, Light of His Glory Ministries.

The following quote is from a book that has, since the 1950's, brought more men and women into the MSOG teachings than any other.

The whole transfiguration scene is a beautiful picture of the power and coming of the Lord into the midst of His people in this glorious hour to create the Moses-Elijah ministry. [another term for the Manchild, see the appendix] ... Moses died; Elijah lived. Moses went down into the grave; Elijah went up into Heaven. Moses administered death and condemnation; Elijah in translation administered life and power--and the very mantle that he wore fluttered down upon his servant Elisha, even the mantle of power and life. This is the hour of God's vengeance upon the earth; but it is also the hour of God's Glory in the midst of His people. George Warnock "The Feast of Tabernacles"

Once again we see the connections being formed between the Glory, the overshadowing cloud that manifested during the Transfiguration of Jesus, and the Mantle of Elijah that is to fall (they say) upon his people. These are all metaphors for the same thing.

6. It is a Counterfeit of the Rapture

Closely tied in with the idea of transfiguration is the transformation of believers at the Rapture. This, too, is said to be achieved by the Overshadowing.

The following is a quote from a message by "prophet" Bill Burns about "The Third Day":

The Third Day shall release My glory upon My holy mountain (Zion/church), and it shall produce resurrection power which shall abide on the righteous as a covering. My glory will be life to those who love Me with all of their hearts, but it will become a fire of destruction to those whose hearts are not wholly given.

Beware, My people, for these are the days of glory in which the Third Day anointing will be released, and that anointing will produce either life or death.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, "For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord."

Notice how he speaks of this overshadowing - as the descent of the Lord to rapture his people and transform them into their glorious resurrection bodies! Like other teachers, he relocates this event to this present earth.

"The Bible never said that Jesus was coming to catch up His Church and take it away. ...
When the Bible says caught up, it is not referring to miles or light years."

We will still be in our body, but it will be changed. It will be a glorious body.... those who are still dwelling in these mortal bodies shall be caught up ... The mortal shall put on immortality. Death shall be swallowed up in victory. The Sons of God, that man-child company, shall be caught up unto God, and to His Throne [of rulership over the earth]. The manifestation of the Sons of God takes place. The Latter Rain Page

7. It is a Counterfeit "Coming" of Christ

In other articles on this site, I have shown that the coming of Jesus is being misinterpreted today as the "coming of the glory" or the "return of the Shekinah to the Temple".

Some who adopt the "new thing" still cling to the notion that Jesus will return eventually in physical form at the end of the age, (but only after the kingdom has been set up and all God's enemies have been subdued under the feet of the Church). Some are going further and saying that the coming of The Glory is in fact the ONLY coming there is or ever will be.

Preston Eby, a major Sonship/MSOG teacher highly regarded in revival circles, taught that the clouds that covered Jesus in his ascension, and will do so at his return, are in fact the believers who have been incorporated into the Corporate Christ over the ages. One of Eby's associates, Elwin R. Roach, carried this thought to its logical conclusion. Jesus is not a man, but a fiery cloud composed of his many-membered Body.

Therefore there will be NO physical return in Person of the Lord Jesus, (for heaven is not a location but our relationship with Christ), and that all we are to look for is a greater manifestation in the earth of the clouds of glory - who are (according to this teaching) the glorified saints.

Every Christian should know that His people are called clouds of power (Psa 68:34-35). This is basic understanding. They should also know we are now seated with Him in heaven (Eph 2:6). And there is one more bit of basic knowledge - heaven is a relationship in Christ, it is a spiritual sphere or realm, not a piece of real estate in outer-space. Therefore, if His people are His clouds (Psa 68:34-35), and we are already seated in heaven (Eph 2:6), where clouds, of course, belong - what does this say? Simply put - WE ARE THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN, HEREIN IS WHERE OUR LORD DWELLS, and THESE ARE THE SAME CLOUDS IN WHICH HE COMES. HE APPEARS IN THE CLOUDS OF HIS SAINTS! [capitals in original] "Secrets of The Cherubim"

What he is saying is that the coming of Jesus takes place as a spiritual event within the Body of the Church, as it is transfigured into the Corporate Christ. What the world sees is an amalgam of Christ and his Body on earth, and the Father (apparently) commends these endtimes immortal rulers to mankind:

The coming of the Lord, which also is the coming of Christ, or the coming of God in the Spirit, generally takes place in a cloud of Spirit ...For example, when Jesus ascended heavenward after His resurrection and in the presence of His apostles, "a cloud received him out of their sight" ...or a cloud of Spirit took Jesus into heaven. Therefore, those who love His appearing must also see Him in the Spirit and by the Spirit when He comes in a cloud of Spirit to transform His waiting, believing sons. Those who are spiritually minded will see Christ when He appears; they will be transformed by seeing Him as He is in the Spirit (1 Jo. 3:2).

There may be one grand and glorious appearing of Christ to His people that will take place openly and before the multitudes of this world. That may be the appearing of Christ at the manifestation of the sons of God. Christ will appear in a cloud of Spirit, to transform His maturing, prepared sons. That will be the manifestation of the sons of God. And when His sons are fully manifested, every eye shall see Him, including those who pierced Him (Rev. 1:7).

The people of the world will not see us, they will see the completed Christ, both Head and body, of which we are a part. ... Then, after the sons of God have been manifested, our Father may also appear in a cloud of Spirit, to announce with much Fatherly, spiritual satisfaction, dignity and purpose, "these are my beloved sons in whom I am well pleased, hear ye them." [The Kingdom of God comes to Earth, Part 3, Paul Mueller]

8. It is a Counterfeit New Creation/Millennium

Once or twice already the overshadowing Spirit has been linked to the brooding of the Holy Spirit over the void in Genesis. This is yet another allegory concerning the creation of a new earth and a new age (or rather the recreation of this present earth).

It has been pointed out many times in religious literature that the act of "brooding" upon the waters by the Holy Spirit in the first physical creation (including the creation of Adam) was a procreative act similar to the overshadowing of Mary. Actually it was more like the incubation of a bird sitting upon eggs, rather than a direct act of intercourse, but the teachers of the "new thing" prefer to see it that way because of the implications for the latter-day Church.

The Spirit of God was moving, hovering, and brooding over the face of the waters. And God said “Let there be Light” and there was light.

Our anointed creativity has its origin in the very nature of God. The urge to create is, for us, a redemptive urge. The Spirit of God broods over chaos and brings forth order. The Spirit of God broods over darkness and brings forth Light. And the Spirit in us seizes our hearts and minds and perceptions, and thrusts us brooding into intercession. ...This is why there is such an intricate interweaving of the prophetic with intercession and of both with worship and praise. There is a release about to occur. A birthing. A bursting forth. Explosive, re-creative, transforming, translating, overcoming resurrection power. Beyond impartation, it will bring a flood, a torrent of Davidic anointing for prophetic, redeeming, healing, conquering, reigning militant praise, from the heart of a warrior psalmist. "The Heavens Are Full" Altar Fire - (cached page only available, original site has been deleted.)

But once again the new teaching is that the Overshadowing to come will begin an act of recreation not only in mankind (by judgement and purification) and the Church (by transfiguration) but of the physical universe that "longs to see the manifestation of the sons of god" and its day of release from the bondage to corruption.

The scripture upon which this teaching is based comes from the book of Romans:

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. ...Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. .. ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. (Rom 8:18-23)

You can see from the above verses how they might be misinterpreted to mean that the GLORY to be revealed in us is actually that of the OVERSHADOWING to come in these last days; therefore the physical creation will be released from its bondage to corruption at the very same time, and by the same means.

Romans 8:19 "For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God."

The term "sons of glory" describes those who have been abiding in His presence and have been infused with His glory....There is going to come a mighty impartation of Christ's authority to the Sons of Glory who will demonstrate the power of His kingdom with awesome signs and wonders following. ...The glory of the King will so rest upon His latter days' temple that a visible presence of the shekinah glory of Almighty God will be upon His Sons of Glory, and the world itself will witness the Kingdom of God in manifestation. [The Sons of His Glory by Bill Burns Faith Tabernacle Nov 1998]

Clearly, this alternative interpretation has the "sons" as the agency of restoration, not Jesus himself.

(Terms like the "adoption" and "sonship" and the "manifestation of the sons of god" have been circulating for some time in revival circles, all stemming from heretical interpretations of scripture. These doctrines are examined more fully in other articles on this site.)

It is thought that the coming of this overpowering glory will bring about in due course a glorious NEW AGE of spiritual revelation and victory, and that the physical universe will become a perfected NEW CREATION fit for the presence of the King and his Bride.

Bible scholars have always associated these events with the physical return of the Lord Jesus and his setting up of the thousand-year millennial reign (followed by the recreation of the earth and heavens). That is the plain meaning of Romans 8:23-24 which has the physical creation released at the same time as believers receive the "redemption of our body". (Compare Luke 21:27-28 and 1 John 3:2 and especially Phil 3:20-21).

The new teaching, however, speaks of a restoration to be brought about by means of the Corporate Christ on earth, transfigured and all-powerful, having been OVERSHADOWED by the same Spirit who was brooding creatively over the earth in the beginning.

You begin to see how vital is this process of transformation, in their eyes, and how much importance is attached to the overshadowing, when you grasp that the fate of all mankind and the physical universe itself is wrapped up in this event! Here we have no take-it-or-leave-it religious concept but an event upon which hangs the destiny of us all - according to the teaching.

The only solution to the problems of every person and of the whole creation lies with the elect remnant. Only by growing spiritually and ascending our mount of transfiguration, to worship the Lord and minister to Him in the Holy of holies and be changed into the image and likeness of Christ, shall the whole creation be delivered of its bondage to decay (Ro. 8:19-23). The complete deliverance of every person who has ever lived, as well as the whole creation, will take place when we are transformed and changed, from this body of flesh and blood to our new body of the Life and Glory of Christ. Our spiritual maturity and ascension has already begun the restoration of all things; it is also bringing the glory and power of heaven to the earth. The coming of the kingdom of God, from the heavenlies of Spirit to the earth, will transform this world and everything of it, including all mankind. Therefore, the elect of the Lord are the key to that mighty, all-inclusive deliverance. The manifestation of the sons of God, which is patterned after the transfiguration of Jesus, is the one and only major event that will bring deliverance to the groaning creation. [Paul and Emily Mueller Portland OR]

Woe betide anyone who does not approve of or participate in this work!

The Occult/New-Age Overshadowing

Interestingly, occultists have always known about the concept of "overshadowing" and understood it in terms of spiritual possession!

There has also been a recognition that ...spirit beings have sought for centuries to make contact, and have made contact in various forms with humanity. One form of this training in early history was in the form of oracles.... What about the herbologist in the village who could walk through the forest and come across this scraggly little plant there, and know that it could be boiled down and would serve to cure the painful throat? That was a form of spirit communication, in a different way. That was contact with the nature spirits. Mediumship can be a vehicle by which access is gained by these beings to this plane to impart certain information for a short period of time.

Prior to this form of mediumship in the earlier development of humanity is what is called trance-mediums. Now we see primarily the type of mediumship that I discussed earlier [channelling] that is consciousness, though temporary in nature...

There is another element that was introduced to humanity, and this is what is called overshadowing. And there were certain Lords of Light, who actually come and overshadow certain initiates. Overshadowing is where an initiate has a very close, ongoing relationship with a being, but it is one in which there still is a separation. Overshadowing allows an inflow of information on an ongoing basis.

There is also another form of mediumship that is making its way into humanity and this is called indwelling. What does indwelling mean? There are those Lords of Light, who have received permission from the hierarchy, to assist humanity in a unique way. This is where there is actually a permanent joining with an initiate. Right now this form of contact is rather limited. MEDIUMSHIP by Aeptha

Theosophy (based largely on the teachings of Madame Blavatsky, 1831 - 1891 but now incorporated into what we call the New Age Movement) says that Jesus was but one "Avatar" who received in his body the "celestial entity" of the Christ. This also demonstrates "overshadowing" really means.

The word Avatara is a Sanskrit compound, and may be translated as 'passing down,' and signifies the passing down of a celestial Energy or, what comes to the same thing, of an individualized complex of celestial energies, which is equivalent to saying a celestial being, in order to overshadow and illuminate some human being..." [H. P. Blavatsky: The Mystery: Chapter V -- Approaching the Light]

The New Age Movement teaches that the Christ Spirit took the body of a man called Jesus in Israel two thousand years ago. Needless to say, this version of events is completely at variance with the biblical accounts.

Before we can appreciate the Second Coming of Christ we must understand who He was when He lived His life as the Christ. The startling answer is that before Jesus was baptized by John in Jordan, the Son of God was not on the earth in fullness, but John was aware of how he was to come ...John ... was awaiting that final confirmation when he would see the Spirit descend and "remain" with some holy man. Who then was the Son of God? It was the Spirit that John saw descending on Jesus. This entity was of such a high order that a pure body had to be prepared for him, for He could not at that time incarnate directly among the Sons of Men.

... and for three great years Jesus and the Son of God shared the same body. ...This dual occupancy is called an "overshadowing" by some teachers of the race. The Spirit of Christ overshadowed the body of Jesus, and Jesus was in such harmony with the Christ that he always did what was communicated to him because he realized the Christ was a higher intelligence. .. the tactics used by evil entities are a mere distorted reflection of [this]... It is but a copy of divine possession, except the difference is that evil takes away free agency and God always works with complete freedom of individual action. [The Overshadowing Jesus by Joseph J. Dewey]

This writer tries to make a distinction between the christ-spirit taking up residence in Jesus and possession by an evil spirit, but of course there is no difference when we are talking about an entity overshadowing and becoming the nature of a man! This shows that what new-agers call "overshadowing" is in face DEMONIC POSSESSION.

Now the same writer goes on to speak of the present day, and that men and women today will experience a similar overshadowing, which he associates with the SECOND coming of this Christ-Spirit. (Note that in every case, both occult and "christian", the overshadowing reveals a spirit or a fire or a glory, and NOT the physical and real Person of Jesus Christ!)

What happened in the dual possession of the body of Jesus will also happen with a number of others before the Christ walks among us again in the flesh, except this time he will come in greater glory, for he may eventually come in a body which is entirely his own, [Editor - the Antichrist??] but before this can occur there will be a number of temporary overshadowings. ... we shall someday experience an overshadowing as Jesus did if we are worthy. They are actually prophesies that refer to the second stage of the Second Coming.

The second coming of Christ has to be the most misunderstood doctrine in all Christendom ... The word "coming" comes from the Greek PAROUSIA which more correctly is translated as "presence".

The three stages of the coming of Christ are:

(1) The teaching and introduction of the Christ Consciousness. The lifting up of the Son of Man or the Christ consciousness in a large group of people.

(2) The partial and/or complete overshadowing of certain disciples and groups.

(3) The appearance of Christ himself in a physical body

The second step is the beginning of the presence of the entity who is Christ on the earth for He shall indeed be present even though it may not be in a body of his own to start with, and this event is actually prophesied of in the scriptures themselves.

[This] second stage in the presence of Christ involves a larger group of disciples wherein the Christ within them will be manifest on a larger scale.

It strikes me that some church doctrine and new-age teaching is walking hand in hand! The concept of the glorious Spirit coming to indwell a Body of people, becoming a many-membered Christ on the earth is exactly what is being taught by some in the revival today!

That is because it is not in fact a NEW teaching, but an AGE-OLD doctrine, as old as the serpent. It has lately been taught by MSOG and sonship groups, but previously by various mystics and gnostics throughout the ages, for example Jane Leade (1624 — 1704) who (interestingly) received her insight by an overshadowing. (Note 1.)

As to the manner of [re-]Generation, it is all Purely Spiritual, as the Holy Ghost shall go forth from them, to overshadow and give a conception in such as are Predestinate to bring forth Christ, numerously through corporeal Forms... Jane Leade

However, now the appeal of these teachings has spread and they are being mixed with conventional church doctrines.

From the above we see the real origins of such teaching - lying demons who are preparing the way for the total embodiment of this "Christ", the Antichrist himself in "his own body". But before that time it is predicted that he will manifest powerfully into a prepared group of men and women - BY AN OVERSHADOWING. That is just what we are being told in prophecies and messages from church leaders!

This Christ Spirit is supposed to be one of the "Rays" - universal spiritual-powers embodied in the planets - who comes to earth to effect an advance or an evolution in mankind.

The influence of a specific ray type overshadows the planet Earth for the same reasons It would overshadow an expression. In order to produce the right reactions out of humanity …During each epoch in history, a specific ray must overshadow the populace in order that certain actions are pursued. These energies impel the masses of that time period to respond to that influence according to their present understanding, and through interacting with each other, a drama unfolds. These are considered to be great growing experiences for any race, which help mold and shape the course of things to come... [Unit #65 The Rays and Humanity]

This new-age doctrine is, astoundingly, repeated almost word for word by teachers thought to be "christian" in the Church, although perhaps on the fringes of it. This statement is a further quote from the MSOG book "The Pattern" :

With every age, there is an overshadowing, and this must come forth within those overshadowed by the will of God for their time. We, therefore, in this time have an overshadowing, and this is the greatest of all the overshadowings of the past. They were only a type of that which God is bringing forth within us for our time and for all mankind.

The Implications

We are faced with a situation where heresy is growing by leaps and bounds in the churches (so much so that almost no organisation or denomination is altogether untouched by it) but at the same time it is being veiled and obscured so that many Christians are unaware of the dangers.

Today's church leaders are coy about their beliefs, even to the extent of denying that they have been influenced by MSOG doctrines. (Maybe some of these leaders are themselves deluded and pick up doctrines without understanding their context. If so, they are woefully lacking in responsibility towards their flocks!) Yet, they teach the concepts whenever they can get away with it, trusting to the ignorance of their listeners.

Believers, unaware of the background, are puzzled by references to the "Mantle of Elijah" or the "Feast of Tabernacles" or "The Kingdom Within" and often have no way of knowing where they are being led.

Step by step, in secrecy and darkness, the minds of believers are being prepared for the "new thing". They are taught to overthrow the old-order concepts such as the Rapture, Heaven as a distinct locality, the physical coming of Jesus and the Millennium, and are having them replaced by ideas that come from the age-old "restoration" doctrine.

They are being fed concepts of earthly glory and rulership over the nations, achieved by an impartation of power far beyond the normal baptism in the Spirit. Too late, they will discover that there's a catch!

A little leaven now is acceptable, but when the "whole lump" is leavened it will present a scene so favourable to satan's plan that he will have little difficulty explaining the final, horrific, consequences.

For, this specially selected company who pride themselves in their role as the saviours of the earth will have the task - once they have been spiritually united with their "christ" - of persecuting and even killing those who stand in their way! I fear that many will not draw back, even then, having been thoroughly seduced by thoughts of power and status.

Step by Step

At the moment, talk of an "overshadowing" is in its very earliest stages, still being represented as a nice new level of anointing that comes upon the most favoured and most spiritual (and how they love to pride themselves in their advanced spirituality!!)

But the purpose of the "overshadowing" - as you can see from all that is written above - is NOT a simple evangelistic exercise, but a phase towards the transfiguration, translation and empowerment of the endtimes world rulers.

It is true that, biblically, no such thing is possible. (Thus, there are those who mock, saying that all such speculation and false prophesy is meaningless nonsense that can be discarded without a thought.) However, that overlooks the endtimes plan of satan which is keeping closer step with some church doctrine that that of the word of God in some cases!

Folks - we are being set up. The Antichrist and his False Prophet will not come into a vacuum and try to exert their power and authority over an unprepared and disbelieving public. No, they will carefully educate the minds and hearts of people beforehand, and especially the religious communities, so that their coming will at the last appear natural and even biblical.

Demonic Delusion

I have warned before, and I do so again, that any latter-day spiritual "overshadowing" that is a global event can only be a massive demonic delusion on a grand scale. This above all forces us to think of the implications for ourselves, and to heed God's warning voice as he lays out these strategies before our eyes.

Those who have eyes to see, should use their spiritual insight to arm themselves against what is to come. In Daniel we are told that it is only the wise that will "see" what is to come; while Jesus intimated many times that most would be asleep at the time of his coming, passing their time in idleness and relaxation, incapable of hearing a warning voice and unaware of their surroundings. He rebuked those who could not tell the signs of the times!

From reading the literature of those who (unlike many church leaders) have no reticence about their beliefs, and no desire to cover them (such as new agers, astrologers and spiritists) any global "overshadowing" would be an attempt to woo mankind into the arms of another "bridegroom" other than the Lord Jesus. It would, it seems, therefore involve the drawing of a spirit of "love" so great that it would be near irresistible - except that those who know the Lord in truth and care about their eternal destiny would perceive it to be a counterfeit of the Holy Spirit.

Let's not put down our guard, then, and drift off into complacency about current events. God has been sounding the trumpet of alarm for some ten years now, increasing the urgency of the note; now our response is to make a complete break with ALL this error and to commend ourselves to HIM in childlike trust and confidence, knowing that he is the only place of safety we can find.


1. The core of Jane Leade's visionary experiences can be traced back to 1670 when her vision of the Virgin-Wisdom, a Sophia figure, appeared to her. She had for some years been meditating upon the spiritual and how to make a relationship with the Virgin-Wisdom archetypal ground of the spiritual world. One day while walking about absorbed in these thoughts, she was suddenly overshadowed by a bright cloud, in the center of which she beheld a woman richly adorned with gold and with her hair hanging down. The woman said, "Behold, I am God's eternal Virgin-Wisdom, whom thou hast been inquiring after".


[This portion was taken from a work supportive of the Manchild concept.]

To understand who and what the Manchild is, we must first... take some of the types in the Bible of the Manchild. From these we will see something of the work which he is to do in the last days. He is called a Manchild, because God is making all His people into one, with one HEAD which is CHRIST. We can see from the outset here, that the Manchild is a many-membered body. God sees this one-man company coming upon the world in the last days, and delivering the earth from heathen rule. This Manchild company will follow Jesus in his ministry as a flesh and blood human being, and then he will follow Jesus through death and resurrection.

Types of the Manchild and where found in Scripture.

1. Samson - Judges 13-16
2. Gideon's 300 - Judges 6-8
3. Ezekiel's Army of Dry Bones - Ezekiel 37
4. Elijah - 1st Kings 17; 2nd Kings 2
5. Elisha - 2nd Kings 2-13
6. Joel's Army - Joel 2
7. Manchild - Revelation 12:5
8. 144,000 - Revelation 7 and 14
9. Moses - Exodus
10. Joshua - Joshua
11. Zion - 2nd Samuel 5:7; Spiritual Zion, which refers to the elect of God - a people out of a people - Isaiah 4:5, Isaiah 51:16
12. Firstfruits - Revelation 14:4
13. The Overcomers - Revelation 3:12
14. Enoch - Hebrews 11:5
15. Melchisedec - Hebrews 7:1
16. Elect - Isaiah 42:1; 65:9, 22; Matthew 24:22; Colossians 3:12
17. Two Witnesses - Revelation 11:3
18. Stone Cut Out of the Mountain - Daniel 2:44-45
19. His Shoulders - Exodus 28:7; The shoulders of the priest where the stones are placed, Leviticus 7:32; the right shoulder of the bullock, and finally the shoulder of the body of Christ, Isaiah 9:6.
20. Saints of the Most High - Daniel 7:18, 28
21. Saviours - Obadiah 21
22. Virgins - Matthew 25:1 and Revelation 14:4

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