Third News Update of 1998


  • Welcome to the "summer" news update, though how anyone in the UK can truthfully call this "summer" is beyond me! Here we are, nearly at "midsummer" (June 21st) and so far we have had two weeks of warm weather. The rest of the time it's been dark, gloomy, cold, wet and thoroughly miserable here in Britain. (Nothing new there, then.)

    The weather forecasters on TV are growing ever more apologetic in their delivery of the weather. You can almost feel them cringe as they predict another few days of heavy rain, gales and bitter cold. They put on a false smile and tell us, things may be better soon. That can't be right - with the Cricket season upon us, and Wimbledon round the corner, it's bound to be cold and wet for a few more weeks!

    Excuse my diatribe about the weather. But it all adds to the pressure, and if my antennae serve me correctly I sense a lot of pressure amongst true believers.

    The word that comes to mind more often than not, and the word that keeps being repeated in letters and e-mails is ISOLATION.

    Believers feel isolated and alone. They refuse to compromise, so they come out of churches where they are either being fed false doctrines, or abused in various ways by heavy shepherding, and they find themselves on the shelf. This seems hard to bear, on top of the insults and (yes) lies that have been aimed at them beforehand.

    Somehow, when a Christian obeys the voice of the Lord and makes the serious step of leaving their church, he or she expects an immediate blessing in the form of good fellowship. Instead however, there is no fellowship, and an even harder battle against reviling, rejection and misunderstanding. The criticism, the charges of "rebellion", the worries of friends and family often make the pressure unbearable, and the poor hapless Christian is driven to join a local church (however unsuitable) just for the sake of peace. Is this the right choice? What is God saying to us?

    I don't pretend to have all the answers. I can only speak as a Christian myself, and one who is in much the same position, enduring all the same pressures. Like many of you, I don't really understand why it's not possible to have consistent, regular Christian fellowship, or to find a good local church. Those who ARE blessed with these things are in the minority, but for many (if not most) genuine, discerning, uncompromising believers, the path is a barren one at present.

    Is this due to our disobedience, our lack of faith, our inability to get on with others - and all those other things people say? Or is it (as I believe) a test of endurance rather like the sojourn through the Wilderness. Is it that God is preparing us to withstand the forces of evil, and "having done all, to stand."

    I believe that some are being chosen by God to endure testing, isolation, reviling and pressure, so that they might forsake everything based on human strength, and trust in God alone. These are the ones who are "praying through" as the saying goes. These are the ones who are seeking God daily in prayer and studying the Word.

    In isolation is where the "rubber hits the road", and if anything like a Christian life is to be maintained, it's going to be at the expense of luxuries like musical entertainment, social gatherings, chatter, gossip, circles of friends, led worship and all the other easy pleasantries of church life - not that there isn't a more serious side of being involved in a Church, but it has to be admitted that the level of commitment and sacrifices to be made are nothing like those demanded of an isolated believer.

    Now - am I encouraging people to leave their churches? This accusation is sometimes made, and I must say it's often made by those who feel threatened by isolation. But nothing could be further from the truth. If there were good sound fellowships, I would be the first to encourage Christians to belong, and to take a full part. Each and every church I ever joined (and it's been a good number, because we have moved house so often) I have given of my all, getting involved up to the hilt. Only when I encountered persistent false teaching did I leave - and then, only after a lot of prayer. So I recognize it is not a step to take lightly. I also recognize the need for discipline and obedience to our elders, and many young people need to be guided in their Christian walk, so they need to be under a firm hand in a Church.

    But I also have to recognise the current situation. I cannot wish churches out of the air. We look around, and what do we see? Restoration fellowships following after revivalism, manifestations, and post-millennial triumphalism; we see liberal, ecumenistic denominations who know nothing of the endtimes or the dangers we all face; we see rigid dour legalistic churches whose aim seems only to stay in the rut they created for themselves somewhere in the last century, and we see men and women who think themselves to be apostles and leaders setting up fellowships for their deluded sheep-like followers, being led down all sorts of crazy paths. Can we support any of this? NO.

    The alternative for many, who care about truth, and who seek biblical fellowship, is to stick with the one or two friends they know and trust, and meet up with others when they can (at occasional national conferences, for instance.).

    Surprisingly (or perhaps not!) many who go it alone in this way end up feeling liberated, fresh and spiritually alive, and find they have a greater love of God than ever before. In being driven to Bible study by themselves, and for themselves, they find much more delight and relevance in the Word of God than they ever did "at church". And the one-to-one fellowship they enjoy over the phone or chatting in the kitchen is richer and more meaningful than anything they knew sitting in the pew on a Sunday. Is this God's will, do you think? Take a guess!

    While, on paper, it's easy for some to justify the concept of church, we must also face facts and see that today's church system is falling apart. There are many reasons for this, and one of them is that what we call "church" is a far cry from what the Lord intended for it to be. Nonetheless, we would all have continued to be a part of it, had false teaching and replacementism, and cessationism, and restorationism and ecumenism and a whole host of other "isms" not squeezed us out of that system.

    By and large, the leaders we once trusted have let us down, the friends we once knew have gone chasing after the butterflies of the "love doctrine", and the churches we once attended are now just a shadow of their former selves. We have to wake up and face facts.

    So - what about isolation? What is God doing with us? I had a quick look through the Bible for the meaning of isolation and I came up with much that was interesting. Each time God sent his people or his prophets into isolation, it was with the express purpose of PREPARING them for the coming battle (and the blessing to follow.)

    Joseph was betrayed by his own family, left in a pit, forced into slavery in a foreign land, and given up for dead, before becoming an instrument of blessing in God's hands

    Moses's intentions for good were misunderstood and as a result he had to flee, and was separated from his people for many years, until called back into service (to deliver God's Chosen from Egypt.)

    Joshua had to travel through a barren wilderness before becoming the leader of his people, taking them into the Promised Land.

    Naomi endured life in an alien culture, the loss of her husband and sons, and called herself "Mara" [bitterness] because "The Lord has afflicted me" (Ruth 1:21) before seeing her fortunes restored and becoming the grandmother of Obed, one of the ancestors of Jesus in the flesh.

    David was forced into hiding by king Saul, and led a nomadic existence for many years, in the wilderness, in caves and hiding places, under constant attack by his enemies, before he returned and was crowned as king. The strength he gained during that time, the wisdom he found, and his relationship with God made him Israel's greatest king.

    Elijah went into the wilderness, in suicidal despair, and told God "I alone am left..." before God sent him out to anoint the future king of Israel.

    I could continue and speak of Job, Jeremiah, Isaiah, John the Baptist, Paul and many others who found that the way to blessing, service and fruitfulness led through a wilderness. Almost every true servant of God has endured rejection and has been set aside in loneliness (and even despair) for a season. Now that appears to be happening to the believing remnant as a whole. We should not be surprised. It is a biblical pattern.

    Furthermore, when God was about to deal with the rebellious, he SEPARATED those who were innocent:

    And Korah gathered all the congregation against them unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto all the congregation. And the LORD spake unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, Separate yourselves from among this congregation, that I may consume them in a moment. ( Num 16:19-21)

    Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty. [.2 Cor 6:17-18]

    Much of this has been said already, and I don't want to go over old ground. However, I thought it right to preface the rest of this news update, which has the same subject - isolation.

    This particular news update is from a recent circulation, sent by post to the names on my Support Group mailing list.

    NB: The Support Group mailing list is not a regular list for news updates or newsletters. Indeed, this is the first mailing I have sent since late 1996. The Support Group is simply a register of former "Mainstream" recipients who registered an interest in remaining in touch with me after "Mainstream" ceased to exist.

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    Dear Supporters,


    Now that the deception has well and truly arrived, there is little need to continually go over old ground. Those who have paid heed to the warnings already perceive the endtimes delusion, and are keeping away from false teachings, whatever form they may take. There is no need to flog it to death.

    Nothing whatever has persuaded me that my decision at the end of 1996 to bring Mainstream to an end was wrong. Indeed, I have had many confirmations of the wisdom of that decision. As I suspected, nothing truly new has come along needing expert research; it's now just "more of the same".

    In addition, my prediction in my final Mainstream letter was that Watchman Ministries would begin to recede, fail, or be removed by the Lord. That has been happening! Their day is drawing to a close, and to continue artificially, out of the Lord's will, would only add to the problem of "itching ears" whereby people seek after an endless supply of titillating gossip and information, really, for the sake of the information itself. It would also continue to present MEN and MINISTRIES as a prop for the weak.

    More information is NOT the answer to our need today. We must learn to look away from men and newsletters and ministries and begin to see God as our only hope of survival - knowing God, hearing from God and trusting in God alone.


    Just as I was typing this, the phone rang. It was some-body who, in the course of conversation, mentioned how blessed she had been by a description in a very old book about the growth and harvest of the olive.

    As she spoke, my heart rejoiced! How good is the Lord, for she was repeating to me, word for word, all the things I wanted to share with you in this letter! WHAT a confirmation.

    Furthermore, I have this very book myself! I went to a bookshelf I don't normally use, and lo and behold, there it was. I took it down, blew the dust off, and opened it to the page she had been describing only a few minutes before. And here (condensed) is part of what it contains:

    The Harvest of the Olives: (Isaiah 17:6/Isa 24:10-15)

    In early autumn, the ripened berries fall off the tree or are shaken by the wind onto the ground. There they lie, under the eye of a Watchman appointed to guard them, until the governor makes a decree: "go forth and gather". Then the owners of the trees are permitted to gather their own olives.

    In November, as the winter rains begin, there comes the final, general, proclamation and all the countryfolk come to gather. Now the watchmen are removed, and the olives are unguarded. The olive trees are SHAKEN by all and sundry to make the last berries fall.

    Finally, in worsening weather, the poorest come to glean whatever remains.


    I cannot help but make some comparisons to our pre-sent situation. I see the ripened olives, the Remnant Christians, falling away from their church "trees" - this is the ongoing process of separation and isolation.

    The first separation is a natural and Godly one, where the olives separate themselves, having become fully ripe, or they are separated from the tree by the wind (Holy Spirit.) Watchmen are appointed to guard these precious ones, and ensure they are safely gathered by their owners.

    However, some olives are yet on the branches. Now the watchmen are removed, and these olives have to be violently SHAKEN and BEATEN to loosen their hold on the tree. They may end up in their owner's baskets, but they may not, because it's a free-for-all.

    The analogy is clear I believe. If anyone is still ignoring the warnings, failing to "take heed" and clinging to false security (men, ministries, leadership, other people, churches, doctrines or anything apart from God and His Word) then God will permit a second "shaking" to beat them down off the trees. However, in the absence of watchmen, they are more vulnerable at this stage, and could be plucked up by anyone passing by.

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    God has been steadily warning us to separate from error, to build upon His word, to stop depending on others. The "wake-up" call has gone out. He has commanded us to "watch and pray". He has shown us the SAND on which we were building, and encouraged us to build our houses upon the solid ROCK.

    I worry about anyone who is still resisting the Lord's call. Some are still heedless, careless, unprepared. Some still scoff at the watchmen, or see no need to make preparations in their lives. Some still place their trust in men instead of God. (There is a place for ministries, churches and friends, but NOT as crutches, or a substitute for God.)

    Despite everything the Lord has told us about the dangers of dependency, many are still hungering after "somewhere to go" - no matter what - and are opening themselves up to all kinds of aberrant teachings, or simply to the will and opinions and ego of MAN.

    Rebellious people generally end up forcing God to give them exactly what they want! And that is the worst judgement of all. What if the Lord permits the "empire-builders" to prevail, and to skim off anyone intent on following men?

    Take out your bibles and look at 1 Sam 8, verses 4-22. Those who demand a leader will get one - and note the result.

    What if the Lord allows a man or a ministry to arise in this country with an enormous popular following - somebody who IS biblically sound, NOT into false revival, NOT restorationist (in fact, opposing these things.) Somebody who has all the hallmarks of a man of God, whose ministry nobody can fault?

    What if God permits this man to go to the olive grove and shake the trees. How many unguarded olives will he gather into his basket? My guess is - quite a lot!!

    And this situation would come about in the absence of clear warnings from the watchmen, and accompanied by shouts of approval and loud applause from the great majority of national figureheads. (People we trust.) Precisely WHO would see the dangers, then? Such a man, such a ministry, would decimate the Remnant church and suck out of it anybody still trusting in man instead of God.


    You may already be thinking, what would be the danger, if this man/ministry is biblically sound? Several dangers present themselves to me, and would present themselves to anyone with spiritual discernment who is living close to God.

    1) No large and popular ministry could arise at such a time as this without being in disobedience to the will of God. God is weaning his Remnant off the large prominent national/international ministries.

    2) Empire-building is always wrong - it is the very act of organising people and utilising them for popular support of a "movement" or "vision" that is wrong - whatever the core belief system of that group. God calls those in his Body to service TO that Body, as a whole, and the message is one of relevance to all (even though in a particular field of expertise or gifting.) But empire-builders recruit followers of one man's "vision" or "revelation", making that vision the central focus of their teaching, and creating ministry clones who all adopt the same vision and teaching.

    3) Any closely knit group, movement or organisation that depends on leadership "from the top" is more open to mass deception, if things go wrong. . Ever since the dawn of history, men and women have grouped around a guru, an adept, a psychic, a sharman, a priest or a prince. In that way, they adopted that person's teachings for good or ill. God knew of man's desire to be led, so he left instructions that, in God's Church, it should not be that way. Almost all cults have begun through the inspiration of one "charismatic" leader who then abused the trust of his supporters, and led them astray. We avoid this by refusing to set one man or woman on a pedestal of exalted leadership over us.

    4) There are heretical groups who desire to promote a "cell-church" system with a form of "body-ministry" and they could reap a harvest of weak-willed Remnant Christians for their vision. Cell churches are often confused with "house churches" but they differ. Strictly speaking, the cell-church system is allied to the Latter Rain groups. It was openly promoted in the 1990's by the Kansas City Prophets, and depends upon the leadership of the "new-breed" of apostles and prophets. There are also other groups out there whose appeal lies in their supposed acceptance of loosely-knit, informal house fellowships. Not all of these groups are biblically sound, and many have a hidden agenda.

    5) Alternatively, a "new" denomination or group (however sound) might perpetuate the old system of priestly dominion. Believers would be taught that they NEED modern-day apostles and prophets to guide them, that they are incapable of understanding the bible for themselves. It is not enough to avoid error within the classic denominations and churches. The very concept of priestly dominion must be rejected. The respect of elders in the Body is one thing. It's quite another to be told that you can't make decisions, hear the voice of God or understand the Bible without the help of a mentor, shepherd, covering, anointed leader, biblical scholar or somebody with a degree and letters after his name.

    6) Some groups and leaders today firmly believe that God cannot act outside of churches, and that anyone finding fellowship outside the membership of a local church is in rebellion and out of the will of God. They seem to worship "churches" more than God or His Word. They have a strange kind of fear of being "outside the camp", as if anyone found outside of a church building is bound to fall away from the faith. These groups and leaders encourage all they meet to GO BACK into the system, rejoin the churches they had abandoned, and submit themselves all over again to pastors and elders, for the sake of "being under authority". They can be very intimidating.

    7) If people are intimidated in this way, God's ongoing process of individual discernment and dependence on the Word will be sabotaged in favour of a group mentality, where people are afraid to disagree or be different.

    8) God's choice of minister (the hidden, humble, obedient ones) who are at this moment "in training" would never come into their calling, if this process is sabotaged. They would become pew-warmers again, subservient to man's choice of leadership.

    Let us pray this situation does not arise - but what if it does? What if a man or ministry does come along? In my opinion, many would toddle after it like little ducklings, glad to be done with isolation.

    Seeking to avoid the hardships of the "wilderness", they would in effect set up a Golden Calf and miss God's plan for blessing. All for the love of leadership and security!

    What a subtle test for the Remnant! The only ones who would resist are the few "foolish" dissenters who don't want to throw themselves at the feet of any man, and are content to go on with God alone, totally isolated and without any fellowship if necessary! (i.e. those "outside the camp". [See Exod 33:7 and Heb 13:11-14])


    If you still haven't made up your mind, then you need to read what God says in 2 Chronicles 36, verses 14-16. The Lord God sent warning after warning, but "they mocked the messengers of God, despised His words, and scoffed at His prophets, until the wrath of the Lord arose against His people, UNTIL THERE WAS NO REMEDY".

    If you are still undecided, I would say - don't leave it too late. If you are still on the "tree", don't wait for the day of "shaking". Act now, forsake all that is of man - including promises of revival, social transformation and bringing in the kingdom - and make God your only refuge in these dangerous days.

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    What indeed will the next months bring? We in England are also wondering that, as Tony Blair our smiley left-wing Prime Minister, bows his neck to the federalist Eurocrats and gives away yet more of our British sovereignty. His latest announcements, at the Cardiff EU summit meeting, show his growing subservience to the invisible powers of the New World Order. He cheerfully predicted the abandonment of our veto powers, to allow yet more European policies to take precedence over our British Government, and suggested we would be using the European currency by 2002.

    On the issue of European currency (something he admits the British public hates, and which even his own ministers have warned against) Blair seems to have capitulated under some kind of threat of economic collapse due to the instability of the Asian money markets. It is tempting to see this about-face coming as a result of the recent G8 and Bilderberg meetings that often decide world policies.

    We could picture the scene as a doomsday picture of imminent financial chaos is presented to the assembled heads of state at these secretive meetings. After predicting the worst kind of economic disaster, the speakers then suggest the answer: to underpin what Blair now calls the "twin pillars" of economic stability, the American and united European banking systems.

    Ignoring the fact that these "twin pillars" have been responsible for more financial chaos than we can shake a stick at, Blair now turns his back on Japan's troubles and those of Eastern Asia, and tells us to adopt a united European currency as the answer to all our problems! Truly, deception and delusion ride rampant over the Governments of our world!

    We have to remember that NWO politics is run along the lines of the Hegelian principle; that two equal opposites produce a third option. Several years ago, ordinary democratic right-wing policies began to be attacked and presented to us as an evil, imperialist, capitalist plot. To counter this supposed "threat" we saw the world-wide introduction of left-wing political correctness. Now that movement, too, has run its course and the media is beginning to deride new-age rainbow policies as equally invalid for the world we really want.

    Maybe these things have been permitted in order to create a disgust so great that people will readily accept the alternative?

    The third option, however, is by far the worst. It is the road to dictatorship.

    Post-War Germany is our Example

    Consider the political and financial chaos of Germany after the first world war - a situation that has echoes in today's world scene. Berlin was overrun by communist agitators, Bavaria became almost a socialist republic, Russian refugees swarmed into the country and terrified the German middle-classes with their stories of Bolshevik atrocities against the bourgeoisie.

    The social order seemed about to collapse. There were no strong leaders in Government. Germany had to pay crippling war reparations and saw her army reduced almost to nothing. Unemployment was rife, people were starving, sleeping in the streets. Stories circulated (fuelled also by the evil "Protocols of Zion" forgery) that greedy plotting Jewish bankers were responsible for Germany's defeat and losses.

    Into this chaos stepped a nationalist saviour who tapped into Germany's pride and patriotism, and their fears for the future. He correctly identified the German disgust with bolshevism, and their anxiety to preserve their way-of-life. He gave them answers for their economic woes. He attacked crime; he denounced the social vices of idleness, prostitution and homosexuality that were sapping German national strength; he praised hard work, purity, family values and morality.

    Yes, this was Hitler - who presented the Germans with a plan for health, and national pride, and economic and political recovery. He encouraged the Germans to blame the bogeyman (the Jews) for all their ills and to resent the Jews' affluence and success.

    As a reaction to bolshevism, there was a swing to the right-wing, and thus an extreme Nationalist party - the coming NAZI party - gained popular support in a way that surprised and amazed everyone. It was just the perfect time for Hitler to arise. The people were hemmed in on every side, fearful and furious, and here was a man who stood up and spoke out for the masses. They worshipped him

    We are told that history always repeats itself. Perhaps that is because we never learn from our mistakes! Also, it's because satan has for thousands of years been trying to organise a popular revolution that would put him back in power. Now we know from scripture that his day will come - and may be coming sooner than we imagine.

    Almost all of the historical figures that we recognise as fore-runners of the antichrist are nationalistic right-wing "saviours" of their people. That is how they rise to power.

    If the time has come for the introduction of reactionary right-wing leaders, then perhaps it is time for the introduction of the final antichrist. All decent people are tired of crime, immorality, new-age lunacy and weak government. As a reaction, could they (and could WE) fall for the Hitler plan? Could we worship a new popular champion, who turns out to be the devil incarnate?

    Beware, my friends. "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." (Matt 24:44 44)

    Prayer For Revival links with Pensacola

    A circular recently issued by "Pray For Revival" organisation (Birmingham, UK) illustrates the trend towards the unity of all groups interested in global revival.

    They report that team members Pauline Cole, Di Dunnett and Paul Miller have "just returned from the leaders' conference in Brownsville, Pensacola, and are inspiring us with reports of all that God is doing in the revival."

    They also report on their project for a World Prayer Centre, hoping to submit a planning application on a piece of land near to Birmingham in the Autumn. This Prayer Centre would bring together many organisations involved in world evangelisation. The Centre will "send and receive Kingdom information to and from every corner of the globe.." Pray for Revival organisation has "regular contacts" with "our friends in Colorado Springs who plan to open their World Prayer Centre in September".

    The Colorado Prayer Centre is one part of a simply huge global "christian" network now incorporating almost all national and international ministries and organisations. Denver and Colorado now houses around 90percent of the multi-national networking organisations, and it is growing like a dark stain over the face of the earth. The World Prayer Centre in the grounds of New Life Church (Ted Haggard) in Colorado Springs, houses three strategic ministries: Sentinel (George Otis), Global Harvest (Peter Wagner) and Christian Information Network (Ted Haggard). Peter Wagner is also head of the "United Prayer Track" of AD2000.

    Peter Wagner said that God had selected Colorado Springs and "anointed this city as a global evangelistic communications centre for the 21st century". Odd then, that new-agers Maurice Strong and his kooky wife Hanne, also chose the same area for its supernatural powers and vibrations, and established a community of all kinds of wacky individuals and groups on land in the Baca Grande. Ask any Christian in that area and they will tell you Denver and environs is a centre for occult activity, rather like England's Glastonbury or Avebury. Why would Peter Wagner feel that God had "anointed this city" - unless perhaps he's heard the voice of the wrong god?

    As for global Christian networking, one example perhaps illustrates what is going on. In 1996, the members of the Prayer Centre plus a long list of other like-minded ministers hosted a "Post-Denominational Symposium". The thinking is that we have now gone beyond denominations and should be a World Church. Peter Wagner called it "historic" and said "nothing like this has ever happened before". (Er - somebody tell Wagner about the pre-reformation Roman Catholic church, please!)

    Another leader, Larry Stockstill, stated "at last the leaders of the "streams" will combine to form a river of revelation for growth and missions worldwide."

    Ed Delph, who has organised a networks called N.A.T.I.O.N.S, (Networking Apostolic Thrust Internationally or Nationally) and who worked closely with the leaders at the Post-Denominational Symposium, likens this coming together of the streams as the fulfillment of Ezekiel's vision of the River of God that flows from the Restored Temple. (Ezek 47).

    Delph wants to "release apostolic ministry to the world" and one of his spokesmen claims that "the networking of key leaders is essential to the reaching of the nations...". Another says that "NATIONS is a vision for bringing spiritual fathers and apostles together, as the synergism of Networking makes each part greater, and it makes the whole greater." One spokesman claims that Delph is opening doors to the global church - and it is a global church that is on the agenda of most revivalists today.

    One has to admire the faith and tenacity of those who believe the whole world can be christianised by such methods. I am reminded of a recent Peter Wagner AD2000 meeting where the members of that organisation continued to affirm their belief that every people-group in the world will have local churches by the year 2000. This is a fantastic piece of wishful-thinking, and it is born out of the desire to see people adopt the Christian faith. Unfortunately for all of us, the plan of a global harvest before the return of Christ is way off base, scripturally, and also the evangelising committees have been crippled by ecumenism and the wrong kind of spiritual warfare theories.

    I am glad to report, by the way, that a book has appeared that tackles this issue of spiritual warfare, and examines whether concepts like "spiritual mapping" and "territorial spirits" are truly scriptural. (They are not!). I have not read the book myself, so cannot vouch for everything is says. However, the reviews suggest it exposes modern spiritual warfare as unbiblical, thus it might be a useful addition to your bookshelf. The book is "Territorial Spirits and World Evangelism" by Chuck Lowe, a lecturer in Singapore Bible College. Published by OMF International/Mentor.

    There are a lot of good-hearted people caught up in this web of deception. Please pray that these people will, somehow, wake up to reality before it's too late.

    It would be a good thing, also, to pray that we stay awake, and are not caught napping at this most important time in history. Events may (as Jesus indicated) happen suddenly and take us all by surprise. It's time to heed his voice:

    Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning: Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping. And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. (Mark 13:35-37 35)

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