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  • Kim Clement on Salvation
  • Bill Hamon's son to lead and teach at Brownsville
  • Now - Angel Feathers!
  • Hinn to host appearances of Jesus

Kim Clement on Salvation:
Release the Power Within!

Kim Clement is one of the most active (and most heretical) of the modern-day "prophets" setting up a Global Church. I use the word heretical because in the strict sense of that word, Kim Clement does deviate from the correct interpretation of the scriptures on the foundational elements of our faith.

On Kim Clement's own website, he denies the born-again experience of John Chapter 3. He also states that evangelists are scaring people to commit to Jesus by telling them they are going to hell, rather than opening them up to their inner potential.

He believes (as do the Gnostics) that each person is born with a hidden treasure in their spirit, which can be unlocked and developed if he/she sees the possibilities. You should read his entire article to get an understanding of his teaching as a whole, but here are some extracts:

Many have questioned my doctrine and what I believe because of my strong feeling of disgust toward the escapism teaching. [The Rapture] ...The book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ, not the revelation of Satan...

After an extensive study on the life of Jesus, I found that the way He reached people was to unveil their spiritual eyes to see the potential beauty that could be released if they followed Him. For example, after Jesus spoke life to Nathaniel he fell down and worshiped Him. Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God opening and angels ascending and descending hereafter. The Kingdom of God was inside of Nathaniel; therefore Jesus had unlocked the spirit of that man and given him access to the Kingdom within.

In Luke 5, ... Peter fell on his knees and repented saying, "Depart from me for I am a sinful man". Not once did Jesus mention Peterís sin, nor did He try to coax him into following Him based on his going to Hell or being eternally damned.

I know how a sinner feels because I have been one. ... Only when I was introduced to Jesus did I become aware of the fact that I had something precious in my spirit. When I met Him, I felt good about myself. I was aware of the fact that I had to change, but what was fascinating was that I felt like I could become a new creation when I met Him. My spirit was dead unto sin, but once I was alive in Christ, I had access to the treasure within me. What is this treasure within me? The treasure within me is my pre-ordained destiny and my inheritance. This was the inheritance that Jesus granted to me at the cross, based upon my acceptance of His sacrifice.

I do not believe that you must be born again to obtain salvation. ...The Bible clearly tells us that "whosoever calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved" and "whosoever believes on Him shall have everlasting life." When Nicodemus approached Jesus, he came with a hungry heart declaring that "no one could do these signs that You do unless God is with Him". Jesus was a demonstration of dominion that no one else had, and Nicodemus was inquiring about it. Nicodemus was not asking how to be saved.

BEFORE Jesus died on the cross, He told Nicodemus, who was saved according to the law [at that time]; " Unless one is born again, he cannot SEE the KINGDOM OF GOD." Jesus was not speaking about the salvation that would come because of His sacrifice on the cross. He was referring to seeing and inheriting the Kingdom of God.

I believe that only after salvation do you qualify to see, inherit and possess the Kingdom of God, which is inside of you [his emphasis]. ...The Kingdom within is simply the domain of God demonstrated through us. There is no physical place to enter the Kingdom of God. You SEEK the Kingdom; you SEE the Kingdom; you ENTER, you POSSESS and you INHERIT.

... The sinner wants something that he does not have. To approach them on the basis of their sin and condemning them to Hell, will only increase their contempt or else it will manipulate them into making a decision in order to survive the flames of Hell. ... the way Jesus approached the sinner was through His perception of their need and the potential that was inside of them. ...

In a meeting that is packed with a prophetic people who prophesy [or unveil truth and who have vision], an unbeliever will discover that he is a treasure in Godís eyes. He will suddenly discover, and keenly be aware of the fact, that there is something beautiful that could come out of him.

I hope that I do not need to spell out why the above doctrine is heretical. Kim Clement's teachings should be avoided at all costs.

Brownsville heads towards Latter-Rain:
Preaching is OUT! Manifestations are IN!

Something is changing at Brownsville. At the beginning, the revival at Pensacola was hailed as a cleaned-up, evangelistic, holiness version of the Toronto Blessing, despite its many strange manifestations (for example, a man being led around by a dog collar and leash, on all fours and barking like a dog!)

Steve Hill was a regular preacher at the meetings. However, (for whatever reason - we could speculate!) Steve Hill is no longer at Brownsville. The gap is to be filled with the son of one of the most foremost sonship/latter-rain teachers in the Church today: Bill Hamon! Bill Hamon's son is going to teach prophecy to the Brownsville people, despite Pastor Kilpatrick's former unease about the "prophets" and their new revelations.

This move can only spell a deeper descent into apostasy and revival madness! Brownsville, if it follows Bill Hamon's prophecies and teachings, will become deeply involved in the sonship scenario that I have often exposed on this website.

The report breaking this news was posted to the Apostolic/Prophetic mailing list. It reads as follows:

A new explosion took place at Brownsville Assembly of God Church on Sunday morning, April 16, when Pastor John Kilpatrick led the charge for the congregation to shake the silence off of them and begin to pray for one another and prophesy. A radical course change in the revival had been strongly evident for two weeks.

Momentum for change was particularly evident when Pastor Kilpatrick gave his blessing of the prophetic gift within the church body for the first time and when he officially announced that Evangelist Steve Hill would no longer be preaching at revival services as of Father's Day this year. ††

Although expectations were high because of all of the events that happened over a two-week period, the magnitude of the explosion on Sunday morning was unexpected. Pastor Kilpatrick's message on the need for recognizing prophetic signs in our daily lives was a radical departure from his extremely cautious words on the subject in the past. He told the congregation to expect great change in how revival services would be conducted from now on. He said that there would no longer be just singing, but that worship music would now be coupled with intercession. He also said that he was confident that we would begin to see signs and wonders and the glory would be so evident that it could be seen. He told the congregation that gifts would be coming forth, added and released in the church body. †

The explosion in the service was released when Kilpatrick told the choir to begin to pray for one another. He quickly told everyone in the church to begin to move around the building and pray for each other. Many people were timid at first because until now this had been against church rules designating that only people screened for the prayer team could pray for people and no one other than church leaders could prophesy at all.

 However, a supernatural roar could be heard as young and old people moved into the aisles and began hugging and praying for people they did not even know. Tears flowed freely and many swooned under the glory of God as prophetic words and songs were released. The floor was covered with people kneeling or lying down immobilized by the working of the Holy Spirit. Some were doubled over or shaking under the power of God. ††

All of this took place while Pastor Kilpatrick gave encouragement in a commanding tone of authority saying, "Move around, pray for one another, prophesy over one another, some of you need to pray for the leaders, shake the silence off of you!" After about 45 minutes of this radical departure from anything the church had ever experienced or been released to do, the service broke into exhilaration and praise. The altar area was filled with singers and dancers when the choir danced in a line off of the platform and joined the others in the altar area. Worship Leader Lindell Cooley spread his arms wide and began to twirl and dance across the platform after radically shaking and jerking for fifteen minutes while choir members prayed for him. ††

Pastor Kilpatrick then came to the microphone and said, "This is what revival is going to look like from now on during Thursday, Friday and Saturday night services. Things are going to be much different now. The focus is going to be off of just one man. Services will no longer be around a sermon. Services are now going to be centered on what the Holy Spirit is doing. Yes, we will still be about souls, but we will be most concerned about what the Holy Spirit is doing." †††

This was just the beginning of the answer to the looming questions being asked by people around the world who have been touched by the revival since it exploded at Brownsville nearly five years ago. What is going to happen at the Brownsville Revival now that so many things are changing there? Is it going to end? Is it going to change?

This buzz of concern was sparked by reports that the crowds had been diminishing at revival services. A sense of imminent change had been in the air long before it was announced that Hill was moving his family and ministry to Dallas, Texas and that he would no longer preach there at all after the revival's fifth year anniversary on Father's Day, June 18. ††

The release of the prophetic gift that led up to the explosion Sunday morning began two weeks earlier when Kilpatrick surprised the congregation and formally released the prophetic gift into the church body Sunday morning, April 2. This was a very significant change for the church because by his own admission this is a gift that has been held under a tight fist by Kilpatrick.

As a sign that he was beginning to let go, Pastor Kilpatrick opened his fist and said that he is not a man to hold back the move of God - even in areas that have been uncomfortable for him. He said that it is unmistakably obvious that some people at Brownsville have a prophetic gift and that he was going to provide training for them by inviting Dr. Bill Hamon's son and wife to give a special prophetic training at Brownsville the following Sunday evening. "I just want you to know in advance that this meeting has my blessing," Kilpatrick said. ††

Dr. Hamon is the founder of Christian International, a church and prophetic school located just 50 miles east of Pensacola. During this announcement to the church Kilpatrick said that he holds Dr. Hamon in high regard. Kilpatrick further explained that everything has profoundly come to pass that Dr. Hamon has prophetically spoken into Kilpatrick's life. †††

...†† Kilpatrick said that he also wanted to dispel rumors by clearing up two matters. First of all, Kilpatrick said that he is not resigning as the pastor of Brownsville Assembly. Secondly, he said that the fact that Steve Hill will not be preaching there did not mean that revival would be ending. Kilpatrick emphatically proclaimed, "We are moving forward!" ††

That night Dr. Hamon's son Tom and his wife Jane, pastors of Christian International Family Church, were glowing with peace while they worshipped on the Brownsville platform. ...Jane Hamon's introductory teaching described the gift of prophecy, warned about pitfalls to avoid, and stressed the importance of releasing the gift. She then divided the group into pairs and had them prophesy over one another. Very few people raised their hands when she asked if anyone had not received a prophetic word, vision, or impression to share with his prayer partner. †††

The husband and wife team then began to speak prophetic words over the microphone to individual people in the audience. They then asked people who had come to the service from Christian International to come to the front to prophesy over the people in the same way the couple had been doing. Jane Hamon said it was important for the people that had come to the training to see that gifts do not just flow through church leaders. Jane Hamon then called everyone who felt they have had something holding them back to come forward for prayer because the Christian International ministry team was going to pray over them for a breaker anointing. Most of the people came forward for the team to lay hands on them and pray for the breaker anointing. ††

...††† While God only knows where He is taking Brownsville now, Pastor Kilpatrick said that he is following God no matter what. At the end of the explosive service on Sunday morning, April 16, Kilpatrick told his congregation, "You're just going to have trust me." He said God has shown him a lot about how things are going to be at the revival now. He told the congregation that a lot of change was coming, but it was very good change. [Report by Renee DeLoriea, 4/17/00, posted to THE AP List: Archives now at http://www.outdoorrec.com/crn/apnews.htm]

Now - Angel Feathers!

We wondered what was going to come after Gold Dust and Gold Teeth. Now we know: Angelfeathers! Feathers are supposed to be materialising or falling from the sky. See this report for details: [http://www.al.com/news/birmingham/Apr2000/9-e208498b.html]. This report comes to us from The Contenders

Hinn to Host Appearance of Jesus


Sandy Simpson of "Deception In The Church" website has alerted us about a new phenomenon that gives even greater scope for deception. This file "Jesus Christ Slated To Star With Benny Hinn ... IN PERSON!" by Sandy Simpson, 4/2/00 provides the details, but suffice it to say that Benny Hinn has legitimized a "prophesy" by Ruth Heflin that Jesus Christ Himself will appear bodily in future Benny Hinn crusade meetings.

Sound files of Benny Hinn speaking about these appearances can be found at this website.