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The 'loving and intelligent face of the revival'

Sent: 09 July 2003 7:10 AM
To: webmaster
Subject: to you person of satin


This e-mail (one of many I might add) is here to show you the indoctrination and propaganda that is warping the already weak minds of some who follow this revival blindly.

It's bad enough that a person such as the one above, who obviously needs help, is not being taught about God and his ways, nor being led to the truth of the word of God - for many years now the bible has been a despised book in many churches - but to pump such a gullible mind with buzzwords and retaliatory phrases (like the much-abused "touch-not-the-lords-anointed") is a crime that God will surely punish in due course.

Did Jesus not warn against putting a stumbling block before the weak: "But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea." (Mark 9:42-43 also see Rom 14:12-13)

Jesus also said in many places that we should leave vengeance to God and not curse our enemies "Bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you." (Luke 6:28-29) yet in defiance of this Hinn curses anyone who refuses to subscribe to his antics.

Does it never bother Hinn's adoring fans that the people who expose him and speak openly of his false prophecies do NOT fall down dead?

This in itself is proof of Hinn's failed status as a prophet and supposed "man of God". (See/hear more of Hinn's many failed prophecies HERE and HERE). What God is this who supposedly inspires Hinn under a terrific anointing to place a curse on anyone who opposes him, but then is powerless to carry out the threat in practise?

If Hinn's God is the Lord Almighty as Hinn claims, then not only should the words he uttered be true (and biblical) but they should come to pass. But as yet not ONE of those who exposes Hinn and opposes his organisation and money-making activities has dropped dead or even fallen ill. Perhaps they are protected by a HIGHER POWER than that of Benny Hinn - in which case, logic would demand that Hinn's god is not the same as that of his opponents.

Another Example:

ew kenyon was before hagin he teached the same things.before i ever went to church i study the bible gotten save romans 10;9-13,17 june 3.1984.i see over the years study the word hagin copeland are telling the truth.feb of 1984 jesus spoken to meand told me isa53;3 -9 is deaths jesus never called the only begooten after death.hebrews 1;5 read amp[bible begooten from death.hebrew deaths jesus took all our sins away.2tim 3;16 dakes study bible thuth from lies.acts 5they lied.samon lied.peter lied learn who\'s talking.and hebrew or greek meaning too.2chr 18;21-22 is wrong put in hebrew is let is right.GEN 6 HEBREWREPENT NOT SO WITH GOD.READ IN N.IV.BIBLE.MOST TEACHERS CAN NOT TEACH WHAT MARK 11;22-26 MEANS.WOEDS OF POWER.JESUS AND APOSTLES NEVER PRAYED SICK TO BE HEALED.ROMANS 4;17 GOD SAID WHAT IS WRONG WITH SAYING WHAT GOD SAID NOT WHAT I SAID WHAT GOD SAID.IF WORDS  HAVE NO MEANING GO TELL SOME ONE TO GO TO HELL AND GET TEETH BROKEN WE DO NOT TEACH WRONG PEOPLE HAVE HEARD WRONG.TRUTH FROM A LIE JOB 1;6 A MAN SAID GOD DID IT HE DID NOT JUST BECAUSE I SAID I AM JAMES CARTER AND GREEN DOES NOT MAKE ME SO.***NOW BLOOD ON YOUR HAND YOU KNOW THE TRUTH.LEAVE WORD OF FAITH ALONE.DO NOT BE ANOTHER JIMMY SWARGGTE OR BAKKER OR JONES.EDDIE LONG CARTON PERSON.PASTORS NEED TO REPENT.***   ALL SICKNESS OF DEVIL.WHY DO TO DOCTOR IF GOD LIKE SICK.1COR 15SOME WILL NOT FACE DEATH.ENOCK EILJAIH 144.000 DID NOT SEE DEATH CHURCH WILL ONE DAY OVER COME DEATH AMEN.REVELATION LEARN MORE.KEYS OF NOT TO.1PETER 5;7 CARE NOT CARS REVELATION NO S GET IT.ONE LETTER WRONG ON CHECK LOOK OUT.WRITE BACK NOW.

Modern-Day Prophets of Baal

Perhaps we should have another mountain-top encounter with a modern-day Elijah (1 Kings 18) challenging these "prophets of Baal" to dance around their conference halls, laugh themselves silly, groan, scream and wave their arms around all day, to see if they really can match the creative power and glory of the Almighty Father and Lord of All, and overthrow his beloved ones? If they believe they have the power to "overthrow the enemies of God" as they claim, then shouldn't they demonstrate it? I for one would like to see that on TBN - wouldn't you?

I find that the blinded followers of Benny Hinn are by far the most thoughtless and unreasoning people of all, many of them (poor deluded people for whom we should pray) are not saved but just hoping to see something spectacular in the same way that people watch TV magicians.

Just because Hinn and others have power (as did the Babylonian false prophets and the Egyptian sages as well as occultists throughout the ages) that is no proof that GOD the Lord is using him. People make the mistake of thinking that all power is God's power - especially the gullible, untaught and unsaved. Those who are disciples of the New Age and the supernatural think that all power is from the same source, but they are WRONG, dreadfully and dangerously wrong.

What governs the power of God is the will of God, and his truth. There are certain distinguishing features about the miracles of Jesus that are not apparent in the supernatural works being performed in conference halls for money.

Can you really imagine Jesus appearing on TV weekly, waving his hand over a keg of water (which doesn't actually turn into wine but his magazine will say that this did once happen in an unknown location far away, so that's all right really) and then begging for money to keep him going?

NO? Well, why do we think those who act this way are Christ's servants who are told only to BE LIKE HIM?

"It is enough for a disciple that he be like his teacher, and a servant like his master. If they have called the master of the house Beelzebub, how much more will they call those of his household! Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known." (Matt 10:25-26)

I'm told that since the Dateline TV expose of Hinn and his ministry (see link below) he's been even more desperate to support himself on the hard-earned cash of the poor, and begging for large donations.

Report from "Christian Sentinel": Documented false prophet Benny Hinn has reportedly been pleading for money more and more, possibly as a result of last December’s unfavorable Dateline NBC special that exposed him as a phony. " Hinn in the last few days is begging, pleading almost groveling asking people to please send money in," reported a cult-watcher recently. "He has serious bags under his eyes and the enthusiasm and lightness is all gone. There is a real change that is noticeable - I wonder if it is signaling a real crisis in the organization." The Christian Sentinel has been on Hinn’s mailing list for many years but we received a flyer from Hinn’s ministry on July 1 that appeared to be a first. It announced a 3-day conference in Houston, Texas coming up in September, 2003, with a "special miracle service." The difference is this time there’s an admission price of $75.00. I guess for once there won’t be an overflow problem. Desperate times call for desperate measures, we surmise. Could it be that he has built such a vast empire that it takes more and more money to feed it?

Well, here's a perfect opportunity for Hinn to put his own teaching into action, and actually HAVE to believe God for provision. Isn't that the way it works - you plant your seed and the hundredfold returns to you? So why is he so hard up for cash - if the principle doesn't work for him what right has he to preach it to others?

Why not "give to get", as he teaches others, and start pouring some of his billions into reliving the suffering in the world rather than buying another plush mansion for his own personal use?

Kundalini Power?

My experience of Hinn's so-called ministry reaches way back. I heard a tape of his "ministry" in the Fire on Europe crusade (early 80's??) and because the recording was taken from a mike pinned to his chest, I could hear more than the standard microphones in the room picked up.

It was possible to hear Hinn "raising the kundalini" by repeatedly breathing and hissing (I had heard this happening first-hand at the time since my office was right next door to a yoga teacher who came into the room early to spend the first half hour doing the very same thing). It was disturbing to me that Hinn not only utilised every word ending with the letter "S" to do this, but also the precious name of Jesus, which he turned into the sound of a serpent: "Jesusssssssssssssssssssssssssss".

After a period of hissing, Hinn's voice and manner changed and he declared that the power was upon him. He then proceeded to demonstrate this "power" by casting it over the audience, who obediently fell down in a heap. (What was the point of this, if not just to show off?)

" Snake Yoga has taught me a new breath. It showed me how to breathe with a deep inhalation through the nose, mouth closed, then exhale through the mouth on a slow hiss. ... To hear the audible sound of the breath gives permission to release. ... Exhaling on the hiss takes one into a deeper level of meditation. A group becomes unified as one organism when we are hissing together. It creates a lot of harmony."  (Snake Yoga)

Kundalini yoga was brought to the U.S. by Sikh master Yogi Bhajan in 1969. Before that, it was a secret, sacred teaching passed down only to a chosen elite in India. The word “kundalini” means awareness, and its purpose is to awaken the life force which resides at the base of the spine and allow the energy to flow through the body. Kundalini yoga combines classic postures with breathing, chanting and meditation, and is characterized by movement rather than form. Kundalini is known for its use of “Breath of Fire,” a rapid inhalation and exhalation, without pausing, through the nose, pumping the abdomen as a bellows.  (Hatha Yoga)

A Typical  [Yoga] Class:

Your class will begin with the intonation of a Sanskrit prayer dedicating the practice to the sage Patanjali. When the chanting dies away, your teacher will probably remind you to deploy the three central techniques in the Ashtanga arsenal: ujjayi breathing, mula bandha, and a variation of uddiyana bandha. Ujjayi breathing literally, the victorious breath - is a classic pranayama technique in which the breath passes across the back of the throat with a sibilant hiss, like the rushing of waves on a beach or the approach of Darth Vader. Used throughout the Ashtanga series, it keeps the breath steady and controlled and draws the minds attention inward, facilitating meditation in motion. (Power Yoga)

"... see if you can begin to visualize drawing that energy up the connection. As you do that you begin to breathe - this is a very special charging breath. Kundalini is the energy that goes through the side of our spine, negative and positive force. What you do is breath deep into your belly filling the bottom third of your lungs... energy enters though the top of the head and ends at the base of the spine... the two energies look like snakes from side view and like a 'ying and yang' cut from the top. As you hold the energy in your body, roll your eyes up towards your third eye, put your tounge against the roof of your mouth and hold as long as you can. When you need to breathe out or let go, bring your head up like the head of a striking cobra and with a wide wide smile..[let] our breath out with a hiss, and let the energy flow through your body." (transcripts from The Tantric Forum)

The word "sibilant" means "like the letter S". This is exactly how Hinn meditates his way into his "anointing". Coincidence, or deliberate use of supernatural power??

Hinn's "glory anointing"

Where does Hinn's huge amount of ministry money go? "We spent two days counting the money - I'd never seen so much money in my life". (Quote from a Hinn campaign leader.) What happens to the projects he supposedly supports with this money? Is there accountability in the Hinn ministry? Why is Hinn running from the tax authorities? Why can the healings not be authenticated by doctors' reports? What happens to the poor unfortunates who are NOT privileged to a "touch from Hinn" or a visit to the stage?

“Desperate people, the really desperate ones, the ones that break your heart are at the back of the crusade; they won’t let them up in the lines. The broadcasts of Benny Hinn’s crusade in Buffalo did not include what our hidden camera captured. This man was escorted from his seat by security guards after crying out for Pastor Benny to touch his apparently ill son. I wanted to take my son up there and get prayed. That’s all I wanted,” he said. (From http://www.tntmirror.com/friday/jan03-03/column01.htm but this link no longer works - text saved to hard drive.)

How do people feel when they don't get better after being told "you're totally healed" and how do families cope when their loved ones die after having their hopes raised in such a despicable way? Does nobody care?? Does God not see??

Be very sure that God DOES see and know all that is going on. He hears the hurting hearts, he sees the bitter tears of disappointment, he sees the poor throwing money they cannot afford into the bottomless buckets. While you may be scratching around for your next meal, Hinn is sitting pretty on mounds of money:

"We counted the money for two days... I have never seen so much money in my life," says Charles Babbler, who hosted the Benny Hinn miracle crusade in April, attended by an estimated 1.2 million faithful. - Daily Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 7th, 2000.

Why are there so many inconsistencies in Hinn's life story - why can't he remember the facts about his parentage and the events of his life? (See HERE)

If there is a God (there is) and if there is justice (there is) and if God's ways are anything like they are reported to be in His word (they are) then I would not want to be in Benny Hinn's shoes. We should pity him perhaps because of the wrath of God stored up against him and all such charlatans. We do not need to "judge" people like Hinn because we can safely leave that to God, who sees all and knows all.

Oh, and by the way, dear anonymous correspondent, thank you very much for giving me this prompt to expose yet more of Hinn's lies and deceptions. If you had not written I might have kept quiet. And may our loving Father forgive you and open your eyes to your delusion. Amen

Link to the BOOK "The Confusing World of Benny Hinn"

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