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Kingdom-Dominion Articles

This collection of articles covers the topic of Restoration, which means "restoring the authority and apostolic leadership to the global Church". It has other and deeper implications too, as can be seen by the articles on warring in the heavenlies (to pull down the satanic strongholds that restrict the church) and "The Glory" (which is a skewed belief that the full power and visible glory of God will ultimately descend upon the restored Church.)

The two main Dominion movements are Christian Reconstructionism and Kingdom Now Theology. Though these two movements differ greatly in their general theological orientation (the first is strongly Reformed and Neo-Calvinistic, the second is Charismatic), they share a postmillennial vision in which the Kingdom of God will be established on Earth through political, spiritual and in some extreme cases military means.

Dominion Theology and Restoration today has progressed far beyond the reach of these early articles of mine; however it is always good to refer to the roots of the movement, and to understand its core objectives.

Topics covered in this section are: Gatekeepers and Spiritual Warfare, Restorationism, Shepherding, Kingdom Theology and its proponents, historical roots such as Gnosticism, Sonship and the Latter Rain, the coming glorification of the ascended saints, and the part that the Toronto revival and such things as Celtic Mysticism have to play.

Keepers of The Keys (Part Two)

The Gates and Gatekeepers of the New Order (By Tricia Tillin)


David is the Messiah

"The Lord Jesus Christ is sitting upon the throne of David and ruling over the Church as the Son of David.
(Is this biblically correct? See this article - a link to another website)

Revelation 3:7-10 "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write, 'These things says He who is holy, He who is true, He who has the key of David, He who opens and no one shuts, and shuts and no one opens ..." Notice that the key of David is used to open and close spiritual doors. To open doors into the blessings of the Father's kingdom, and to close the doors that the enemy uses against God's people. Revelation 3:9 told us that those who serve Satan will worship the Lord before our feet. (Bill Burns)

Here, the teaching is that David (Jesus) is already ruling through his Church, and has therefore given them (well, at least the apostles and prophets and gatekeepers) the keys of David to open and shut, that is, executive power to rule in the kingdom, including keeping out anyone they believe is a danger to their system.

But the Bible says that the key of David is DAVID’S KEY! And who is this “David?” Of course he is the Lord, the Messiah, who has come in the line of David, as David’s heir, to inherit the throne of David and become in the course of time the KING of all the earth as well as HEAD of the Church.
The “key” means the power and authority and government of the kingdom. This belongs to Jesus Christ not to the Church!

[He that hath the key of David] See this metaphor explained, <Matt. 16:19>. Key is the emblem of authority and knowledge; the key of David is the regal right or authority of David. David could shut or open the kingdom of Israel to whom he pleased. He was not bound to leave the kingdom even to his eldest son. He could choose whom he pleased to succeed him. The kingdom of the Gospel, and the kingdom of heaven, are at the disposal of Christ. He can shut against whom he will; he can open to whom he pleases. If he shuts, no man can open; if he opens no man can shut. His determinations all stand fast, and none can reverse them. This expression is an allusion to <Isa. 22:22>, where the prophet promises to Eliakim, under the symbol of the key of the house of David, the government of the whole nation; i. e., all the power of the king, to be executed by him as his deputy; but the words, as here applied to Christ, show that He is absolute. (From Adam Clarke Commentary)

[He that hath the key of David]-- antitype of Eliakim, to whom the "key"-- emblem of authority `over the house of David'-- was transferred from Shebna, who was removed from the office of chamberlain or treasurer, as unworthy of it. Christ, the Heir of the throne of David, shall supplant all less worthy stewards who abuse their trust in God's spiritual house, and `shall reign over the house of Jacob, ' literal and spiritual <Luke 1:32-33> `forever, ' "as a Son over His own house" <Heb. 3:2-6>. It rests with Christ to open or shut the heavenly palace, deciding who is, and who is not, to be admitted. He also opens or shuts the prison, having the keys of hell (the grave) and death <Rev. 1:18>. The power of the keys was given to Peter and the other apostles only when, and in so far as, Christ made him and them infallible. Whatever degrees of this power may have been committed to ministers, the supreme power belongs to Christ alone. Thus Peter rightly opened the Gospel door to the Gentiles (<Acts 10; 11:17-18>; especially <Acts 14:27>). But he wrongly tried to shut it again <Gal. 2:11-18>. Eliakim had `the key of the house of David laid upon his shoulder. ' Christ, the antitypical David, Himself has the key of supreme `government upon His shoulder' <Isa. 9:6>.  (from Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary)

[He that hath the key of David]. This epithet comes from <Isa. 22:22>, where Eliakim as the chief steward of the royal household holds the keys of power. Christ as the Messiah <Rev. 5:5; 22:16> has exclusive power in heaven, on earth, and in Hades (<Matt. 16:19; 28:18; Rom. 14:9; Phil 2:9> f; <Rev. 1:18>). Christ has power to admit and exclude of his own will <Matt. 25:10f; Eph. 1:22; Rev. 3:21; 19:11-16; 20:4; 22:16>.(from Robertson's Word Pictures in the New Testament)

Eliakim was a real person, but he’s also a type of Christ, as the commentaries say. This becomes obvious when we look at the promises to Eliakim, and compare them with the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament, and with what Jesus said about himself in Revelation:

Isa 22:20-25
"And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will call my servant Eliakim the son of Hilkiah:And I will clothe him with thy robe, and strengthen him with thy girdle, and I will commit thy government into his hand  (Is 9:7)  and he shall be a father (Is 9:6) to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to the house of Judah. And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; (Isa 9:6)  so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open. (Rev 3:7)  And I will fasten him as a nail in a sure place; and he shall be for a glorious throne to his father's house. (Luke 1:32-33)

Has God said that the world will be governed by members of his Church?
NO. there is only ONE “shepherd”, ONE “david” to rule over us:

Ezek 34:23-24
"And I will set up one shepherd over them, and he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall feed them, and he shall be their shepherd. And I the LORD will be their God, and my servant David a prince among them; I the LORD have spoken it. And David my servant shall be king over them; and they all shall have one shepherd: they shall also walk in my judgments, and observe my statutes, and do them."

And when will this ONE "king David" rule over us? At the same time that He comes to take his throne, the Throne of David - during the millennium. NOT today, and NOT in the present apostolic/prophetic churches!

What are the “keys of the kingdom”?

In case some might argue that Jesus gave his Church the “keys of the kingdom”, and therefore executive authority to rule on earth, let’s take a quick look at the scripture from which this is taken:

Matt 16:18-19
"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

This verse has become controversial because it produced the idea of Papal Authority, and the power of the confessional. The Catholic Encyclopedia says this: "The expression "power of the keys" is derived from the words of Christ in Matthew 16:19... Christ by employing this expression clearly designed to signify his intention to confer on St. Peter the supreme authority over His Church. ... Almost invariably the words of Christ are cited [in early literature] in proof of the Church's power to forgive sins."

Roman Catholics interpret this verse a number of ways, but possessing the keys of the kingdom meant to them the power to open or shut the doors of eternal life; and no-one could therefore be saved outside of the Roman Catholic communion. It’s striking, therefore, to see this teaching transplanted into the Protestant churches under the guide of gatekeeper authority!

Keys of the kingdom belong to all

Returning to the keys of the kingdom, these are given to ALL believers - but not in the sense that the New Order churches teach. What the Roman church will never admit is that Jesus in fact gave not only Peter but ALL the disciples the keys of the kingdom, that is, the authority to bind and loose:

Matt 18:1-18 At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus…,  (verse 18) Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

There has been much speculation about these issues and this is not the place to discuss what binding and loosing means, but just to say that “keys” clearly refer to one central item that has the power to open up and give entry into, in this case, the kingdom of God. That central truth – the "key of knowledge" that the Jews sought after and failed to find (see Luke 11:52) – is the fact that salvation and entrance into the kingdom of God is BY FAITH, and ONLY through and in Jesus Christ.

All who know this truth have the key to admit others into the kingdom because they pass on this truth in the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. It’s as simple as that! ALL truly born-again Christians therefore have the “keys of the kingdom” and authority under Jesus to use them. There is no esoteric mystery about these keys that only some exclusive endtimes group of anointed gatekeepers may attain!

Gates, gods and mythology

The Vatican crest and flag shows Peter’s keys, and the keys have become synonymous with Catholicism. Even those who know nothing about Christianity believe that St. Peter stands at the Gate of Heaven with his keys, to admit “good people”. But this mythology is a throw-back to pagan ideas where the gates of the underworld were guarded by dragons, spirit-guardians or gods who weighed the souls and lives of entrants before making a decision whether or not to allow them to pass.

The idea of gatekeepers is as old as religion itself. Janus was the Roman god of portals, spiritual dimensions, and new beginnings, and it's instructive to consider his role as a Gatekeeper in this day and age, when we are informed that the Church itself has come to the threshold of a New Beginning, and is about to pass through the veil into a higher spiritual dimension.

Are the "keys" more to do with opening the gates to this Golden Age than with scripture? We have to wonder, since there is probably more instruction outside the Church on the subject than inside it. It is remarkable that on a Masonic site, for instance, we learn that:

"In ... Freemasonry you must have noticed the special emphasis which nearly all of [our rituals] place on doorways and on gaining entrance. Doorways, the action of entering, the associated 'knocks' and the guardians on either side, are simple metaphors for candidates' beginning a new phase of their masonic and possibly their spiritual pilgrimages." (Some Thoughts about the Roman God Janus © 1999 Trevor Stewart)

He goes on to say about Janus, that:

"In the Classical era, Janus was commonly shown as carrying two keys, one of gold and the other of silver...he was also the god of initiation into the Greater and the Lesser 'Mysteries'." (ibid.)

Another writer comments:

"Janus, the ambivalent Indo-European deity with two faces, one on each side of the head, was one of the earliest gods of Rome. Originally the god of gods and benevolent creator, he became the god of change and transitions such as the progression of past to future, of one condition to another, of one vision to another, and of one universe to another. He was god of the gate and the presiding deity of the beginning of anything." (THE MYSTERY OF JANUS THE GOD OF GATEWAYS: Janus a "Key")

Let's now tie this in to Christian use of gateways and keys. Is there a similar meaning? YES.

For we are told that the Church is at the doorway to a New Beginning; we are now in TRANSITION from one era to another, from the second to the third day, from a word-based dispensation to a spirit-based dispensation, from a soul-era to a spirit-era, and from the Holy Place of service into the Holy of Holies of "intimacy" and "mystical marriage" where God inhabits his people as the Shekinah of the Restored Temple.

Comparing the role of Janus, the god of gateways, with the role of apostles and prophets in this church that is passing from "one condition to another" we could be forgiven for identifying many similarities.

Sons of God, but not Christian

Furthermore, the transition from soul to spirit is often spoken of in the modern Church as the "manifestation of the sons of God", the elevation of many sons to "glory" and to a new spiritual dimension. The process we are supposed to believe is now taking place, for any who are willing to accept it, is that of personal transformation, fulness, attaining to the adoption as sons of God - but only for those few who are spiritually able to reach this goal. What has this to do with Janus and gates?

"Let us look now at the esoteric symbolism of Janus, especially in connection to arcane Christian Mysteries. Charbonneau-Lassay writes: "On Roman monuments, Janus is shown crowned with the scepter in the right hand, because he is king; he holds in the other hand a key which opens and closes the epochs; this is why, by extension of this idea, the Romans consecrated to him the doorways of houses and the gates to cities. Christ, also like the ancient Janus, holds the royal scepter to which he is entitled by his Heavenly Father as well as by his earthly ancestry. His other hand holds the key to the eternal secrets, the key colored by his blood which opens the doorway of life for lost humanity." To translate the Christ mystery into our own language, ... It shows us the level of consciousness we call the Cosmic Christ or Cosmic Consciousness. In the Christic Mysteries, the seeker who has reached this level of attainment is called a "Son of God.";... this process brings about a complete renewal and the birth of a "Son of God" in the flesh. (THE MYSTERY OF JANUS THE GOD OF GATEWAYS: Janus a "Key")

The gateway (one that the Church seeks to open for themselves and close to those they consider unworthy) is that of passing beyond the veil of the New Temple, into a higher spiritual state.

Society and the earth itself will also be changed by this transition, bringing judgement to some and righteousness to others. We see the same ideas reflected in New Age literature, such as this message supposed "channeled" by higher beings (and notice again the reference to becoming sons of god!)

December 29, 1987 Greetings My Brothers,
"We come this day with a very important message carried to you on the wings of the servants of God, the Angels.
THE OPENING OF THE DOORWAYS: Today marks the beginning of a new era for Humanity ... To those of you who have waited for so long to see the changes with your human eyes, you will begin to look around and see the entrance of a new level of awareness as well as its expression taking form in this world.
THE USE OF THE DOORWAYS: We will try to give you a picture to work with here to assist you in practicing to use the doorways....the doorways to the Higher Realms.
THE TRIBULATION: It will not be an easy time for those of you who have chosen to walk the Path in this epoch. It will seem as if there is nothing left to call familiar. Ride out this time and you will be greatly rewarded. ... You are now dealing with the last vestiges of ego as you know it. This is necessary for you to be clear as tool of enlightenment. Come together with others during these times to be of support to each other. If there ever was a time to extend your Heart and hand to your Brother, it is now. This is a group activity make it so through your actions to others. The day of what you view as a personal path is over. There is but One Path, the Path of Unity to one end - the Awakening and joining together of the Sons of God, as you are known by many. There will be many who will appear to fall away in these times.
THE END TIMES: In the time that will become known as the end times you will see many wonders and miracles. You will see the sick heal themselves in an instant. You will see an end of all disease of the physical body. This will be accomplished partly through the use of the doorways by those of you who have elected to participate in the end times in such a way. .... There will be but a small number of you who will be Awake in the times we now speak of. This is why many of you feel so isolated now. There must be a beginning to this and you would not be doing what you are doing if you were not ready. It will be called the end times because it will herald the end of the sleep and the Healing of what you came to Heal." (Channeled by Julie Presson 1987)

There is also a well-established mythology about spiritual “portals” guarded by demons, monsters or gods through which aspirants travel to higher spiritual levels.

The mythological “keeper of the treasure” or Guardian is in fact preserving the Hidden Wisdom of the ancients from the prying eyes of ordinary folks and the guardian at the gate often requires seekers to undergo some kind of purification, test or spiritual strategy to prove his or her readiness for the journey beyond.

All of this is debunked in the bible as satanic delusions, and by contrast the truths and treasures of God are freely available to “whosoever will”. It is only the false church that hides spiritual “levels” and “anointings” and “revelations” behind veils and portals and sets Gatekeepers at the doors of their inner rooms. Jesus is not found in the “inner rooms” but openly and in public; he never spoke in secret but openly to all. (John 18:20)

David’s Tabernacle Restored in the Endtimes

“The Lord has been speaking to me about the rebuilding of David's Tabernacle according to the prophetic word in Acts 15:16-17, 'After this I will return, And will rebuild the tabernacle of David, which has fallen down; I will rebuild its ruins, And I will set it up; So that the rest of mankind may seek the LORD…’' It is my opinion that the Tabernacle of David will come to be known as the righteous saints who are the true church (those who worship in spirit and truth) that demonstrate the power of God in this, the end of the age.” (Bill Burns)

Much of the teaching on keys, gates and gatekeepers is drawn from an allegorical interpretation of Old Testament prophecies and scriptures. One set of scriptures  that dominates the revival scene is David’s Tabernacle.

Transition to David’s Temple

“On the third of January 1998, John Painter sent a scripture study of his over the Internet which confirmed for me that it is time for me to speak about the prophetic intercessor of the end-time church. His study was also about the Tabernacle of David being a 'type' for the end-time church, and about a transition between two tabernacles, the Tabernacle of Moses and the Tabernacle of David.

“In the Bible, the Tabernacle of Moses lacked God's presence at the time the Tabernacle of David was being built, yet it continued to operate without His presence. For a time, the Tabernacles of Moses and of David operated simultaneously. Dr. Painter said this represented the fact that during the end times there will be two tabernacles that also operate simultaneously. That is, the 'church' with unfaithful ministers and people who are content with empty ritual, and the true end time Church that is full of God's presence, built by Jesus and not by man”.  (The Gatekeeper: The Ministry Of The Intercessor by Froukje E. Jansen)

So we see that the Gatekeepers are in fact ministers in a Restored Church of the Endtimes, (the only gathering place that will be protected and blessed by God, supposedly) and these ministers are a replacement for those in the present denominations, ministers who are labeled by the New Order churches as rebellious, religious, jezebels without the power or presence of God.

“The Lord is now commissioning gatekeepers for the Tabernacle of David. Isaiah tells us (in chapter 22) that the Lord is going to replace the unfaithful stewards in His house, and is going to appoint true servants and give them the key of David to open and close spiritual gates for His people." (Bill Burns)

Barred from God’s Presence

Part of the task of the Gatekeepers is to effect this transition, and to exclude any who do not fit the pattern:

“The Spirit of the Lord has made me aware of a specific judgment that has been taking place and will continue to take place in this present season. This is a judgment against the household of the Lord and comes by God's own decree. This judgment is against those in the Body of Christ who continue to hold to any form of selfish agenda and continue to promote themselves and/or their ministries. The Lord says, "Strike your hands together the third time, son of man, for this is the third day, and the unrighteous cannot cross over into the power of this day." I recently had a vision of the bridge that crosses over into the "third day."  In the vision only those who were willing to leave their present baggage could cross over. The word of the Lord tells us that the unfaithful stewards (Isaiah 22:14) who have built their own ministries (sepulcher--Isaiah 22:16-17) will be cast out, and their ministries will becomes tombs. The Lord will then give those ministries to those who will be gatekeepers in the House of David”  (The Sword Of The Lord, Bill Burns Nov, 2000)

“JONATHAN is a spirit that, although he loves David, chooses to remain in the house of SAUL, and must be rebuked. We must get Jonathan OUT OF THE HOUSE. That's one of the intercessory KEYS to be decreed by the apostles and prophets NOW” (Robyn Green)

Actually, the Tabernacle of David referred to in Acts 15:6-21 means the ruins of the former glory of Israel, and its restoration in Jesus Christ, the true heir of the Throne of David, and of David’s line. (This New Tabernacle of faith would also include Gentiles, something specifically proven by the use of the Amos scripture by the Council of Jerusalem, who were sitting to discuss what to do about Gentile converts to the early church.)

The Tabernacle of David, once fallen and forgotten, is the New Covenant Church of God
in Jesus Christ, restored to glory in HIM.

But as always, present truths are relegated to mere hopes and wishes by the sonship/New Order teachings. Truths such as the spiritual unity of all believers, our glorious inheritance, the fullness of the Spirit, and now the restoration of the Tabernacle are supposedly out of our reach, only achievable by a small elite group of overcomers who attain spiritual holiness and superabundant power in the endtimes!

Despite all this, and despite the fact that all born-again believers already belong to the Tabernacle of David and are safe in the Lord, “David’s Tabernacle” is said by some to be a restored Church of the endtimes, rebuilt progressively in the 20th century and consisting only of Charismatic Christians who subscribe to the revivalist teachings!

It is taught that this renewed Tabernacle of the lastdays Church has moved to a new spiritual level represented by the “Holy Place” and therefore has received priestly authority to GOVERN the Church and mankind.

This Holy Place is of course the 2nd chamber of the Tabernacle; a place of ministry and service. And it is the 3rd chamber into which the Church is supposed to be moving, the Holy of Holies where the Glory of the Presence of God abides!

“At this time, we should be done with the outer court. The church has been and is now in the Holy Place (Rev 1:6) We have been made kings and priests to our God doing the work of the temple, in the process of sanctification  In the Holy Place were the 12 loaves of bread, signifying divine government….” (Bill Burns)

Now, think about this. What, in the Tabernacle, stood between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies where God dwelt in the Glory Cloud? Yes, it was a veil, a portal through which only the anointed High Priest could enter.

Only those authorised to pass beyond the veil could ever do so without suffering death (for only righteousness could withstand the Presence of God.)

The Gates and the Veil of the Temple

So we see yet another allegory that is being used, relating to the gatekeepers. The “gates” are seen as a spiritual portal or veil separating the present-day church from its spiritual inheritance, dwelling with God in the Ark of his Presence.

The gates represent a passage into the Glory! It is the role of the gatekeepers to open up those gates, not only to allow authorised entrants into the Glory, but to keep all others OUT.

“The gatekeepers will open the treasuries of God and bring forth the Master's instructions and provision for these end times (1 Chronicles 9:22-27). The gatekeepers will also close the gates and forbid the enemy from entering into the holy places. Notice that the key of David is used to open and close spiritual doors. To open doors into the blessings of the Father's kingdom, and to close the doors that the enemy uses against God's people. II Chronicles 23:19 ‘and he set gatekeepers at the gates of the house of the Lord, that nothing which was unclean should enter in’.” (The Third-Day Church, Bill Burns Oct, 2000)

No Christians of traditional denominations, or who reject revivalist New Order doctrines will be admitted to this endtimes restored Tabernacle. And how will this ruling be carried out? Why, there will be men and women standing at the doors to make sure of it!

“…Says the LORD of hosts. The stop gate [in a dream of Laura Burns, Bill Burns’s daughter] represents the power of opening and shutting by the authority of the Lord. The three guards represent those gatekeepers that will become manifest in the third day of power that we are now entering into, which will also be a day of judgment. We must now pay attention to the Wind (voice of the Spirit) so that our timing is correct if we are to be found in safe habitations in the coming days, and we must follow the directions of the gatekeepers so harm will not come to us as divine judgment comes to the earth.

“Clearance [to enter the safehouse of the Lord in the Endtimes; the Endtimes Church, David’s Tabernacle] was given one at a time, so admittance into the safety of David's Tabernacle will not be given carte blanche to groups or denominations. It will be a personal relationship with Christ that admits one, and those will be recognized by the gatekeepers. The gatekeepers gave specific orders to each one, so specific assignments and direction will be given in accordance to each one's calling and destiny." (Bill Burns)

Bill Burns sees latter-day Gatekeepers of a Restored Temple, whose job it is to herd all the approved sheep into the safety of the fold, while outside their camp the judgement of the Lord falls on all those who are not permitted to enter. The Gatekeepers have spiritual authority, we are told, to admit some privileged saints into the kingdom and keep all others outside where they are doomed to the wrath of God.

This is confirmed and taken even further in a prophecy by Bob Neuman who often works with Bill Burns. Here we see the Gatekeepers excluding some from the kingdom of God and dooming them to judgement:

“There was a time were I would cry out a warning and call you to repent....but no more. For you see to you who knew HIM and tasted HIM and were partakers of HIS GRACE and MOST HOLY SPIRIT only to turn away after your own lusts and desires THE DOOR IS CLOSED. FOR GOOD. No longer will you enter into HIS HOUSE...ABUSE HIS SERVANTS...DEFILE HIS HABITATION... MOCK HIS HOSPITALITY. HIS CITY is now closed to you and your evil and perverse ways. You scorned HIS GRACE and ignored HIS MERCY. AND YOU HAD THE GALL TO TOUCH AND HARM HIS SERVANTS. You had THE WORD and THE MOST HOLY SPIRIT. You have no excuse... THE DOORS ARE CLOSED...THE GATES ARE BARRED....HE WHO SITS ON THE THRONE OF HEAVEN LAUGHS. HE NOW PLACES HIS GATEKEEPERS AT HIS GATES. TO THE DOOR OF HIS PAVILION STANDS A DOORKEEPER WHO YEARNS ONLY FOR THE MASTER'S PLEASURE. And he takes no bribes......” (capitals in original)

Some who do not fit into the correct mould are excluded from this place of safety, and the gates are closed against them – not by God, but by men and women who see themselves as Gatekeepers of God’s Kingdom!

"Open the gates because I will not be held back any longer! I am about to come as a pent up flood! The waters are about to break forth. The rain is about to pour. These are as the days of Noah - open the gates that all who will may run into the ark of my Presence. Open up your hearts! REND YOUR HEARTS! Repent so that you can find safety in the ark of my Presence! I AM your high tower, I AM your palisade, I AM your citadel, I am your strong fortress and your city of refuge! Run to the only place where you will find safety. Run to my Presence. Run to where you see my glory resting. Come into my glory! Only the Father knows the day and the hour when the gates will close. The day will come when the Gatekeepers will be sent to close the gates and what they close in my Name, no one will be able to open. Outside there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth!" (Aug 2000 Diane Bahler)

This is chilling indeed!

The Overshadowing of Love

I’d like you to notice that the coming of the Lord is described in terms of an outpouring from above, a FLOOD; and this outpouring will require all those who seek safety to enter the Ark, here described as “The Ark of My Presence”. Even believers (to whom this prophecy was addressed) are called to “repent” and to seek to enter this mythical Ark as if they were not already in Jesus Christ, their Saviour!

So the GLORY (a spiritual outpouring – please see my series of articles on the overshadowing for more information on this doctrine) represents both judgement on the rebellious and safety for the faithful – that is, those who receive this spiritual overshadowing and submit to its powers.

Furthermore, the Gatekeepers are now being given authority in the spirit realm to both open the gates to release this spiritual flood, AND to deny access, to “close the gates” against any they believe are not fit to receive it.

This raises once again the possibility, as I have said before, of a spiritual overshadowing or outpouring that will affect everyone on earth and call for the greatest faith we have ever exercised, to resist its influence over our minds and hearts. It is succinctly described in this supposed prophecy:

"Prophesy to the winds, the waters, the lands, for there is a creative power being released like none other in the history of all ages. A tidal wave of His love will overtake you, and a deluge of His power will permeate you to do the bidding of the King." (Joanne Gavlick)

Can I be the only one who feels a deep sense of foreboding when I read this prophecy? As I have pointed out elsewhere, not only some Christians today but New-Agers and occultists are expecting an “overshadowing” to take place that will raise some willing souls into a new spiritual plane, and leave the rest of mankind behind, facing in some cases a terrible cleansing action that will purge them, like germs, from the face of Mother Earth.

This outpouring “of love” is not the love of God that convicts of sin and gently urges to salvation in Jesus. It is a FEELING (New-Agers call it “goodwill”) that comes upon the mind and heart, the emotions and thinking processes of men and women who desire to be changed but have rejected the only method of change available in God, that of receiving the new nature bought and paid for at the cross.

Somebody offering a foretaste (if not the real thing) is Cindy Jacobs, darling of the Prophetic world. At a major conference, National School of the Prophets, January 1999, she said:

"I love that miracle anointing. I promise there is great grace rolling into this room. It can only come if His Presence is manifested. It is the sufficiency of His grace. His grace is that which is sufficient. I can feel the virtue of God being loosed, going out of me, into you. Please stand to your feet. I want you all to receive it because it will stain [sustain??] you…I release great power, and in the name of Jesus, great grace! It’s coming in another wave, stand and just take it, receive it. It’s His love, His manifested Presence, it is who He Is. …The Presence of God is getting heavier and heavier in this room. He is here! His Presence is here."

This “tidal wave of love” will indeed (if you permit it) “permeate you to do the bidding of the king”, the lord of the earth when he comes to enslave mankind to his anti-christ will. But not only is this overshadowing being eagerly sought and called down by Christians today in a misguided attempt to “bring in the kingdom” but it’s being represented as THE ONLY PLACE OF SAFETY for mankind. Men and women are being appointed and set apart to usher all who are willing into this place of false love, the supposed “glory cloud” and to exclude all others, to curse them to everlasting damnation.

Naturally, anyone reading this who knows the Lord and believes in biblical salvation will have no fear that a bunch of deluded revivalists can do anything to remove their assurance of eternal life, nor exclude them from the blessings that they have, in fact, already received. Praise God for that!

No, there is no danger for genuine believers except from the pressure to conform to this madness. (And perhaps that pressure will be very intense and subtle?) But for all those who are minded to follow false teachings and submit to the apostate church, there are pitfalls like never before, one of them being the urge from their leadership to seek, pray for and submit to this spiritual force they call the “glory”.




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