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This report is going to focus on world events rather than events in the Church. That is not because there's no revival news. It's more because there is TOO MUCH revival/apostasy news. It is becoming hard to follow all the various strange doctrines and practises emanating from churches these days. But the bottom line is: where scripture is disregarded and God is disobeyed, there you will eventually find every kind of evil.

All error has the hallmark of disregard for the word of God. We don't need to know every specific error; we just need to know the scriptures. And whatever contradicts, twists, adds to, disregards or goes beyond the scriptures takes us into the realm of error.

It has often been said that the revival churches and the leaders of the "New Order" love and adhere to the word of God. They say they accept the Bible as their foundation. On the contrary, although lip-service is paid to scripture, it is NEW REVELATIONS and extra-biblical teachings that are now the guiding light of the religious globalists. We see this from Ted Haggard's statement, as printed in "Charisma" magazine last year:

"We must seek out a powerful, spiritual revelation of the Bible that will replace the purely intellectual study of God's Word. One of the tenants of postmodernism, which is the term scholars are using to describe our cultural moment, is that experience is valued over cognitive reasoning. Intelligence is still important, of course, but it is no substitute for existential experience. We need both study and encounters with God. We don't want to just understand something intellectually and squeeze the world into airtight models for existence; we want to live, to feel, to interact. This means that the Bible will become more than just a manual for morality or theology. It will be an open door to life in Christ. We won't just memorize biblical truths; we will seek God for a powerful, experiential understanding of what those truths mean for our lives." From "New Year's Resolutions For a New Millennium" by Ted Haggard

But when it comes to tracking the revival as it progresses, we don't really need to know every single detail of the ongoing apostasy. In fact, trying to find out exactly what is being said and done by everybody is perhaps tending to spiritual voyeurism, anyway. It's rather like stopping the car at the scene of a road accident to watch what is going on.

But many do want to find out whether their own Pastors and churches are following wrong doctrine. I understand that, and I grieve for the many who are hurting and bewildered by events. However, I want to offer ministry and information that is helpful and constructive, and not to contribute to the problem - which is, in two words "itching ears". That is why I often gently advise people to conduct their OWN researches, including praying about it, and searching the word of God for answers, because in that way they can build up their own reserves of discernment and grow spiritually to the point that combating deception is no longer a real problem.

Many do write to me asking for specific information on an individual or a ministry. I share their concern and zeal to uncover deception. However, I keep no database of information on individuals and ministries. (If the information you are seeking isn't on this website, it means I haven't researched it, so there's no point writing to ask me!).

I deal with the broad scope of error, trying to educate Christians in the foundational concepts underlying ALL error and deception. Once having learnt that, everything else falls into place.


As I follow the news reports and events as detailed by various mailing lists and websites, I feel a growing concern and urgency that something is COMING. The events in the UN and Israel are particularly important.

It may be relevant (I don't know - we will wait and see) to look at the statement by David Meyer in his "Last Trumpet" newsletter, that at New Year's Eve there was a dramatic "conception" portrayed in countries around the world by means of symbolism and allegory.

He points out that the obelisk at Washington (in Egypt the obelisk was the phallus of the sun-god) was used to display a huge convulsive light display that shot out into the night sky.

I myself watched the TV reports of a similar and even more graphic firework display on and around the Eiffel Tower (France). This was so descriptive of a male orgasm that I remarked upon it at the time to my husband.

So, when I read the statement of David Meyer, it rang true: that December 31st was the day of the conception of a new world order (and who knows what else) and that after nine month's gestation it would be brought forth and revealed to the world.

He further points out that before the birth of any baby, there is Labour. We now know that a 13-day period around Labour Day, 4th September, was used to mount a series of major meetings in New York to bring together the architects of the New World Order. Three meetings held the attention of the world's press during that time, a UN Summit, a meeting of the world's religions organised by the United Religions Initiative (URI), and the State of the World Forum.

But before looking at these events, let's turn to another festival that climaxed at Labour Day weekend. This was the satanic festival of the burning of the straw man in the Nevada Desert.

I should perhaps point out that in times past the burning of a straw or wicker-man took place in Britain as part of fertility rites in honour of the Mother Goddess and her Child. It was part and parcel of the belief that "The Seed" would come forth from the Earth Mother if she was worshipped in appropriate ways.

To begin with, that worship was through human sacrifice, and the gruesome truth is that the straw man was formerly filled with the unfortunate victims who were to be burnt alive. A little later on the sacrifices were live animals. This practise eventually ceased but as we see, the belief and concept continues!

Were those who gathered for pagan fertility rituals and promiscuous sex in the Nevada Desert in the know? Where they deliberately facilitating the Tribulation of the Woman (the birth of the false SEED?)

See my previous report for news of the "Christian" birth of the Manchild.

The following news report is excerpted from "Religion Today" (copyright). The entire report can be seen at: crosswalk.com.

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"Some 20,000 revelers from around the country are celebrating a bizarre and blasphemous event this week in the sprawling salt flats of the northern Nevada desert. The five-day festival called Burning Man, which climaxes on Labor Day weekend, has become a counter-cultural holiday for artists, performers, and free-spirits.

"...Its purpose is to "get high and be a naked hippie," said writer Bruce Sterling, who attended the festival last year. Participants pay $75 to proclaim their liberation from societal constraints and create a so-called "temporary autonomous zone" that is torn down and hauled away when the weekend ends. ...Almost anything goes during the Burning Man festival, which has been described as the ultimate anarchist party. Celebrants display bizarre art, beat drums from dusk to dawn, ride motorcycles, and play throbbing techno music. Many participants -- male and female -- dance around naked. Others cavort in the grip of hallucinogenic drugs, set fires, and blow things up. ...

"The center and focal point of the encampment is a five-story-high, two-legged, faceless wooden structure packed with pyrotechnics and neon. On Sunday night, the climax of the festival, a solemn, freakish procession marches up to the statue. Burning Man is torched as the enormous, boisterous, cheering crowd dances in painted skin and loincloths and screams in ecstasy.

"...Thousands of the revelers asked Satan to take them to hell, George Otis wrote in a March 'Charisma' magazine article. Camps around the Burning Man figure had names such as Motel 666 and Lost Vegas. One individual told Otis that he was "fully prepared to shake hands with the devil as I stumble through the gates of hell."

"...The final procession around the Burning Man celebrates the knowledge that the dancers will all enter hell one day, Otis said. The crowd follows the actors, simulating descent into the abyss, and arrives at a place that its creators described as "a fountainhead of boundless rage, appalling shame, and unendurable loneliness." The screeching of suffering souls blends with the imagery of evil spirits dancing, humans chained in eternal torment, and a woman being devoured by Satan."


Imagine my surprise, having written the above report on the wicker man, to open my newspaper and see a report on the installation of a huge (40-foot) WICKER MAN effigy in Somerset.

The report (Daily Telegraph Wednesday September 27th 2000) said that a giant wicker man was being erected near the M5 in Bridgewater, to rival to the Angel of the North (a gigantic metal angel by the A1 motorway near Gateshead). The creator of the wicker man, Serena de la Hay, said she had been inspired by stories of the Druid fertility festivals. Her version of the wicker man will be semi-permanent, degrading over a period of years.

As I said, other and perhaps more sinister [because more subtle] events took place nine months after the "conception" on New Year's Eve, timed to coincide with Labour Day in America, 4th September.

Over a period of 13 days, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, media mogul Ted Turner, New Age Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev hosted three meetings to promote "global governance" (the new term for the One World Government.) Global governance means the tying together of men and governments through charters, treaties and evolving international standards that cannot be enforced. Not yet, anyway.

In reports from Lucis Trust, the organisation promoting World Goodwill and the Maitreya (the false "christ"), we read that the Ascended Masters (those who supposedly govern world affairs from a higher spiritual level) rule over three main aspects of human life - Religion, Politics, and Finance/Social Order. It is said that the New World Order will be launched when these three aspects are dealt with by world leaders at one and the same time. As we shall see from the following reports, around LABOUR DAY this month, the three meetings in New York were indeed focused on Religion, Government and Social Order/Finance respectively. Can this be a coincidence or do powerful forces want to set in motion the Plan for World Government?

LINKS TO CUTTING EDGE REPORTS: At this point I want to draw your attention to some reports on the "Cutting Edge" website relating to the setting up of the NWO and related events. I think you will find them relevant which is why I am giving the links at this point. Notice, that in doing this I am NOT recommending the website as a whole, as I do not know enough about the rest of this person's materials and even some of the reports I am giving here contain some observations that I consider a little far-fetched.

None the less, here is an opportunity for you to view what the author says about the plans for global government and three meetings to be held concurrently to launch the NWO. He also reports plans (spoken of in 1991) to unite all three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) and to create a religious temple or shrine to be used by all three religions (under UN management) on the Temple Mount. These plans are indeed now well advanced, so we should take note of what is being said in the rest of the reports.


Other reports relating to this, on the same site are:



See the Site Directory for these and other articles and news reports.


The "UN Millennium Summit" brought together a group of 150 Heads of State. They gathered to consider a "Charter For Global Democracy" and to see what measures they could take to promote "peace, harmony, tolerance and environmental protection" across the earth. Kofi Annan described the summit as a defining moment for world leaders and for the United Nations.'

In his speech to the Summit, President Clinton proposed an overhauled UN Including the creation of a rapid deployment force with a more reliable funding mechanism. Translated, this amounts to a standing army, which can be sent into trouble spots with only 15 days notice, and a method of direct global taxation to fund the unit.

The summit also featured a treaty ceremony designed to coax leaders into signing over 500 pending UN treaties like the International Covenant on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The treaty-signing event was expected to produce more than 250 transactions.

A closely guarded and highly controversial draft document negotiated by governments at the UN Millennium Summit revealed that the United Nations plans to increase its influence and move closer to the center of the world stage. There is no question that powerful people within the UN and those closely connected to it want to exponentially expand UN power into all aspects of human life.

Summit participants were asked to affirm their "faith in the Organization and its Charter as indispensable foundations of a more peaceful, prosperous and just world." Over seven sections of the document called for increased commitments to peace, human rights, poverty reduction and environmental protection. The document calls for one new treaty a Convention Against Terrorism - and a world conference on nuclear disarmament.

Meanwhile, hundreds of off-site mini-summits took place as the world leaders took advantage of being in one city to meet with their counterparts. Amongst the issues discussed were the record-breaking price of oil, the proposed U.S. missile defense plan, the Middle East peace process, and trade agreements. How much was actually accomplished at the Millennium Summit remains to be seen.

(Selections from Chuck Missler's K-ration Global Intelligence Briefing, September 11, 2000. By Subscription Only. Filed from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)

The World is One
(By Joan Veon 2000 WorldNetDaily.com)

Kofi Annan opened up the historic Millennium Assembly by using a number of phrases which connote a shift of ownership and responsibility.

He said, "You are the leaders to whom the world's peoples have entrusted their destiny. They look to you to protect them from the great dangers of our time." ... there has been a transfer of responsibility from individual nation-states to a new collective whole -- the leaders of the world as one. Other phrases used today included "common heritage, common awareness, acting in partnership, common good, and solidarity." They all say the same thing: we are one, we are the same.

Mr. Annan also described global governance, a phrase which has been popularized by those who support the concept of the New World Order or world government. What is global governance? They say it is not world government, but it really is. A different form of world government than what we imagined with governments merging their power under one umbrella -- the United Nations.

Most Americans don't even know what "UN" stands for, let alone strengthen and empower it to look, feel and act as a world governmental structure. The ideas to strengthen the United Nations have long included a global tax and a people's parliament. These too were recommended by world leaders. The United Nations is being reinvented before our very eyes, before we have time to breathe! Teeth are being put into its structure to make it a very powerful world entity. How will we deal with this? (WorldNet Daily Report)

State of the World Forum

Across town, the seven-day "State of the World Forum" was running concurrently with the UN Summit. This was a meeting of world leaders from government, business and "civil society."

Now in its fifth year, the State of the World Forum is a project of the Gorbachev Foundation headquartered in San Francisco, and was created by Mikhail Gorbachev to gather "the creative genius of the human family, its elders and innovators, in search for solutions to the critical challenges facing humanity in the 21st century." This year speakers include New Age thinker Deepak Chopra, "mythologist" Jean Houston and possible future U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

During a press conference at the New York Hilton Towers, Gorbachev proposed a radical expansion of UN powers. Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev said, "In 1988, I spoke of a new role for the UN, a new body. In addition to the Security Council, we must have an Economic Council and an Environmental Council with authority equal to that of the Security Council."

(NOTE: In respect to my above comments on Lucis Trust and the three aspects of the so-called Ascended Masters, please note that the UN Summit focussed on world government, the United Religions meeting focussed on world religion and the State of the World meeting focussed on world environment and finance as well as various other civil and business issues. The UN has its world political, legal and military bodies; the URI is proposing a world religious body; the Gorbachev Foundation is proposing world economic and environmental bodies. We sit here watching these people arrange every aspect of our lives according to the doctrines of the Luciferic new age!)

The former Russian Premier Gorbachev denied that he was proposing controls on economic freedom, but insisted, "I am suggesting that we must give rights to this body [Economic Council], to develop rules to prevent explosive situations."

An "Economic Council" with the power to regulate capital is designed to "insure stability" and "ultimately trans-national corporations will have to accept this," Gorbachev said. As the Forum -- scheduled to coincide with the main event, the U.N.'s Millennium Summit -- moved into its third day, it became clear in successive sessions that each speaker had a new angle on the same idea: The United Nations should coordinate global governance. (See my note above!)

Some speakers focused on environmental governance, others on educational efforts aimed at producing citizens with a commitment to global peace and justice. Global governance seeks stable world conditions so as to ensure the rights of humanity to clean air, stable markets and personal rights.

Of course, some mechanism of enforcement is required if the rights of all are to be protected, say Forum participants.

To view the entire article, visit the WorldNet Daily website.


Another event happening in New York just before Labour Day was the United Religion's "World Peace Summit" of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. In effect, it was formulating a One World Church at the same time that political leaders were forming the One World Government.

The World Peace Summit brought together up to 1,000 representatives of dozens of faith traditions including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and also less-known groups practicing Jainism, Zoroastrianism and "indigenous religions." Representatives from Christianity and the monotheistic faiths were heavily outnumbered by Eastern religions. The only evangelical participant was the daughter of Billy Graham.

Ted Turner was cheered when he denounced Christianity as "intolerant" and praised "indigenous" religious faiths.

By contrast, the delegates gave an icy reception to the Patriarch of Ethiopia, who urged protection for unborn children, and the assistant secretary general of the Muslim World Congress when he urged delegates to recognize only marriage between "a man and a woman" and denounced all "abnormal sexual activities."

The solutions to "world conflict" came chiefly from those who favor redistribution of wealth and aggressive environmental controls. Wealthy American professor Steven Rockefeller presented the Earth Charter for the approval of summit participants. In his introduction Rockefeller explained "the biosphere is in us, and we are in the biosphere."

The Earth Charter, a pronouncement on the environment, grew from the frustrations of the organizers of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) who wanted an Earth Charter adopted there. Shortly after the Rio conference, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev joined with New Age Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong to begin a process that they hope will end in the universal adoption of this document.

The Earth Charter, which some promoters describe as a "new Ten Commandments," promotes a broad range of what many consider to be extreme environment notions. Early drafts of the charter raised the suspicion of Christians when references to "Mother Earth" seemed to verge on the pagan. In 16 major points the charter may sound like a benign call for peace, love and understanding. However, the recommendations include population control, sterilization and abortion.

According to Rockefeller, already hundreds of cities around the world have agreed to the tenets of the charter. The Earth Charter campaign is now running in dozens of countries. Governments, businesses and individuals will be asked to agree to it in the coming months and years. It is expected to be presented for ratification to the UN General Assembly next year. (From MaxNews: Austin Ruse Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2000)



One of the most significant events around Labour Day, and an ongoing concern of world leaders over many months, was the attempt to forge some kind of peace in the Middle East.

I especially felt chilled by the attempts to create a UN zone around the Temple Mount, as I believe the plan is (and biblical prophecy indicates) that an interfaith temple will eventually be built on the Mount allowing for the events of the books of Daniel and Revelation to take place there. How close are we to those days?

No agreement came forth as a result of the three globalist meetings in New York, which must have put a crimp in their plans. However, the pressure is now on to find a peace process that will allow for the next stage of The Plan. (New Agers calls this the "New Jerusalem Covenant")

Brief news reports follow:

Arafat Unmoved at UN Summit

Prime Minister Ehud Barak took the world's stage yesterday at the UN Millennium Summit and, after reiterating the centrality and importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people for the last 2,000 years, also acknowledged that the city is "cherished by our Palestinian neighbors." "We recognize that Jerusalem is also sacred to Moslems and Christians the world over, and cherished by our Palestinian neighbors," Barak said. "A true peace will reflect all these bonds." He pledged that "Jerusalem will remain united and open to all who love her."

A spokesman in the Prime Minister's Office said this marked the first time that an Israeli leader acknowledged a Palestinian connection to the capital in such terms. His gesture was not reciprocated by Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, who accused Israel of trying to "Judaize" the city and - although referring to it as the "cradle of Christ" and the point of Mohammed's ascension to heaven - did not acknowledge any Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

A senior official said that it was still unclear what direction Arafat was taking, but added they hoped that "within the next couple of days the picture should become clearer." He said the parties were working against a deadline of early October, when Congress adjourns and the US public becomes focused on the election campaign.

Regarding his threat to unilaterally declare a state on September 13, Arafat said the Palestinians had already delayed a declaration once - in May 1999 - and are aware that there are many countries that are advising against it now. The final decision, he said, will be made at the Palestinian National Council meeting in Gaza over the weekend. Barak sat impassively throughout Arafat's address.

There was speculation that in his meeting with Arafat, Clinton would press him to accept one of various plans that have recently been floated regarding Jerusalem. One American plan on Jerusalem reportedly has the Palestinians gaining sovereignty over Al-Aksa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock shrine, Israel retaining sovereignty over the Old City's Jewish Quarter, and the Western Wall, with the Temple Mount plaza under "God's sovereignty."

Arafat has so far rejected all proposals that give him anything less than complete control of east Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Clinton said in a speech opening the three-day UN Millennium Summit, where dozens of presidents and prime ministers were scheduled to speak yesterday, that both Barak and Arafat have pledged "to resolve the final differences between them this year," and called on the international community to support the peace process.

by Herb Keinon NEW YORK (September 7) -Jerusalem Post via Third_Watch@egroups.com

Israel presses for UN role on Temple Mount

Israel is pushing an initiative to hand sovereignty on the Temple Mount to permanent members of the UN Security Council, in the latest effort to break through to a final status agreement with the Palestinians.

Among those involved are the governments of the United States and Egypt, who proposed the idea, French President Jacques Chirac, and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

During a long telephone conversation with the French President, Barak explained that the Temple Mount issue was blocking the achievement of a final status agreement with the Palestinians. He also emphasized that the problem involved the unwillingness of the Palestinians and the Muslim world to recognize the special claim the Jewish people historically have on the Temple Mount. Barak said even the Western Wall is considered holy for Islam, and Muslims are unwilling to recognize the rights of Jews and Israel to the site, and will merely concede their right to pray there. As a result, Barak said, Israel rejects out of hand the claim of Palestinian chairman Yasser Arafat for Palestinian or Muslim sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

The prime minister told Chirac that in any future arrangement the status quo over the holy sites would be preserved, and the Temple Mount would remain in the hands of the Jerusalem waqf. Israel now believes bringing the Temple Mount under the aegis of the international community could be the best way to safeguard the rights and interests of both faiths, while retaining the status quo on the ground.

Chirac and Israel's acting Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami met on Tuesday for what appeared to be talks focused on the idea of international sovereignty over the Temple Mount. The next day Chirac spoke with Chairman Yasser Arafat and Annan on the telephone. The idea of international sovereignty over the Temple Mount was first raised by U.S. President Bill Clinton during the latter part of the Camp David Summit in July as one of several possible options to solve the question of Jerusalem. Egypt later presented an updated version of the idea, placing control in the hands of the Security Council's five permanent members.

(Friday, September 22, 2000 By Aluf Benn Ha'aretz Diplomatic Correspondent Aaretz)

'Jerusalem should be a unified world capital'

On the eve of a last attempt by President Clinton to untangle the most vexing problem in the Middle East - the status of Jerusalem - one of Yasser Arafat's most trusted lieutenants said yesterday the Palestinians would be willing to make bold compromises on their claims to the holy city. In a speech to the European parliament in Strasbourg, Ahmed Qureia said the Palestinians would support internationalising all of Jerusalem - including Arab East Jerusalem.

"Unless we can reach an agreement on Jerusalem, I have to declare that both parts of Jerusalem east and west should be a unified international Jerusalem ... not just the capital of Israel or Palestine, but a capital of the world," said Mr Qureia, who is speaker of the Palestinian parliament.

The proposal revives a formula put forward by the UN in 1947 and since repeatedly rejected by Israel, and opposed by the Palestinians, though it still remains part of European foreign policy.

Some Palestinians hope that yesterday's proposal from such a senior figure as Mr Qureia, popularly known as Abu Ala and seen as a possible successor to the ailing Mr Arafat - could relieve some of the pressure on the Palestinian leader during his New York talks.

Abu Ala is trying to show that the Palestinian people are also ready for concessions, but not one-sided, and not concessions to Israel. The concession is to have a new kind of solution."

"Arafat's moment of truth has come and the Palestinian leader must make political decisions rather than turn the negotiations into a bickering match," the Israeli foreign ministry said on Monday. Instead, they are trying to press Mr Arafat to accept a dispensation for Jerusalem, offered since Camp David, that would dodge the question of ownership over the sanctified ground in the old walled city by declaring God the sovereign of holy places.

The US version of these proposals would have Israel controlling the Wailing Wall, the holiest shrine of Judaism, and the Palestinians in control of the Haram al-Sharif, the third holiest site in Islam, with God the sovereign of the passage between them.

If Mr Barak fails to reach a deal with Mr Arafat, he may resort to a new coalition with the rightwing Likud party, which opposes the compromises he offered at Camp David. (Special report: Israel and the Middle East by Suzanne Goldenberg in Jerusalem; Wednesday September 6, 2000)

Barak and Arafat Plan Secret Meeting Near Gaza

Senior Palestinian sources said that a meeting between Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak is expected to be held Monday (25th September). The sources, who asked not to be identified, told United Press International that Arafat and Barak agreed to hold the summit Monday evening after the mediation of US and Arab officials. The sources, which did not say where the two leaders would meet, added that it apparently would be at Erez Crossing on the northern tip of the Gaza Strip.

Arafat met Sunday night in Gaza with his negotiating team during which it was decided to hold the summit meeting. It will be the first for the two leaders since the July Camp David marathon summit. He earlier received a telephone call from US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that apparently has set the ground for the summit and the delegation's trip to Washington. The US is preparing an initiative to break the deadlock in the peace talks, but Palestinians have been demanding to discuss it before it will be proposed. Abed Rabbo told Voice of Palestine radio that even though a summit has been planned, there was nothing new proposed that could break the deadlock in the peace process. "Whether there are meetings here or there and at any level, our expectations are not high," he said. "We do not expect big results."

The Palestinian official, who previously led the final status talks with Israel, said the Palestinians will not accept a partial or another interim agreement and that any solution should be comprehensive and includes the complex issues of Jerusalem and refugees. He also stressed that the Palestinians have not changed their position since Camp David that calls for full Israeli withdrawal from all the territories it occupied in 1967, including East Jerusalem. UPI September 25, 2000 GAZA --(C) 1999 UPI All Rights Reserved.

Since writing these news reports, there has been further unrest in Israel. Clashes broke out on the Temple Mount and in the West Bank following a visit by Likud Party Chair Ariel Sharon leaving around 30 police officers and ten Palestinians injured. There is a head of steam building up, with all sides demanding "peace". As Bible students we know only too well what the effect of a peace treaty in Israel will be - the launch of the reign of the Antichrist, whoever he might be.

Stay in prayer and keep your eyes and ears open. The Lord has said "Stay Awake!"