The new website for Banner Ministries has been revamped and made much more accessible. All the articles are in categories and are easier to find. The new material is placed alongside the old, but the archives are still available from their own section. This website both replaces the earlier Cross+Word website and incorporates relevant new material from the Birthpangs website, which contains devotional and prophetic topics.

Building Up Your Faith

Cross+Word is about much more than just looking at errors. Many Christians don't know what to believe and are not well grounded, but here you can browse helpful studies.

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finding good seed
Examining Sound Doctrine

One aspect of this website is to look at bible passages afresh and to dig out the essential meaning of those scriptures. Further in-depth articles are on the website.

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Poison Bottle
Warning About Error

This website now incorportates many, if not all, of the former Cross+Word articles. They were the product of Tricia Tillin's Discernment Ministry from the mid 1980's to recent years.

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Offering Media

Sometimes it's good to lighten the mood. There are and will be other bits and pieces of media on the site that will offers news items, curiosities and other ephemera.

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Thanks so much for laboring in all your valuable research through the years. I first found you when researching KCF prophets. God bless you, Tricia!–Julie USA

May you be blessed sister, as you continue to share – as you receive from Almighty God – signs and indications of just where we are in His timing. –Roger NZ

Your articles helped me to find very important information and many Christians in Czech Republic were blessed through your articles. I wish you God protection and blessing from Lord Jesus! –Ales CR

I devoured your articles about 2002 when I had just come out of a dodgy church. I just kept printing them off and reading them on my lunch breaks. They helped me a great deal!–Elaine UK