Please remember that information has sent to me by others, and although I have taken every precaution in verifying the facts, I cannot absolutely guarantee accuracy.

For this News Flash, I am going to give a testimony of a recent meeting led by the original laughing Bartender himself, Rodney Howard Browne. Things haven't changed since 1993. I have watched this man on video from the beginning of his public career and what I have seen shocks me and chills me to the bone. His manipulations, his mind control of his listeners, twisting of scripture, money-grabbing ploys, mocking of any who disagree with him, his rough attitude with anyone who gets in his way - all of these speak of a spirit that is not of God. Many others have said the same, including the couple who gave this testimony.

Add to this the results of his so-called ministry - paralysis, dumbness, unholy insane laughter, uncontrollable shaking, and disorder on a scale never before seen in Christian meetings. Rodney Howard Browne does not minister from the word of God in his meeting, he merely launches himself from one or two scriptures into hour after hour of manipulative, brow-beating assertions and unbiblical statements that his listeners are forced or deceived into accepting. God help RHB at the judgement seat!!

The second report, from Jill Austin, a notable "prophet" in the new churches, is a striking example of how bad things have become in the apostolic/prophetic churches. The account of a supposed encounter with God is more like a science fiction movie than anything biblical.

Rodney Howard-Browne is right now having his five-day Fire-conference Helsinki. I visited an evening meeting last night with my wife.

I have previously read quite a lot about him on the Net, but this was first time I have seen and listened to him live on stage. The meeting began with the usual praise and worship time of an hour. Some of it was good, some was too fast tempo and rock beat, anyhow for me. There were two singers performing also as solo artists. They were good.

After 1½ hours RHB came into the meeting hall where there were about 1000 people. He first told some jokes and after that he gave a half-hour talk about the Offering on the subject of the Temple of Solomon. The collection of the money was done very effectively. Where the money goes was not told, but of course it was said to go "to God".

Two and a half hours after RHB started his talk it was still going on and on. He did not say amen at all but continued after his talk directly to the after meeting service where only he was allowed to minister. The topic of the talk was "the transference of the anointing".

RHB made the public repeat after him many times aloud: "The anointing is transferable. The anointing is tangible." The way RHB and other River people understand that transference it is not what the Bible is teaching. The worst part with RHB is not, however, what he is teaching, even if his teaching is poor and partially wrong. The worst part is what RHB is doing elsewhere at the meeting.

At the very beginning when RHB entered the hall my wife recognized the presence of evil. She also noticed that the eyes of RHB were peering around like black snake eyes. Snakelike also was RHB's way of licking his lips all the time.

RHB also said in his talk a lot about the laying on of hands, saying that even conservatively speaking he has laid his hands on at least million people.

When the ministering time began, RHB started at once to put his hands on people, who all fell down, some with convulsions. RHB did not ask people to stand in line. He just looked at people when wandering around the aisles and called them to come to him for anointing. I got the impression that he picked out those people whom he saw to be ready to receive.

People were told that they were receiving the touch and anointing of the Holy Spirit. I could not find anything holy about the procedure. It was plain human manipulation, and people reacted as they were supposed to react. After manipulative music and after many hours of talking you are quite tired, so it is no wonder if you fall down when RHB shouts all at once in a loud voice: "FIRE!"

All kind of weird and loud voices began to be heard all over the place. RHB did not take any notice of them. One woman began to wriggle like a snake on the floor. She was approaching RHB when some ushers tried to prevent her from coming to him. RHB said: " Let her be." Then he went to her repeating hallelujah over and over again. Then he prayed shortly for her. RHB did yesterday something I have never heard before. He began to kick those people lying on the floor shouting:"Joy! Take joy! Have some joy!" I felt it was unholy and repulsive.

After having laid his hands on about 30 individuals, RHB began to manipulate sections of some 200-300 people at one time. Certain people sitting in the same area were asked to stand up and hold hands with eachother. Then RHB shouted to the whole crowd and most people began to fall down like dominoes. He did this to many different sections in the hall.

It was like being at the circus or at some kind of one man show performance. My wife went even further. She said that she did not experience that there was the humble servant of God, but RHB trying to act like God Himself.

RHB began with jokes, but joking continued all the time. I have nothing against proper humour in due time, but too much is too much. A constant joking makes people feel good, but it also carries a frivolous and lightminded atmosphere with it.

One of the targets of RHB's jokes were all the people who were not smiling or laughing like he wanted. To them RHB threw comments like: "I see some people here like concrete. Perhaps they are from KGB. Or maybe they understand neither English nor Finnish." Consequently there was no sober and earnest preaching about sin, repentance or the need of salvation at all. All you need is anointing.

No one was asked if they were saved. RHB laid his hands on anybody regardless what might be the state of their soul. All the time RHB was frequently asking the same questions: "Are you hungry? Are you thirsty?" And then the crowd must say loudly together: "I am hungry. I am thirsty." This is what these same people do meeting after meeting; they are confessing all the time that they are hungry and thirsty. This is somehow strange and contradictory to the WOF doctrines of RHB according to which they should confess instead: "I am filled, I am full all the time!" But of course they cannot do that. If they did, people like RHB would be soon out of work.

After 4½ hours we left the meeting place. Everything was continuing like before: RHB still shouting, quite a lot people on the floor in different positions jerking and uttering various sounds, also a lot of people just watching it like a performance. Because that is what it was and is: a man-centered human entertainment with some light spiritual cover on it, but in essence the whole thing was several hour's waste of time, or even worse, the waste and deception of lives.

By such a method true revival will never come to Finland or any other place!

The following account of the glory descending on Jill Austin, and its consequences, illustrates all that is wrong with the supposed revival. God is represented as a feeling or visitation or impartation - a sphere of glory - received by means of "speaking it into the earth realm"; this impartation, in a certain part of the room, can then be entered by other people no matter what their spiritual condition.

Notice here, as in the account of RHB above, that the impetus is "hunger and thirst" for extraordinary manifestations that are placed on the menu by leaders such as Jill Austin. She frankly admits that she wants to make Christians so hungry for it that they cannot resist! She wants them to be dissatisfied, until and unless they achieve these "higher levels" of glory and angelic visitations.

A Word by Jill Austin FEBRUARY, 2001

Master Potter, Kansas City, MO 64137
Website: http://www.jillaustin.org


God recently granted me a wonderful visitation ... I pray that God brings you a heavenly visitation like this one in the days and months to come. ... I don't believe God gave this experience for me only, but to let you know that He is getting ready to release a holy invasion in this hour.

(To see information on the coming "overshadowing" or outpouring of "love" that is predicted to descend over the earth and transform all those willing to receive it, please see my series of articles on "The Glory" and "The Gatekeepers")

I'm going to make an attempt to paint in words an experience the Lord allowed me to have as a forerunner for you -- while in Washington D.C. last week.

NOTE- THIS TOOK PLACE DURING: "The weekend of January 20th and 21st in Washington, D.C. attending the Third Annual Inaugural Prayer Breakfast for President-Elect George W. Bush on the morning of his inauguration. It was such an exciting time! We could feel the birthing of the governmental shift in the Spirit before the meeting even started."

It was at a later meeting, however, when the actual "impartation" took place.


Picture yourself lying flat on the floor, the consuming fire of God moving over your entire body with the Spirit of burning causing your frail human vessel to shake under its power.

You're not sure how long you've been there, but you know you never want to rise out of this very holy and intimate place. As you lie there, you begin to feel the presence of Jesus radiating out from your being into a twenty-foot sphere of glory.

As you sit up, the heavenly portals open wider and a heavenly pool of glory forms at your feet. Suddenly people rush toward you, only to fall to the floor as they enter the pool and God grips and shakes them in His passionate embrace of fiery love.

You just point to a section in the room and whole groups of people would go down. You can feel the angelic and visitation realms as heavenly portals open... You have just been given a new mantle and are being launched sovereignly into a whole new place.

Please see my article on The Gatekeepers to understand more about "heavenly portals".


I'm relating this wonderful experience with you to encourage you! What I want is to make you so hungry for what God is doing that you will not be satisfied with anything less. What happened to me is just a picture of what God wants to do for all that thirst after Him. He wants to release realms of glory and He wants to use you and me to do it. The Lord is bringing a holy invasion of heaven to earth.


Jill Austin outlines the method for achieving these manifestations, and it's almost identical to the way a new-ager or witch would do it - "speaking" supernatural events into being with words, "bringing it down" or manifesting it in the earthly realm. But God cannot be commanded or called forth. God will not manifest as a spiritual sphere of glory in a room, at the command of people like Jill Austin. (yet, something will!).


  • We see it in the realm of eternity.
  • We speak it, framing it in words, which brings it into the realm of time.
  • God gives witness from heaven.

    God wants the prophetic, in fact, all believers, to be golden retrievers. Carriers who can see things in the realm of the eternal, bring it into the realm of time, frame it with words and establish it in the earth.

Jill Austin's Special Friends & Sponsor Letter
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