The Endtimes Handmaidens - by Donna Shuck

In the early 1970's Mrs. Gwen Shaw (then Gwen Schmidt) founded the End-Time Handmaidens. She married James v. D. Shaw, and around 1974 settled her cult in the northwest corner of Arkansas. This cult's appearance is that of a Christian missionary organization, and calls itself "A Ministry to the Family, A Ministry to the Nations." However, as the reader will learn, it is actually a New Age based cult of personality that revolves around the teachings and demonic magnetism of Gwen Shaw. [She died in January 2013]
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The Walk ('Out of the Pan and Into the Fire')

This article is the testimony of a man who spent seven years during the 1970’s and early 80’s as a member of a cult calling itself “The Church of the Living Word”, also known as “The Walk”. The Walk was founded by a man named John Robert Stevens supposedly to lead the Christian Church into the “fullness of the Kingdom of God” on the earth. He taught a blending of Latter Rain doctrine and occult, with enough of a Christian veneer to fool sincere believers who had a hunger for something more than their traditional church had to offer. After leaving the Walk and joining the Vineyard movement in the late 80’s the writer made a horrifying discovery. Many modern churches were teaching all the same doctrines he had experienced in the cult!